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Mirabel is the lone subordinate of her household without a gift. Or is she?


Whaddya mean, we don't speech astir Bruno? These days, it feels similar everyone's doing conscionable that. Disney's deed animated philharmonic Encanto came retired successful theaters successful November and now is disposable connected Disney Plus. The coronavirus pandemic mightiness person constricted Encanto's clip successful theaters, but connected Disney Plus, it tin beryllium watched implicit and implicit again. And with its catchy Lin-Manuel Miranda songs specified arsenic We Don't Talk About Bruno and Surface Pressure, it's casual to bash conscionable that.

If you're spending an inordinate magnitude of clip hanging retired successful the satellite of Encanto, present are 13 amusive facts you mightiness not cognize astir the satellite of the magical Madrigal family. 

Warning: Spoilers for Encanto ahead.

What does the rubric Encanto mean?

You tin construe "encanto" from the Spanish to mean charm, oregon deliberation of it arsenic allure, oregon enchantment. Not lone is the casita successful Encanto enchanted with magic, but the full Madrigal household carries with them that allure and sheer joy. 

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Lin-Manuel Miranda inspired galore Bruno memes

Actor John Leguizamo voices Bruno, the Madrigal subordinate the household doesn't speech astir (except that they wholly do). The Madrigals are a Colombian family, and Leguizamo himself was calved successful Bogotá, Colombia, truthful the casting seems spot-on there. But galore fans saw a resemblance betwixt Bruno and songwriter Lin-Manuel Miranda, successful some quality and the value of his role. While Miranda hasn't publically said helium ever thought of playing the relation himself, the thought of him playing the portion has inspired plentifulness of memes.

"I conscionable saw a TikTok of a feline who said Bruno Madrigal looks similar Lin-Manuel Miranda if Hamilton ne'er made it to Broadway," tweeted 1 fan.

Said another, "How galore radical bash ya deliberation it took to clasp Lin backmost from voicing Bruno?"

I conscionable saw a tiktok of a feline who said Bruno Madrigal looks similar Lin-Manuel Miranda if Hamilton ne'er made it to Broadway 💀💀 #Encanto

— Marie Antoinette (@jeddy_bears) January 7, 2022

how galore radical bash ya deliberation it took to clasp lin backmost from voicing bruno

— jasper ! 🐀 (@brunoIuvr) January 4, 2022

Bruno is hiding successful the movie poster

Look cautiously astatine the poster for Encanto, crowded with the Madrigal family. Isn't that ... yep, it's Bruno, the mysterious Madrigal the household doesn't similar to discuss, hiding nether his greenish cloak successful the acold near portion of the poster, adjacent to a histrion trunk.


Can you find Bruno? Hint: Look by the histrion connected the acold left.


Beauty and the Beast inspired the opening song

Remember the opening fig from 1991's Beauty and the Beast, successful which Belle whirls done her colony singing astir the radical she knows there? That conception inspired Miranda's opening fig successful Encanto, The Family Madrigal, successful which Mirabel introduces her magical relatives and their powers.

"I was truly inspired by Beauty and the Beast, Belle, for our opening number," Miranda told the Los Angeles Times. "We wanted to get the complexity of a household connected screen. And that means getting our arms astir them, not letting them get winnowed distant successful the communicative process wherever you thin to absorption connected the main quality and their quest. We person to beryllium ace wide astir who it is, however they're related, what they tin do, and however that relates to our main character."

Character Mirabel basal   smiling astatine  children successful  her village.

Encanto is disposable connected streaming work Disney Plus.


Mirabel's skirt pays tribute to her household members

Clothing matters successful Encanto. Mirabel's household members each person a awesome determination connected their covering indicating their gift. (Look for the barbells connected super-strong Luisa's skirt, oregon Pepa's sunshine earrings, fitting since her emotions power the weather.) But Mirabel, who starts the movie with nary gift, has them each embroidered connected her skirt, including a candle for Abuela; a chameleon for shape-shifting Camilo; animals for Antonio; and more.

"My favourite item astir Encanto is that each quality has a awesome of their occurrence embroidered connected their clothes, but for Mirabel who has symbols of her full family," 1 instrumentality notes successful a tweet.

my favourite item astir Encanto is that each quality has a awesome of their occurrence embroidered connected their clothes, but for Mirabel who has symbols of her full household pic.twitter.com/opJoTkAgFZ

— menachips 🍂☕ (@menachips) January 3, 2022

Look intimately astatine Agustín's outfit, too

Mirabel's dad, Agustín, besides reps his household successful his outfit, Encanto manager Jared Bush points out.

"Agustín incorporated his 3 daughters into his outfit -- angiosperm for Isabela, 1 sock with Luisa's symbols, 1 sock successful the benignant of Mirabel's embroidery," Bush explained successful a tweet.

What is Mirabel's acquisition successful Encanto?

Huge spoilers, but erstwhile a young Mirabel tries to person her magical gift, thing appears to happen. It seems that she is the Madrigal family's 1 Muggle, successful Harry Potter terms. But successful the film, erstwhile Mirabel yet is capable to enactment her manus connected a doorknob aft her puerility effort fails, it brings the magical casita of the Madrigals backmost to life. Perhaps her acquisition is the top one, the powerfulness to support her family, their location and each their magical abstracted gifts, unneurotic and thriving.

Then again, the information that she can't assistance churches oregon spot visions of the aboriginal is shown to beryllium little important than her emotion for her family. As 1 witty instrumentality pointed retired connected Twitter, the movie shows that "Mirabel is an autarkic and susceptible idiosyncratic who is conscionable arsenic deserving of emotion and acceptance arsenic the remainder of her family, and putting truthful overmuch absorption connected a singular facet of a person's individuality tin beryllium emotionally and psychologically damaging."

Yet the assemblage inactive demands to know: "OK but whats her acquisition tho?"

encanto: mirabel is an autarkic & susceptible idiosyncratic who is conscionable arsenic deserving of emotion & acceptance arsenic the remainder of her family, and putting truthful overmuch absorption connected a singular facet of a person’s individuality tin beryllium emotionally and psychologically damaging

audience: good but whats her acquisition tho?

— Legally Toast (@supertoastymutt) January 8, 2022

Hercules and Cerberus

In Luisa's super-catchy opus Surface Pressure, she musically wonders, "Was Hercules ever similar 'Yo, I don't wanna combat Cerberus?'" Cerberus is the three-headed canine who guards the gates to the underworld successful Greek mythology, but this could besides beryllium a Disney movie reference. In the 1997 Disney movie Hercules, strongman Herc tames Cerberus, truthful this notation could beryllium a astute reminder of that film.

Lin-Manuel's sister inspired Luisa's song

In Surface Pressure, Luisa sings of however the family's burdens are often dumped upon her without them asking, due to the fact that they're utilized to her carrying them without complaint. The opus was inspired by Miranda's ain sister, Luz, who's six years older than helium is.

"She takes connected mode much work than I bash -- I was precise alert that I was the babe member who got distant with everything -- truthful Surface Pressure is precise overmuch a emotion missive to my sister," Miranda told The Washington Post.

And Luz so sounds similar Luisa, adjacent down to her abilities astatine a young age.

"I retrieve my parents woke my sister up to enactment unneurotic a He-Man playset for Christmas earlier I woke up," Miranda told Variety. "They wanted it to beryllium afloat assembled erstwhile I woke up connected Christmas morning."

Go fish

In We Don't Talk About Bruno, 1 quality appears concisely but memorably, claiming Bruno told her that her food would die, and his imaginativeness came existent (she adjacent displays the upside-down floating fish). That character's ne'er introduced, but manager Jared Bush told fans her sanction is "Senora Pezmuerto." Translation? "Pezmuerto" means "dead fish."

Naming characters is 1 of my favourite things. HER sanction mightiness beryllium the best. Not mentioned successful the film, and not casual to fig retired - but the reply is retired there. Who tin find it first?! #Encanto https://t.co/w5GuSuwaM6

— Jared Bush (@thejaredbush) December 24, 2021

I knew it would beryllium tough. Great guesses, but determination tin beryllium lone 1 close answer: Sra. Pezmuerto🐟🪦

¡Feliz Nochebuena!

— Jared Bush (@thejaredbush) December 25, 2021

Mirabel's height

The lyrics to We Don't Talk About Bruno assertion that helium has a "seven-foot framework and rats on his back," but erstwhile Bruno shows up, he's obscurity adjacent that tall. For immoderate reason, fans of the movie are precise funny successful Mirabel's height.

Director Jared Bush said successful a tweet, "Here's an reply to a question I've been asked A LOT -- 'how gangly is Mirabel?!' Official answer: 5'2" -- each different characters' heights are comparative to hers, truthful that's each I got... but Bruno who has, you know, a 7-foot framework and rats on his back."

Here’s an reply to a question I’ve been asked A LOT - “how gangly is Mirabel?!” Official answer: 5’2” - each different characters’ heights are comparative to hers, truthful that’s each I got… but Bruno who has, you know, a 7 ft framework and 🐀🐀🐀 on his back. #Encanto pic.twitter.com/FtL8wVAWN3

— Jared Bush (@thejaredbush) January 14, 2022

Meet Mirabel astatine Disney

Even though the movie conscionable came retired successful November, Mirabel showed up astatine Disney's California Adventure taxable parkland successful Anaheim, California, for the wintertime holidays. A Disney typical didn't instantly respond to a question astir whether she'll go a imperishable beingness astatine the taxable park, oregon whether she'll amusement up astatine Walt Disney World successful Florida arsenic well.

Nice to conscionable you, aged friend

Voice actors don't ever person to beryllium successful the aforesaid country to grounds their parts, and that's particularly been existent during the coronavirus pandemic. Lin-Manuel Miranda said helium coached galore of the singers done Zoom, and didn't conscionable galore of them until the film's November premiere.

Not casual being green

Notice the value of the colour greenish successful the film, particularly connected to 2 circumstantial characters. Mirabel's circular eyeglasses are a agleam green, and Bruno hides nether a greenish cloak. It's nary coincidence that these 2 person different things successful common, particularly erstwhile it comes to having antithetic talents.

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