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Have you bought A&W basal brew oregon pick soda successful the past 7 years? If so, you could beryllium entitled to portion of a $15 cardinal settlement. A&W Concentrate and genitor institution Keurig Dr. Pepper are paying this colony to resoluteness claims that they made mendacious selling statements astir the benignant of vanilla utilized successful those drinks. 

In a 2019 lawsuit, plaintiffs alleged that since A&W basal brew and pick soda are made with an artificial vanilla called ethyl vanillin, advertizing the drinks arsenic made with aged vanilla was misleading to "reasonable customers." 

A&W Concentrate and Keurig Dr. Pepper haven't been legally reprimanded for immoderate assertion and support that the advertizing connected the basal brew and pick soda products is "truthful, accurate" and compliant with Food and Drug Administration requirements. The suit was settled to debar immoderate further expense, the companies said. Keurig Dr. Pepper didn't respond to CNET's petition for further remark regarding the settlement. 

If you deliberation you mightiness beryllium eligible to taxable a claim, work connected to find retired however overmuch you could get from the colony and the deadline to taxable your claim.

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Who is eligible to taxable a claim? 

If you purchased 1 of the following products successful the United States betwixt Feb. 7, 2016, and June 2, 2023, you're eligible to taxable a claim. 

  • A&W basal brew - regular.
  • A&W basal brew - diet.
  • A&W basal brew - Zero Sugar.
  • A&W basal brew - Ten.
  • A&W pick soda - regular. 
  • A&W pick soda - diet.
  • A&W pick soda - Zero Sugar.

Note that to beryllium eligible the products indispensable person been purchased for idiosyncratic use, not for resale, and indispensable person "made with aged vanilla" printed connected them. 

How overmuch tin I get from A&W? 

There are three antithetic tiers you could beryllium successful erstwhile you taxable a claim. They're based connected whether you person impervious of purchase. It's important to cognize that there's a $15 cardinal headdress connected the suit -- truthful your outgo could beryllium reduced to marque definite that the colony payout is nary larger than $15 million. 

Tier 1 is for claims without impervious of purchase. If you person nary impervious of acquisition for your claim, you'll get $5.50 per household. 

Tier 2 is mixed, for claims that bash and don't person impervious of purchase. If you autumn into this mixed tier, you'll beryllium guaranteed a minimum of $5.50, and you'll get an further 50 cents per portion that has a valid impervious of purchase. You tin assertion up to 39 units with a impervious of acquisition for a outgo of up to $25 (including the minimum $5.50). 

Tier 3 is for claims supported by impervious of purchase. You're guaranteed a minimum of $5.50, and for each portion you taxable implicit 11 units, you'll person 50 cents. You tin taxable up to 50 units with impervious of purchase, for up to $25 (including the minimum $5.50). 

How tin I record a claim? When should I record by?

You tin taxable a claim signifier online astatine the colony website oregon you tin people retired a form, implicit it and message it to: 

Sharpe v. A&W Concentrate Co.
Kroll Settlement Administration LLC
P.O. Box 225391
New York, NY 10150-5391

Your assertion indispensable beryllium submitted oregon postmarked by 11:59 p.m. connected Oct. 18, 2023. 

When volition I get my money?

A last support proceeding is scheduled for Oct. 19, 2023. Any payments would spell retired aft that date, but the process could beryllium delayed by appeals.

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