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The 2022 BMW M440i xDrive Gran Coupe is simply a sedan for folks that privation a coupe. It's a weird proposition, but the ace up its sleeve is simply a wealthiness of cargo space, paired with plush accommodations and a sublime powertrain. If you tin tummy the Gran Coupe's, let's say, arguable design, the M440i mightiness beryllium an adjacent smarter prime implicit the much handsome M340i sedan.

The M440i Gran Coupe boasts a large signifier from the broadside with abbreviated overhangs, a bully roofline and a decently luxurious and beefy look from the rear. It's a small anonymous, yes, but overall, the benignant is handsome from these angles. As overmuch arsenic I effort to lukewarm up to the beforehand fascia, however, I conscionable can't.

Opening the rear hatch -- 1 of the Gran Coupe's biggest selling points -- reveals 16.6 cubic feet of space, which is really a smidge little abstraction than the M340i sedan. But the magic happens erstwhile you fold the seats down, wherever there's 45.6 cubic feet of abstraction available, oregon arsenic overmuch arsenic a Hyundai Kona. In a satellite wherever sedans person to vie with the regular usability of SUVs, this cargo country is superb and provides a existent packaging triumph implicit the two-door 4 Series coupe and 3 Series sedan.

2022 BMW M440i xDrive Gran Coupe is the 4 Series to get

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This functionality, combined with a beauteous turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six engine, makes a beardown lawsuit for the M440i Gran Coupe being the champion prime of the 3 Series and 4 Series bundle. The 48-volt mild-hybrid strategy helps capable successful a fewer powerfulness gaps and pulls the car on with large punch. What's odd, however, is the M440i Gran Coupe is thirstier than the M340i, with EPA estimates of 22 mpg city, 29 mpg road and 25 mpg combined. That's down 1 mpg combined from the M340i, arsenic good arsenic a 3-mpg quality connected the highway. 

For immoderate frugality the M440i misses, it makes up for it with performance. There's 382 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque connected tap, sent to each 4 corners via BMW's xDrive all-wheel-drive system. There's ever a surge of powerfulness acceptable erstwhile tipping into the throttle, and the eight-speed automatic transmission ever selects the close cogwheel with speedy downshifts. May I add, the sounds the transmission makes erstwhile upshifting supply earfuls of delight arsenic gears blip by successful an instant. The 48-volt hybrid strategy does its occupation well, filling successful the insignificant show gaps created by a turbo motor and smoothing retired the stop-start system's action.

2022 BMW M440i xDrive

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2022 BMW M440i xDrive

Fold the seats down for adjacent much space.

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My tester is equipped with BMW's adaptive M suspension, which allows the car to change thrust prime and handling behaviour astatine the property of a button. Normal mode provides loads of comfort, but brushed handling -- a just compromise for regular driving. Sport mode, my favorite, dials successful a stiffer thrust quality, but delivers acold much composed cornering capability. I recovered the suspension's Sport mounting to beryllium perfectly suitable for around-town driving arsenic well.

What truly gets the M440i down are the brakes. The pedal suffers from inconsistent, squishy consciousness and excessively small archetypal bite. That's contempt modular M Sport brakes with a fixed hydraulic setup, caput you. This isn't the lone BMW that suffers from this sensation.

Like each 3 and 4 Series models, the M440i Gran Coupe's compartment is simply a bully spot to be. This peculiar car features a beauteous cognac colour with the brand's synthetic leather dashboard worldly and ash grey wood trim. It's a large opposition from the acheronian pearly bluish of the exterior, providing a lukewarm vibe bully for the grey days of winter.

2022 BMW M440i xDrive

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2022 BMW M440i xDrive

If you cognize modern BMW cabins, this look is nary surprise.

Sean Szymkowski/Roadshow

Ahead of the operator sits a 12.3-inch integer gauge clump and to the right, a 10.3-inch touchscreen with crisp graphics. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are on for the ride, and some link wirelessly. For me, the controller connected the halfway console remains the champion mode to run iDrive acknowledgment to its elemental actions. My tester besides boasts a fantastic and booming Harman Kardon situation dependable strategy and a premium bundle that adds a heated steering instrumentality and beforehand seats, head-up show and appealing ambient lighting passim the cabin.

The options heap up connected the tech broadside with a bundle of driver-assistance and progressive information gear. BMW's hands-free Parking Assistant Plus and a useful 3D surround-view camera strategy are portion of an aptly named Parking Assistance Package ($700). The Driver Assistance Package ($1,700) besides tosses successful adaptive cruise power connected apical of automatic exigency braking, blind-spot detection and a slew of modular different assists. The adaptive cruise power impresses with creaseless cognition connected the freeway, adjacent successful pouring rainfall astatine night. Other appreciated pieces of tech see assorted USB-A and C ports and a wireless telephone charger. 

2022 BMW M440i Gran Coupe

This is the champion 4 Series.

Sean Szymkowski/Roadshow

The M440i Gran Coupe starts astatine $59,195 aft a $995 destination charge, though my tester checks retired with a $68,925 price. That includes thousands of dollars worthy of options similar the other $2,400 spent connected the M-badged show instrumentality and further comforts from the $1,750 Premium Package. If you tin unrecorded without the extras, you surely don't request to walk astir $70,000 to bring location the halfway competencies the M440i Gran Coupe exudes. I should besides note, the ongoing spot shortage deed this car, and might impact yours, too. My tester lacked powerfulness adjustable beforehand seats. In return, BMW knocked $995 disconnected the sticker price.

The M440i nails the quality to service arsenic a existent mundane operator with bountiful cargo space, plentiful powerfulness and tons of carnal comforts. The "four-door coupe" conception is simply a niche, but the M440i serves it well. Consider it the maestro of this peculiar niche.

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