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From Succession to Hawkeye, from Tiger King 2 to The Expanse play 6, these HBO hits, Netflix newcomers and Disney Plus crowd-pleasers marque 2021 and 2022 worthy watching.

Hawkeye connected  Disney Plus

1 of 63 Marvel/Disney Plus

TV shows to get excited astir successful 2021 and 2022

Television accumulation was disrupted successful 2021, but there's inactive been a ton of large TV -- and determination are tons much tv shows to get excited astir arsenic 2021 rolls into 2022.


2 of 63 HBO

Succession play 3 (HBO)

Succession play 3 throws america backmost into TV's astir vicious and delicious household feud, connected HBO Oct. 17.


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Hawkeye (Disney Plus)

Another Marvel episodic escapade sees Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye recruiting caller sidekick Hailee Steinfeld.


4 of 63 Netflix

Tiger King 2 (Netflix)

Netflix returns to the satellite of large cats and outlandish transgression to find retired whether Joe Exotic is thriving successful captivity.


Cowboy Bebop (Netflix)

John Cho leads the formed of hotly tipped anime adaptation Cowboy Bebop.


6 of 63 Netflix

Stranger Things play 4 (Netflix)

Eleven and the pack are backmost for a 4th play connected Netflix arsenic the '80s-tastic phantasy amusement turns the Cold War upside down.


7 of 63 Netflix

Bridgerton play 2 (Netflix)

Lord Anthony Bridgerton volition "dominate" play 2 of Netflix's play romp, coming successful 2021 oregon perchance aboriginal 2022. 

Curb Your Enthusiasm play   11

8 of 63 HBO

Curb Your Enthusiasm play 11

Curb Your Enthusiasm play 11 returns for an eleventh play Oct. 24.

The Expanse (Amazon Prime Video)

9 of 63 Amazon Studios

The Expanse (Amazon Prime Video)

The star strategy is astatine warfare arsenic the underrated sci-fi show's sixth and last play premieres Friday, Dec. 10 connected Amazon Prime Video. New episodes each week physique to The Expanse's last climax connected Jan. 14, 2022.


10 of 63 Merie W. Wallace/HBO

Insecure play 5 (HBO)

The 5th and last play of Insecure brings Issa Rae's astute and heartfelt comedy-drama to a close.


11 of 63 Katalin Vermes/Netflix

The Witcher play 2 (Netflix)

Netflix's phantasy deed returns successful 2021 for different circular of which Witcher is which.


12 of 63 Andreas Solaro/Getty Images

The Wheel of Time (Amazon)

In a realm that's simultaneously Earth's past and future, women warriors support the Dragon Reborn to conflict the Dark One. The latest amusement aiming to beryllium the adjacent Game of Thrones is The Wheel of Time, starring Rosamund Pike and based connected Robert Jordan's long-running bid of phantasy novels.


13 of 63 Netflix

The Sandman

No merchandise day has been announced, but accumulation is good nether mode for Netflix's adaptation of Neil Gaiman's iconic comic The Sandman.

The Great play   2

14 of 63 Hulu

The Great play 2 (Hulu)

Catherine yet takes the Russian throne for her ain -- but indispensable conflict her court, her co-coup-ees and adjacent her ain parent successful a bid to bring the enlightenment to a reluctant Russia. The Great play 2 is connected Hulu from Nov. 19.

Black Mafia Family (Starz)

15 of 63 Starz

Black Mafia Family (Starz)

Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson is 1 of the radical down this existent communicative of 2 brothers forming their ain Black mafia household successful the precocious 1980s.


16 of 63 Prime Video

I Know What You Did Last Summer (Amazon Prime Video)

I Know What You Did Last Summer is rebooted arsenic a TV bid connected Amazon Oct. 15.

The Book of Boba Fett poster

17 of 63 Lucasfilm

The Book of Boba Fett (Disney Plus)

Bounty huntsman Boba Fett hunts down his ain amusement aft a astonishment instrumentality successful The Mandalorian. The Book of Boba Fett arrives Dec. 29 connected Disney Plus.

And Just Like That HBO Sex and the City

18 of 63 HBO

And Just Like That... (HBO)

And Just Like That... is simply a prequel to HBO's much-loved bid Sex and the City, reuniting Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis (but not Kim Cattrall) successful December.


19 of 63 Netflix

Ozark play 4 (Netflix)

The last play of the award-winning transgression saga wraps up successful suitably aggravated benignant sometime this year.


20 of 63 CBS Photo Archive

Dexter: New Blood (Showtime)

On Nov. 7, Michael C. Hall returns arsenic serial slayer Dexter Morgan. The archetypal bid ended successful 2013.

Colin successful  Black & White (Netflix)

21 of 63 Netflix

Colin successful Black & White (Netflix)

Sports prima Colin Kaepernick looks backmost connected his formative years successful Colin successful Black & White. Jaden Michael stars a young Kaepernick, with Nick Offerman and Mary-Louise Parker arsenic his adoptive parents.


22 of 63 Netflix

Emily successful Paris play 2 (Netflix)

Emily is an influencer en francais successful play 2 of Netflix's frothy drama Emily successful Paris, arriving Dec. 22.


23 of 63 Nickelodeon

Star Trek: Prodigy (Paramount Plus)

Kid-friendly escapade goes to warp velocity successful Star Trek: Prodigy, coming to Paramount Plus Oct. 28, past airing aboriginal connected Nickelodeon.


24 of 63 Marvel/Hulu

Hit-Monkey (Hulu)

A convulsive monkey from Marvel comics. Yes, Hit-Monkey is simply a existent thing, and it streams connected Hulu connected Nov. 17. 


25 of 63 Hulu

Station Eleven (HBO Max)

Wandering performers tackle a pandemic-riddled dystopia successful HBO's adaptation of Emily St. John Mandel's 2014 novel. Mackenzie Davis stars.

Thor successful  Marvel's What If...?

26 of 63 Marvel Studios

Marvel's What If...? (Disney Plus)

What mightiness person been successful the MCU successful this multiverse-spanning bid of antithetic versions of Marvel's stories.


27 of 63 Apple

The Morning Show (Apple TV Plus)

Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon added their voices to the #MeToo question successful the acclaimed archetypal play of Apple's topical play astir the TV industry. Season 2 streams this year.


28 of 63 Netflix

Cobra Kai play 4 (Netflix)

Netflix renewed karate deed Cobra Kai for a 4th and 5th season, kicking disconnected Dec. 31.


29 of 63 NBCUniversal/Getty Images

Tokyo Vice (HBO Max)

An American writer (Ansel Elgort) and a Tokyo detective (Ken Watanabe) combat transgression successful Japan successful the '90s. It's from Michael Mann, though it's got thing to bash with classical pastel-colored TV bid Miami Vice (pictured).


30 of 63 Netflix

Super Crooks (Netflix)

An anime adaptation of a crooked comic from hitmaking writer Mark Millar, coming to Netflix Nov. 25.


31 of 63 Guy D'Alema/FX

Atlanta play 3 (FX)

A confirmed 3rd and 4th play volition proceed Donald Glover's swaggering and genre-hopping communicative of an up-and-coming rapper and his entourage.

32 of 63 Apple

Foundation (Apple TV Plus)

Chernobyl prima Jared Harris leads this heavyweight adaptation of Isaac Asimov's subject fabrication masterwork connected Apple TV Plus. Laura Birn, pictured, besides stars. 

Kevin Can F Himself Allison and Kevin

33 of 63 Jojo Whilden/AMC

Kevin Can F**k Himself (AMC)

Sitcoms are successful the firing enactment successful Kevin Can F**k Himself, a weird and bold play starring Schitt's Creek's Annie Murphy.

 a antheral   successful  a state  disguise  carrying a monkey stands connected  a post-apocalyptic metropolis  street.

34 of 63 FX

Y The Last Man (FX)

For Walking Dead fans, Y The Last Man is different comic-based apocalypse. This clip it's the conscionable men who are wiped retired -- each but 1 (and his monkey).


35 of 63 Netflix

Midnight Mass (Netflix)

A young clergyman stirs things up connected a distant island. Mike Flanagan, the creator down The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor brings much chills to Netflix. 


36 of 63 Netflix

Only Murders successful the Building (Hulu)

Steve Martin and Martin Short are true-crime fans caught up successful an existent honest-to-goodness execution enigma successful this comedy, with the assistance of Selena Gomez.


37 of 63 Amazon Prime Video

The Underground Railroad (Amazon Prime Video)

Created and directed by Barry Jenkins, The Underground Railroad is simply a phantasy acceptable successful the epoch of slavery, based connected the 2016 caller by Colson Whitehead.

House of The Dragon HBO trailer

38 of 63 HBO

House of The Dragon (HBO)

House of The Dragon is HBO's prequel to Game of Thrones, starring Matt Smith arsenic a scheming Targaryen successful 2022.

John Cena attends Warner Bros. premiere of The Suicide Squad, successful  costume arsenic  Peacemaker.

39 of 63 Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Peacemaker (HBO)

John Cena reprises his relation from The Suicide Squad arsenic the lunkheaded Peacemaker, coming to HBO successful January.


40 of 63 HBO

The Lady and the Dale (HBO, Jan. 31)

Here's immoderate of 2021's shows we loved, starting with January's HBO documentary The Lady and the Dale. It tells the bizarre existent communicative of Liz Carmichael, who promised a revolutionary caller car for the 1970s -- until the wheels came disconnected her schemes...


41 of 63 Syfy

Resident Alien (Syfy, Jan. 27)

Firefly's Alan Tudyk is simply a visitant from different satellite who gets caught up successful a small-town execution successful this extraterrestrial drama based connected a comic.


42 of 63 Apple TV Plus

The Snoopy Show (Apple TV Plus, Feb. 5)

Snoopy returns successful a caller amusement streaming connected Apple TV Plus for the 70th day of iconic cartoon Peanuts.


43 of 63 Michael Greenberg/CBS

The Equalizer (CBS, Feb. 7)

Queen Latifah takes implicit from Denzel Washington and Edward Woodward arsenic a score-settling superspy. 


44 of 63 CBS

Clarice (CBS, Feb. 11)

This Silence of the Lambs sequel bid reveals beingness aft Hannibal Lecter for the dogged agent, played by Jodie Foster successful the 1991 movie. Australian histrion Rebecca Breeds, from Pretty Little Liars and Home and Away, dons the FBI windbreaker.


45 of 63 The Rock

Young Rock (NBC, Feb. 16)

You've seen the photo, present spot the sitcom: It's the beingness of a young Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson successful drama form.


46 of 63 Gene Arias/NBC

Punky Brewster (Peacock, Feb. 25)

Soleil Moon Frye is '80s heroine Punky Brewster again, each grown up and a azygous ma for this reboot connected NBC's streaming service, Peacock.


47 of 63 CW

Superman and Lois (The CW, Feb. 23)

The antheral of alloy meets his lucifer arsenic Superman and Lois Lane get into much adventures successful the CW Arrowverse.


48 of 63 Marvel Studios

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (Disney Plus, March 19)

Anthony Mackie takes formation arsenic the Falcon alongside Sebastian Stan arsenic the Winter Soldier successful this adjacent episodic spinoff from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


49 of 63 Netflix

Shadow and Bone (Netflix, April 23)

Shadow and Bone is simply a caller phantasy series, based connected the young-adult novels by Leigh Bardugo, acceptable successful a satellite of perpetual acheronian haunted by flesh-eating monsters.


50 of 63 Marvel

Loki (Disney Plus, June 11)

Tom Hiddleston is mischievous deity Loki successful different Marvel bid streaming connected Disney Plus.


51 of 63 Disney

Star Wars: The Bad Batch (Disney Plus)

Animated bid The Bad Batch follows connected from Star Wars: Clone Wars, gathering connected the occurrence of Disney Plus deed The Mandalorian.


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Invincible (Amazon Prime Video)

Long-running superhero comic Invincible, from the creator of the archetypal Walking Dead comic, comes live successful a wildly imaginative superpowered sci-fi Amazon animated series. 


53 of 63 George Napolitano/FilmMagic

MacGruber (Peacock)

MacGruber is backmost successful action. Will Forte's Saturday Night Live quality already spawned a cult comedy, and present NBC's Peacock is streaming him each implicit the place.


54 of 63 Gramercy Pictures

The Old Man (FX connected Hulu)

Jeff Bridges is simply a grizzled erstwhile spy who keeps getting pulled backmost into the shady satellite of espionage and action. 


55 of 63 Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images

Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai (HBO Max)

You cognize the rules, and present you're going to larn Gizmo's root successful HBO's animated prequel to '80s classical Gremlins.


56 of 63 Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

The Nevers (HBO)

Joss Whedon's latest is simply a genre-bending communicative of Victorian women with supernatural powers. Laura Donnelly (pictured) and Olivia Williams star.


57 of 63 Alan Markfield

Impeachment: American Crime Story (FX)

The latest bid of Ryan Murphy's juicy American Crime Story anthology tackles the Bill Clinton impeachment. Clive Owen stars arsenic President Clinton, with Beanie Feldstein arsenic Monica Lewinsky and Sarah Paulson arsenic Linda Tripp.


58 of 63 Debbie Hickey/Getty Images

It's a Sin (HBO Max, Feb. 18)

Writer Russell T. Davies (Doctor Who and A Very English Scandal) explores the interaction of the HIV and AIDS epidemic connected 1980s nine successful this play starring Olly Alexander from the set Years & Years. It's a Sin aired connected Channel 4 successful January successful the UK. 


59 of 63 Afro American Newspapers/Getty Images

Women of the Movement (ABC)

Civil rights question activistic Mamie Till-Mobley campaigned for alteration aft the lynching of her 14-year-old lad Emmett Till successful 1955. Broadway prima Adrienne Warren plays Till-Mobley successful this ABC constricted series.


60 of 63 HBO

Nine Perfect Strangers (Hulu)

Nicole Kidman successful a play based connected a enigma novel? The producers down Big Little Lies and The Undoing accommodate Liane Moriarty's publication for Hulu. Regina Hall, Melissa McCarthy, Samara Weaving and Michael Shannon are the different strangers who whitethorn beryllium to beryllium little than perfect.


61 of 63 HBO

Gossip Girl (HBO Max)

Beautiful teens crippled and strategy successful this reboot coming to HBO Max, featuring Kristen Bell and a full caller cast. XOXO!


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The White Lotus (HBO)

An ensemble formed gathers astatine a swanky hotel  successful HBO's enigma The White Lotus. 


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Clickbait (Netflix)

Thrills and chills with a terrible lawsuit of catfishing successful Clickbait.

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