Review: Updated: OnePlus X

Introduction and design OnePlus had a happy 2014 thanks to its first phone, the OnePlus One , but 2015 was harder, with only a lukewarm reaction to the OnePlus 2 . The Chinese company then...


How to search the full text of web pages in your Chrome browsing history with Falcon

Finding a website in your browsing history is easy if you know the title of the webpage or site. But if all you remember is the general topic, things get a little harder to find. There’s a...


(PC) A Look At Version 1.11

    While no set date for the upcoming version (1.11) has been set, a new snapshot is expected to go live this Wednesday, September 28th! In addition to the majestic llama, quite...


John Carpenter Slams Rob Zombie's Halloween Remake

Horror legend John Carpenter reveals that Rob Zombie lied about him in an interview, and he has some harsh words about that Halloween remake.