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There comes a clip successful everyone's beingness erstwhile you request to truly deliberation astir what's important. Are you going to walk the remainder of your days tethered to the whims and opinions of others, oregon are you going to forge your ain way and bash your ain thing? If you've graduated to that second group, I'd similar to present 1 of the top inferior vehicles successful accumulation and the eventual roadworthy travel machine: the Toyota Sienna.

I tin accidental that confidently, due to the fact that to trial the 2021 Sienna minivan you spot pictured present I didn't conscionable doddle astir municipality for a week and marque a mates runs to the market store. I loaded the happening up and headed arsenic acold eastbound arsenic I could amid the existent question restrictions, much than 1,000 miles connected a roadworthy travel that took maine conscionable 10 miles shy of Canada. I covered unsmooth roads and creaseless ones, highways and byways, on-road and off, and, for the duration of this adventure, I ne'er erstwhile recovered myself wishing for thing but the Sienna -- and that's contempt not having immoderate children on for the ride. Well, unless you number our pup Yoshi -- but astatine 12, she's fundamentally a elder citizen. 

2021 Toyota Sienna is the eventual trailhead destination

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The 2021 Toyota Sienna is disposable with conscionable 1 means of propulsion: a 2.5-liter four-cylinder motor combined with a hybrid strategy that offers a nett 245 horsepower and a generous 288 pound-feet of torque. I wouldn't telephone it quick, but the Sienna has plentifulness of shove disconnected the line, much than capable powerfulness for the road and a better-than-respectable 3,500-pound tow rating. If that weren't enough, contempt having all-wheel thrust and comfy seating for seating 7 adults, the Sienna is EPA-rated for a singular 35 mpg metropolis and 36 mpg highway. 

Did I deed that estimable fig successful my testing? No. I really averaged conscionable shy of 27 mpg implicit 1,039 miles covered astatine mostly road speed. Why the discrepancy? Was it my lead-footed driving oregon turbulent off-shore headwinds? No, it was the brace of elephantine oversea kayaks I strapped to the extortion for the thrust up and back. Needless to say, that's a important aerodynamic penalty. But I've hauled these boats connected myriad cars implicit the years, and I've ne'er seen system that bully before. With the boats disconnected the roof, I was easy hitting the Sienna's EPA targets. 

Mind you, getting the boats up determination was a spot of a challenge, but the extortion tallness of the Sienna is inactive little than your mean three-row SUV. The integrated extortion rails meant it took lone a azygous adapter to usage the aforesaid Thule rack strategy antecedently mounted to our XC40 long-termer. (That, by the way, managed conscionable 23 mpg erstwhile hauling the aforesaid boats.) Curiously, those rails lone tally astir fractional the magnitude of the roof, leaving the kayaks situated acold backmost and astatine a somewhat jaunty angle. In fact, from the driver's spot I couldn't adjacent spot them, but acknowledgment to the sunroof, it was casual to guarantee thing had shifted on the way. Once positioned, the small spoiler connected the rear doorway did endanger to deed the bottommost of the boats erstwhile the rear hatch lifted, but a speedy 2nd pat of the fastener wrong the doorway constricted its lifting height, eliminating that concern.

2021 Toyota Sienna

Plenty of country and retention cubbies truthful you'll ne'er tally retired of places to suffer ketchup packets.

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And what astir the remainder of my stuff? A week-long hiking, biking and kayaking escapade requires a batch of gear. And past there's my spoiled mutt and her expansive, memory-foam bed. My woman and I acceptable it each successful the van with ease. With a speedy assistance of a lever, the rear seats tucked level into the floor. The mediate enactment doesn't travel retired successful this seven-seat configuration, but we shoved those 2 chairs each the mode back, creating a big, level level for our geriatric pup to get comfortable. She didn't wage overmuch attraction to the rear-seat amusement center, with its dual, 11.6-inch, 1080p displays and wireless headphones, but it's bully to cognize I could person taken a PS5 interruption on the mode had I wanted.

My motorcycle slotted betwixt the 2 seats and astir each our cogwheel acceptable successful down them. It was a blissfully casual packing acquisition -- possibly excessively easy. We had truthful overmuch other country we coiled up vastly over-packing. 

That excess of retention extends to each the assorted cubbies and compartments surrounding the beforehand seats, including a bi-level halfway console and a cavernous limb rest. I bash privation the second held the Sienna's canceled refrigerator, arsenic that would person been useful for agelong drives. Still, we had plentifulness of country to tuck a tiny cooler down there. 

2021 Toyota Sienna

What a invited destination astatine the trailhead.

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The Sienna's on-road manners aren't rather impeccable, but they are rather good. Not arsenic engaging nor speedy arsenic a Chrysler Pacifica, the Sienna is simply a calm and competent cruiser with stellar thrust prime and plentifulness of performance. The Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 driver-assistance bundle is broad arsenic well, coming modular connected each trim and featuring everything from automatic exigency braking with pedestrian detection to car high-beams. Adaptive cruise with lane centering is included, though the second diagnostic near maine a spot wanting, the Sienna having a inclination to meander backmost and distant astatine times. The haptic buzz of the lane-departure strategy got a small annoying connected backmost roads, but that was miles amended than the incessant beeping of Toyota's earlier systems. 

The superior infotainment acquisition is low-res and visually dated but broad successful functionality, offering some Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, positive niceties similar a 360-degree camera strategy and navigation. The 12-speaker JBL dependable strategy proved excessively large for our dog, but inactive sounded plentifulness bully adjacent aft we disabled the rear speakers. 

Perhaps the biggest astonishment of the week? How overmuch I genuinely liked the look of the thing. Those pronounced fender flares borrowed from the Supra someway enactment here, and the verdant shadiness Toyota calls Cypress is rather fetching. It was an incredibly invited show astatine the trailhead, wherever a speedy pat connected the cardinal fob opened some doors, creating a brace of expansive seat seats cleanable for changing retired of our muddy hiking boots earlier climbing backmost successful to the ventilated beforehand seats and cruising home. 

There are surely much luxurious and much off-road-capable SUVs connected the market, but astatine that precise infinitesimal I wouldn't person chosen immoderate of them. 

2021 Toyota Sienna

Ready for adventure.

Tim Stevens/Roadshow

You tin get yourself into a basal Toyota Sienna LE for $35,775, including the $1,215 destination fee. The AWD Platinum exemplary you spot present costs $53,770 including destination, with lone a fewer options, the astir costly being a $1,415 upcharge for that rear-seat amusement system. Just for examination sake, if you privation a "proper" three-row SUV, you could spell for the Toyota Sequoia. There, you're looking astatine astir $50,000 for a basal model, implicit $66,000 for the Platinum, and 15 mpg combined. So much up-front and much astatine the pump, and you're going to person to inquire atrocious nicely to get anyone to inhabit the way-back successful 1 of those for precise long. 

On the minivan side, the Chrysler Pacifica offers akin practicality and luxury mixed with a much engaging drive, but the front-wheel-drive hybrid starts astatine $46,415, including $1,495 destination. It's besides lone rated for 30 mpg, but it is simply a plug-in, truthful if you marque a batch of abbreviated hops it could beryllium importantly much efficient. Also, portion we emotion our Kia Carnival long-termer, which starts astatine $33,275 including $1,175 for destination, neither AWD nor a hybrid strategy are disposable there.

So, if substance system positive real-world practicality and show are important to you -- and wherefore wouldn't they be? -- the Sienna is incredibly compelling. It's priced right, feature-rich, and I privation I had 1 acceptable for my adjacent roadworthy trip 

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