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Text connection   verification codes connected  iPhone

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Automatically delete each those verification codes successful Messages and Mail

The verification codes you person erstwhile attempting to motion successful to your assorted accounts tin rapidly clutter up your substance messages and email. Sure, you tin ever manually delete each code, but that takes excessively overmuch time. iOS 17 present has a mounting that automatically deletes your verification codes aft you've entered them.

Apple Maps connected  iPhone

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Use Apple Maps adjacent if you don't person net service

It took a portion for this diagnostic to popular up, but Apple yet lets you download and usage offline maps connected the Maps exertion connected iOS 17. Now you tin much easy navigate roads, highways and tunnels -- adjacent if you don't person internet.

Music widget connected  iOS 17

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iPhone widgets are present interactive

If you pat connected a widget connected iOS 16, you'll beryllium transported to the corresponding application. For example, if you pat connected the upwind widget, you spell to the upwind app. That makes sense.

With iOS 17, however, a fewer widgets -- including for Apple Music and Home -- are interactive, meaning you tin power the app straight from the widget. In the Apple Music widget, you tin intermission and play songs arsenic good arsenic browse done your precocious played music. 

Once iOS 17 is released to the wide public, you tin expect third-party developers to integrate interactive widgets into their apps arsenic well.

Apple Music connected  iPhone

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Listen to songs seamlessly successful Apple Music

Instead of a jarring oregon soundless leap from 1 opus to another, you tin present alteration a cross-fade effect betwixt songs successful Apple Music connected iOS 17. If you're connected aux duty, this diagnostic is simply a must-have.

Laundry codes connected  a covering  tag

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Use Visual Look Up to place laundry codes...

The laundry codes connected your apparel are determination to usher you erstwhile it comes to washing and drying, but if you person nary thought what these symbols mean, they mightiness arsenic good beryllium hieroglyphics.

iOS 17 brings a caller diagnostic that allows you to rapidly decipher laundry codes. All you request to bash is instrumentality a photograph of the tag and usage Visual Look Up, a built-in Photos instrumentality that tin place words, plants, monuments and different objects and supply you with accusation astir them.

Warning lights connected  a car   dashboard connected  an iPhone

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...and fig retired what each those lights connected your car dashboard mean

Visual Look Up doesn't lone place laundry codes. It besides tin analyse immoderate imaginable informing lights connected the dashboard of your car. Again, each you request to bash is instrumentality a photograph and cheque retired what Visual Look Up has to accidental astir your informing lights. Maybe it's clip to get those brakes checked.

CNET nonfiction  successful  Safari connected  iPhone

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Don't work articles -- perceive to them

Over the past decade, podcasts person steadily risen successful popularity, and for bully reason. They're casual to digest, and you tin perceive to a podcast anywhere, adjacent portion driving.

If you're a instrumentality of podcasts, you'll astir apt bask a caller iOS 17 diagnostic that lets you inquire Siri to work quality articles, informational sites oregon thing other successful Safari retired loud. No speechmaking required.

Siri connected  iOS 17

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Siri has a fewer much tricks up its sleeve

Siri has gotten a flimsy makeover connected iOS 17, including 2 caller features that volition decidedly alteration however you interact with the idiosyncratic dependable assistant.

For starters, you nary longer request to say, "Hey, Siri" to trigger Siri. You tin conscionable say, "Siri." And you tin inquire Siri for back-to-back requests. For example, you could accidental thing like, "Siri, springiness maine directions to the gym and play my gym playlist."

Enter Passcode leafage   connected  the iPhone

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If you hide your caller iPhone passcode, don't sweat it

If you marque a password alteration to 1 of your accounts, your caller password is astir apt stored successful the unreality truthful that you don't person to retrieve it. You can't bash the aforesaid with your iPhone passcode.

Before iOS 17, if you forgot your passcode, your lone mode backmost successful was to wholly hitch your iPhone. Now, if you hide your passcode, you tin usage your aged passcode to get successful -- but lone for 48 hours aft you make a caller passcode. So enactment fast.

A password leafage   connected  the iPhone

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You tin present stock passwords easily

If you're bushed of copying and pasting passwords successful your substance messages to stock with your loved ones, iOS 17 has a caller diagnostic that allows you to make a radical to rapidly stock passwords and passkeys, crossed their devices.

Search successful  Messages app

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Searching done your substance messages gets overmuch easier

You request to find a circumstantial message, successful a thread filled with thousands of messages -- connected a telephone with hundreds of connection threads. Sure, you could scroll and scroll and scroll, but iOS 17 has made searching successful the Messages app mode much powerful.

You tin present filter your searches by contact, link, photo, determination and more, to rapidly find what you're looking for.

Private browsing successful  Safari

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Keep your backstage browsing private

If you lend your telephone to a household member, peculiarly a kid, you whitethorn good privation to spot what they've been browsing. Really sneaky kids mightiness cognize that backstage browsing doesn't grounds a history.

On iOS 17, you tin present alteration a mounting to necessitate Face ID oregon a passcode to entree backstage browsing successful Safari.

An Apple Watch and an iPhone

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If you're ever losing your Apple Watch, you'll emotion this caller feature

The Control Center connected your iPhone is simply a hub wherever you tin rapidly instrumentality assorted actions with a azygous tap, similar turning connected your flashlight oregon enabling acheronian mode. With iOS 17, you'll present besides beryllium capable to ping your Apple Watch.

A GIF successful  Safari

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Stop getting distracted by GIFs successful Safari

GIFs tin beryllium wildly distracting erstwhile you're browsing done your telephone -- browse done an nonfiction (even ours sometimes) and sometimes you'll beryllium attacked with animations from each sides.

If you're looking to minimize the madness connected your iPhone, iOS 17 present has a mounting that allows you to halt GIFs from autoplaying successful Safari.

A photograph  of a water  connected  an iPhone

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Zoom successful to rapidly harvest photos

Cropping a photograph oregon video is comparatively elemental connected the iPhone -- but the process is getting easier acknowledgment to iOS 17. Instead of going into edit mode, you tin present simply zoom into a photograph and past deed the caller Crop fastener that appears to resize an representation to precisely what you spot connected your screen.

Finger pressed against a phone

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Quickly entree your photos successful Messages

There's a caller mode to entree your applications straight from Messages, with a + icon that rapidly brings up options similar camera, stickers, determination and more. However, if you're lone funny successful accessing your photos, to nonstop via text, you tin conscionable property and clasp down connected the + to rapidly entree your astir caller photos.

Email verification codification  connected  iPhone

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You tin autofill email verification codes

The aforesaid mode that you tin autofill substance verification codes present from your keyboard, with iOS 17 you tin besides bash that but with email verification codes. You indispensable acceptable up your email with the Mail app for this to work.

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