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$100 astatine Amazon

All-Clad covered frying pan

All-Clad D3 10-inch covered frying pan

Best wide frying pan

A heap  of pans stacked connected  apical  of each   different   remainder  connected  a stovetop range.

There are a full batch of proficient pans retired there. It took immoderate existent splitting of hairs to find the champion stainless alloy skillets successful 2022. 

David Watsky/CNET

Deciding connected the champion stainless alloy frying cookware for your room tin consciousness similar a struggle. There are conscionable truthful galore options disposable online and successful stores. Honestly, adjacent I recovered myself a spot overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of frying pans. With galore companies touting large differences and advantages implicit the competition's cookware, I was determined to find which ones really basal tallest atop the range.

All-Clad's 10-inch D3 frying pan, with its fantabulous show and tight-fitting lid, ticked the astir boxes, earning the No. 1 spot. While $100 mightiness dependable similar a splurge, spending a spot much connected a workhorse cookware you emotion — particularly 1 that volition past arsenic agelong arsenic All-Clad's — is simply a worthy concern for idiosyncratic superior astir cooking. And if you're going to earmark immoderate other dough for 1 portion of cookware, the stainless alloy frying cookware is it.

If you don't attraction to walk that overmuch connected a pan, don't despair: There are fantabulous frying pans arsenic inexpensive arsenic $40. To find the champion stainless alloy skillets for immoderate budget, I enactment 10 to the trial by cooking, browning and temperature-taking to spot which frying pans vigor fast, navigator evenly and consciousness comfy successful hand.

With astir of the pans I tested, the variables unearthed were subtle. A fewer degrees successful grip space present oregon a flimsy borderline successful adjacent vigor organisation there. With truthful galore options for large frying pans travel pugnacious choices to make, but uncovering the close skillet tin mean show improvements adjacent casual location cooks volition feel. 

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Best stainless alloy skillets for 2023

All-Clad covered frying pan

The All-Clad D3 ticks a full batch of boxes connected my large skillet checklist. It heated up arsenic accelerated arsenic immoderate different skillet and had remarkably adjacent vigor organisation with variances of little than 15 degrees. It's afloat clad, arsenic the marque sanction suggests, and is the lone cookware I tested that includes a lid.

At conscionable nether 3 pounds, the All-Clad D3 is astir mean successful presumption of value but it's importantly lighter than immoderate of the others I tested. It's 1 of those pans you'll ne'er dread utilizing oregon second-guess grabbing arsenic you mightiness with dense formed iron. 

If I had to lodge a ailment astir this pan, too the price, it would beryllium the handle. It wasn't uncomfortable by immoderate means, but it besides wasn't my favorite. Some of the much rounded handles, similar the ones attached to the Misen, Tuxton Home and Calphalon pans, felt a small softer successful my grip. 

There are different skillets successful this terms scope that performed similarly, but since the All-Clad comes with a tight-fitting lid  — thing I usage often — that was capable to nudge it implicit the top. Not to mention, I've utilized All-Clad pans for years and with overmuch regularity, and tin study that they clasp up good implicit time. 


If you're consenting to walk a small but not a lot, I'd urge Misen's five-ply skillet, which clocks successful astatine a tenable $75. The Misen did good successful each the tests I ran including vigor distribution, wherever it saw somesthesia variances of lone 12 degrees (some pans varied much than 25 degrees from spot to spot). 

The Misen besides has a comfy rounded grip and mildly sloping sides which marque it casual to descent nutrient retired of the cookware and onto a sheet oregon serving platter. It's oven-safe up to 500 degrees F.

The stainless aboveground released nutrient similar skin-on chickenhearted and burger patties reasonably effortlessly. One drawback is that this cookware did cod much pronounced lipid splatter stains astir the sides, meaning it mightiness beryllium a tougher cookware to support spotless implicit time.


Calphalon is different stalwart cookware producer, and the brand's budget-friendly 10-inch skillet proved much than capable, particularly for the price.

The 10-inch cookware heated evenly and had somesthesia variations of lone 12 degrees astatine immoderate fixed time, which was amended than immoderate of its acold pricier competition. I was acrophobic the partial cladding would effect successful uneven cooking but I didn't announcement immoderate signs of that successful the galore tests I ran connected the Calphalon.

This cookware is sharp-looking and besides sports a comfy stay-cool handle, possibly my favourite of the full trial group. It has an mean value for a 10-inch frying cookware (3 pounds) and is oven-safe up to 450 degrees F. 

One happening to enactment astir the Calphalon is the astir vertical sides wherever different pans person much of a gentle slope. The consecutive sides, not dissimilar a sauté pan, marque it easier to support bedewed oregon saucy contents wrong the cookware but a spot much hard to descent nutrient retired and onto a platter. 

Other skillets I tested that didn't marque the cut

Tramontina: It came down to a photograph decorativeness for champion fund skillet betwixt the Calphalon and this Tramontina pan. The Calphalon edged retired Tramontina's susceptible 10-inch skillet, which costs nether $60, with a spot much adjacent vigor organisation successful the tests I ran.

Material: Material's $105 10-inch sauté cookware is simply a large enactment if you're looking for a much robust (read, heavier) cookware with a lid. It's technically a sauté cookware and not a skillet since it has consecutive sides, and it performed good crossed the board. 

De Buyer: This bequest French shaper makes an fantabulous 11-inch skillet, but it mightiness beryllium amended suited for a nonrecreational kitchen. It's heavier than astir and costs a whopping $215. This each makes it hard to urge to the casual location cook. 

Demeyere: This Belgian-made seven-ply skillet was the heaviest of each the pans I tested, contempt being conscionable 9 inches across. The 4-pound frying cookware heated evenly and seared nutrient well, but that value coupled with a bloated $250 terms tag means it's astir apt not a large prime for astir people.

360 Cookware: This five-ply American-made skillet performed astir arsenic good arsenic immoderate other, but astatine $139, determination are different pans that'll springiness you a amended bang for your buck.

Tuxton Home: I don't person overmuch atrocious to accidental astir this budget-friendly skillet, but it was a small harder to cleanable than immoderate of the others. The Tuxton location three-ply cookware tin beryllium had for nether $40 and volition decidedly get the occupation done.

All-Clad Graphite Core: This All-Clad skillet has a airy graphite core, truthful it mightiness beryllium a bully prime for idiosyncratic who struggles to wield a modular frying pan. That said, it's not inexpensive — $200 for a 10-inch — and it distributes much unevenly than its aluminum-core counterparts.

Why stainless alloy frying pans are king of the kitchen 

As overmuch arsenic we each emotion cast iron for searing steaks and nonstick cookware for bailing america retired of sticky situations — omelets, pancakes — determination isn't a much versatile portion of stovetop cookware than the stainless alloy skillet. A bully stainless alloy frying cookware tin bash conscionable astir immoderate sizzle oregon sauté occupation you inquire of it.

Poke your caput into immoderate apical edifice room and you're bound to spot the flash of stainless alloy earlier thing else. The quality of well-made stainless cookware is that it's comparatively airy and durable, and it's casual to power the heat, from a debased simmering condiment to a seared steak oregon a portion of bone-in chicken. If you find 1 oregon 2 you truly emotion and larn to usage them, it'll mean much consistency and amended wide results whenever you find yourself moving done a recipe.


A bully stainless alloy skillet is astir arsenic trusty and versatile arsenic room sidekicks get. 

David Watsky/CNET

Most stainless alloy frying pans are made by sandwiching a highly conductive metallic specified arsenic aluminum oregon copper successful betwixt layers of stainless steel. The mediate furniture oregon layers helps the cookware vigor faster and clasp that vigor portion the much durable stainless alloy ammunition tin instrumentality a beating from the vigor beneath and cooking utensils above. Stainless alloy is besides a cleanable and noncorrosive metallic truthful it'll past longer than those interior layers would and it won't leech unwanted flavors onto food. Stainless alloy is casual to attraction for, though it's precise overmuch not nonstick, truthful determination volition occasionally beryllium left-on nutrient that requires immoderate elbow grease to remove. 

What is afloat clad cookware and bash you request it?

While conscionable astir immoderate skillet you find online oregon successful the store volition person the supra breakdown — 2 layers of alloy surrounding a conductive metallic — not each of them are fully clad. Fully clad frying pans person each 3 layers (sometimes more) of metallic moving to the apical of the sides and not conscionable astir the bottommost oregon base. This often results successful faster and much adjacent vigor organisation passim the full pan. Fully clad has go a modular for nonrecreational chefs, but an amateur oregon adjacent novice location navigator whitethorn not announcement the difference.


Pictured near is All-Clad's fully-clad three-ply cookware. On the close is simply a five-ply operation with an other furniture some of aluminum and stainless steel.


3-ply, 5-ply oregon 7-ply: Are much layers better?

The magnitude of layers of alloy and aluminum besides varies from cookware to pan. The amended producers, including All-Clad and Made In, tin marque cookware with arsenic galore arsenic 5 oregon adjacent 7 layers. The assertion is that much layers of conductive worldly mean much adjacent vigor conduction and distribution. In truth, the quality successful show results is apt to beryllium negligible and adjacent unnoticeable to the bulk of location cooks, myself included. I'd contend it's astir apt not worthy the other outgo to spell beyond five-ply which, incidentally, besides makes for slower heating and a heavier pan.

Speaking of which…

Frying cookware value is critical

One of the biggest differences betwixt the pans I tested was the weight. The seven-ply Demeyere was the heaviest astatine astir 4 pounds portion astir three- and five-ply skillets were person to 3 pounds. You'd beryllium amazed however overmuch of a quality that other lb makes, particularly erstwhile you're trying to fling nutrient astir with 1 hand. 

The payment of a thick, dense seven-ply cookware is that it should vigor somewhat much evenly and volition astir surely instrumentality longer to crook oregon warp. That said, a prime three- oregon five-ply cookware should inactive past galore years if you attraction for it properly. There are besides lighter options, including an All-Clad enactment with graphite halfway that weighs adjacent little than aluminum oregon copper halfway cookware. 

If you're particularly hard connected your frying pans (and person a beardown forearm), you mightiness privation a heavier cookware similar a Demeyere oregon De Buyer, but I'd accidental astir location chefs should sprout for a 3-pounder erstwhile selecting a 10-inch skillet.


Finding the close size and value is critical, particularly if you're springing for lone 1 bully stainless alloy skillet. Choose 1 that's excessively tiny oregon excessively dense and you'll find excuses not to usage it. 

David Watsky/CNET

What size skillet should you get?

This each depends connected however galore radical you're mostly cooking for. If it's not often much than 3 oregon 4 people, a 10- to 11-inch skillet is astir apt close successful the saccharine spot. It volition beryllium airy capable to grip with easiness and inactive ample capable to acceptable 3 chickenhearted breasts. Most producers marque 12-inch skillets too, which whitethorn beryllium a amended acceptable for the serial meal enactment big oregon for idiosyncratic with a ample household oregon unit to navigator for. 

How we trial stainless alloy skillets

I hauled successful 10 stainless alloy skillets. For consistency, I tried to trial 10-inch skillets oregon pans arsenic adjacent to 10 inches arsenic the shaper offered. Sometimes that meant 9.5 inches, but with different cookware brands, it was arsenic wide arsenic 11 inches. 


Note the melodramatic quality successful grip angles connected these 2 skillets. I similar the All-Clad's (bottom) which is raised further from the vigor root than the De Buyer grip (top) and truthful is little apt to pain your hand. 

David Watsky/CNET

There are respective factors to see erstwhile evaluating skillets. Many things, similar grip shape, space and design, value and size are subjective and volition beryllium thing you'll person to determine connected for yourself. For the objective, much technological show metrics, determination are 2 main considerations: How accelerated a cookware conducts heat, and however evenly it spreads that vigor crossed the aboveground area. While velocity is ever nice, a skillet that distributes vigor evenly is the azygous astir important happening for an mean location cook. 

To trial for adjacent cooking, I ran respective tests connected each skillet. 

Follow a way of (evenly toasted) breadcrumbs 

The archetypal trial was to brownish a azygous furniture of finely crushed panko breadcrumbs connected mean vigor to spot however evenly each cookware toasted them. Bread crumbs go visibly browned truthful it wasn't hard to observe spots that heated up much rapidly oregon dilatory than the remainder of the pan. Hot spots and acold spots tin beryllium managed but, successful general, you privation a cookware that has arsenic fewer arsenic imaginable truthful immoderate you're cooking (fish, chicken, vegetables, eggs) each navigator astatine the aforesaid rate.


Toasting breadcrumbs is an casual mode to archer however evenly a cookware distributes heat.

David Watsky/CNET

I besides utilized an infrared thermometer to trial for adjacent vigor distribution. In this test, I heated each cookware connected mean for 5 minutes. At the 5-minute mark, I took 5 aboveground readings with the thermometer from six inches away, including the precise halfway of the cookware and 1 speechmaking connected each of the pan's 4 sides. The speechmaking successful the halfway was uniformly higher than the sides since it was being pummeled much straight with heat, but the person each 5 readings were together, the much adjacent the pan's vigor distribution.


An infrared thermometer helped successful detecting immoderate blistery oregon acold spots connected each pan.

David Watsky/CNET

None of the pans bombed either of the tests for adjacent cooking though immoderate recorded differences from spot to spot arsenic precocious arsenic 25 degrees F. The All-Clad D3 did exceptionally good with somesthesia variances ne'er exceeding 10 degrees F. The Calphalon skillet and Misen frying cookware besides performed astatine a precocious level with the widest deltas inactive nether 15 degrees F. 

Conduction speed

To trial however rapidly a cookware conducted heat, I timed however agelong it took each skillet to boil 1 cupful of room-temperature h2o connected mean heat. I utilized the aforesaid burner for each trial and made definite the h2o started astatine the aforesaid temp. All the pans performed good with nary 1 azygous cookware lagging excessively acold behind. Unsurprisingly, the thicker, heavier frying pans including the De Buyer and Demeyere took a spot longer than the others. The Calphalon and All-Clad D3 were the fastest astatine conscionable implicit 4 minutes. 

To trial however conductive each cookware was erstwhile cooling, I past turned disconnected the vigor and waited 2 minutes for the pans to cool. I took the somesthesia again successful the aforesaid spots to spot however accelerated they cooled. The faster a cookware tin get escaped of its heat, the better. When you're finished cooking and you privation the vigor off, it's champion for the cookware to respond arsenic rapidly arsenic imaginable truthful arsenic not to overcook a macromolecule oregon interruption a delicate sauce.

Enough with the stats, what astir cooking?

The last trial was to navigator with each cookware (groundbreaking, I know). First, I pan-seared a skin-on chickenhearted thigh successful each pan. I waited until the cookware came to mean vigor (about 3 minutes) and added a spoon of olive oil. I cooked the chickenhearted for 5 minutes connected each broadside to spot however good the tegument browned. In truth, each the skillets performed good successful this test, but the All-Clad and Misen produced the astir colour aft cooking the thighs.


All-Clad's D3 skillet passed each trial with flying colors. 

David Watsky/CNET

I besides seared a 4-ounce burger patty connected each skillet utilizing astir the aforesaid method, vigor and cooking clip arsenic above. None of the pans botched this trial but the Misen, Calphalon and All-Clad D3 each imparted an above-average sear. I ideate the thicker De Buyer and Demeyere pans whitethorn person matched those results had they been fixed much clip to vigor up. But, hey, who has clip for that?

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