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We'll locomotion you done a database of our favourite iPad features.


There's nary denying the excitement that accompanies utilizing a caller iPad, oregon adjacent exploring what's caller successful a large bundle update. If you've managed to beryllium diligent capable to get each your settings successful bid archetypal (even if you didn't, we won't judge), determination are truthful galore chill features to cheque retired connected your iPad. 

A bully spot to commencement is the Tips collection. You should beryllium capable to find the Tips accusation hub successful your default widget setup, but otherwise, you tin besides find it successful your apps room nether Information and Reading.

There's a batch to spot and do, but present are our favourite amusive features connected the iPad to get you started. 

Arrange your location surface widgets

When you yet scope your iPad location screen, you'll announcement the widget layout. By default, your iPad volition see the clock, notes, calendar, upwind and news. You tin edit this layout to champion acceptable your needs. Even if you're blessed with the default apps successful place, long-press the app to spot other customization options, oregon clasp and resistance to rearrange the widgets. 

If you privation to edit the widgets, swipe close connected the surface and pat Edit. From present you tin region oregon adhd widgets, giving you quicker entree to the e-book you're speechmaking oregon your favourite games oregon streaming service. 

Check retired Apple's escaped trials 


Apple Arcade offers a escaped proceedings with acquisition of a caller device. 


A caller iOS instrumentality includes a escaped proceedings for Apple TV Plus and Apple Arcade -- a CNET Editors' Choice grant pick. So, successful summation to downloading your favourite TV streaming apps, games and linking accounts, you tin effort thing new. 

Apple Arcade is Apple's $5-a-month mobile gaming service. It includes over 225 games you tin play offline and more are added each week. With a caller iOS device, you tin effort retired Apple Arcade with a three-month escaped trial, arsenic good arsenic a one-month escaped proceedings for caller subscribers. Apple TV Plus is Apple's subscription video service that includes archetypal TV shows and movies similar Ted Lasso, Schmigadoon and The Morning Show.

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Join the acheronian side

Apple volition inquire if you privation to person your instrumentality successful airy oregon acheronian mode during archetypal setup, but you tin ever marque changes successful the Settings app. Tap Display & Brightness to swap betwixt modes, acceptable customized schedules (like your surface dimming astatine sunset), and usage True Tone, the diagnostic that automatically adjusts your screen's brightness based connected existent ambient lighting.

Split screen

I emotion utilizing a divided surface to support a notation representation adjacent erstwhile I'm moving connected a drafting successful the Procreate integer illustration app -- different CNET Editors' prime grant pick. But you tin usage divided surface with conscionable astir immoderate operation of apps. A communal usage mightiness beryllium opening your calendar app portion penning retired a to-do database successful the reminders app. To commencement a divided view, unfastened an app, pat the tiny horizontal trio of dots astatine the apical of your screen, and take the layout you want. 

Scribble for Apple Pencil


Scribble for iPad makes for a smoother iPad acquisition if you're utilizing an Apple Pencil.

Apple / Screenshot by Shelby Brown / CNET

If you usage an Apple Pencil with your iPad, the Scribble feature, introduced successful iOS 14, lets you bash much without having to enactment your pencil down. The diagnostic converts your handwriting, letting you constitute successful substance fields that you'd antecedently benignant in. It's a large mode to rapidly jot down notes oregon enactment a personalized interaction connected things. For example, if you're sketching successful Procreate, and request a notation image, you tin unfastened Google, jot what you're searching for (just arsenic you'd benignant it) and get the effect (all without putting down your Apple Pencil). 

Save clip with Touch ID

If your iPad has a fingerprint sensor, it's imaginable to alteration Touch ID during your archetypal instrumentality setup. It's not a requirement, but it tin marque signing in, arsenic good arsenic confirming purchases and downloads a spot quicker. If you privation Touch ID connected your iPad, unfastened the Settings app and take Touch ID & Passcode. The instrumentality passcode is 1 of the archetypal things you're prompted to acceptable up aft turning connected your iPad, but you tin alteration oregon crook disconnected the passcode present arsenic well.

To acceptable up Touch ID, pat Add a Fingerprint and travel the prompts. Afterward, you tin customize what your Touch ID tin beryllium utilized for, similar unlocking your instrumentality and password autofill.

Use Sign successful with Apple 

Sign successful with Apple is simply a diagnostic to beryllium alert of and use, alternatively than a mounting to set connected your device. The instrumentality is different furniture of defence for your security, similar adjusting your device's privateness settings oregon utilizing privateness tools similar a virtual backstage network oregon DuckDuckGo


Add an other furniture of information by utilizing Sign successful with Apple. 

Érika García / CNET

When you make a caller relationship for an app oregon website, you tin take Sign successful with Apple alternatively of signing successful with Facebook, Google oregon email. The instrumentality creates a random email code that tin lone beryllium utilized for 1 circumstantial app. The app oregon website volition usage the generated email, but Apple volition guardant immoderate correspondence to your existent email, protecting your identity. You tin reply to whichever emails you similar without exposing your idiosyncratic email address. 

There's besides the Hide My Email option. Apple creates a random email code for you to usage erstwhile signing up for immoderate work -- you'll admit it by the unsocial alphanumeric drawstring followed by @privaterelay.appleid.com. 

Speech to text

If your ideas are flowing faster than you tin benignant them out, the iPad has a dictation diagnostic that works crossed email, substance messages and notes. For example, you tin unfastened the Notes app and tap the microphone icon connected the keyboard. Apple volition inquire if you privation to enable dictation; pat yes. Now erstwhile you pat the microphone erstwhile it's disposable connected the keyboard, you tin usage code to text. If you usage code to substance successful third-party apps, you whitethorn person to assistance further permissions. 

To crook disconnected code to text, unfastened the Settings app and pat Keyboards. Scroll down and toggle disconnected Enable Dictation.

Learn much astir your photos


Tapping the accusation icon tin assistance you larn much astir your photos.

Screenshot by CNET

The iPad photos app has a useful instrumentality that works a spot similar Google Lens. Open the photos app, take an representation and pat the small "i" successful the upper-right corner. A sheet volition unfastened and you tin spot details similar camera spec information, arsenic good arsenic erstwhile the photograph was taken. You tin besides adhd a caption and the determination of the image. 

You tin besides larn much astir what's successful your photo. Tap the Look Up enactment successful the info sheet and your iPad volition connection accusation from Siri, the web and maps (if applicable). 

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