3 interesting NFTs launching this week: Cool Pets, Ethaliens and KaraFuru

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With crypto prices down badly, NFTs look to beryllium connected a discount which is making it hard for galore collectors to defy a bully sale. Notable projects similar World of Women person recorded their largest merchantability astatine 260 Ether ($627,755 astatine existent value.)

In contrast, the full measurement income of Cool Cats decreased by astir 30% successful the past 7 days. Yet, recently released projects similar Azuki are up implicit 122%, according to information from OpenSea.

Another day, different grounds breaking wow royalty nine merchantability 260 eth. Congrats @worldofwomennft and congrats @WoWPixiesNFT for picking 1 up connected Friday for 135. Savvy investment! pic.twitter.com/dsxxKyVSyf

— Konop 🍌 (@konop) January 24, 2022

While bluish chips are gaining caller traction, caller releases are besides making moves and raising excitement among NFT investors. Here are 3 NFT projects whose motorboat mightiness beryllium worthy keeping an oculus on.

Cool Pets

The terms of Cool Cats mightiness person simmered down since its partnering project, Cool Pets is slated to merchandise connected January 28, 2022. Cool Cats has amassed implicit 100,000 followers connected Twitter, CoolPets seems to beryllium a gateway into the assemblage for those priced retired of the Cool Cats collection. However, the Cool Pets mint volition beryllium 0.5 Ether.

Cool Pet owners volition beryllium capable to interact with their elemental pets, akin to Japanese integer pets, Tamagotchi, Cool Pets volition incorporated gamification elements to the experience, besides beryllium capable to acceptable disconnected connected quests with the accidental to gain rewards making it different “play to earn” (P2E) game.

One of the biggest things coming to the Cool Cat ecosystem alongside Pets? Tokens! Here's an overview:$GOLD volition beryllium a Polygon ($MATIC) based token.
It volition thrust in-game transactions and let for state interest FREE gameplay.$MILK volition beryllium an ETH-based pairing for usage connected exchanges. pic.twitter.com/z78TWMgRNf

— Tacticool.eth ᵍᵐ (@TacticoolCat) December 11, 2021

Following a akin exemplary to Axie Infinity’s scholarship program, Cool Cat owners are capable to rent retired their Cool Pets to non-Cool Cat owners successful speech for a tiny percent of the earned rewards.

Cool Pets volition tally connected the Polygon web whereby its autochthonal GOLD token volition beryllium utilized successful the Cool Pets ecosystem. However, Cool Pets volition besides person an Ether-based pairing token called MILK which volition facilitate transactions for larger summons items similar Cool Pets and Cool Cats. MILK will besides beryllium a inferior token for its chap NFT project, The Littles, and its ecosystem.

Ethalien VOX

Ethalien VOX is the 3D pixelated mentation of the Ethalien genesis postulation with a proviso of 7,500. For 5 years, each Ethalien volition make 5 STAR tokens per time with a full proviso of 69,420,000. Collectors who held an Ethalien earlier January 20, 2022, are guaranteed a whitelist spot for the pre-sale of Ethalien VOX which is scheduled for January 28, 2022.

— 5Dot0ᴺᶠᵀ 🎯 (@NFTNewbie2) November 7, 2021

Following the pre-sale, the nationalist mint volition motorboat with a minting terms of 0.055 Ether which is much than fractional of Ethalien's existent 0.09 Ether cost, meaning the upcoming motorboat is comparatively reasonable.

What makes Ethalien unsocial it it enables its collectors to gain STAR tokens beyond holding a genesis NFT. Holders tin gain Ethalien done its “Starcade” which allows players holding commencement to gain much tokens and perchance breed Baby Ethaliens.

The task incentivizes users to acquisition much Ethaliens since a specified magnitude of “stardust” is fixed depending connected the fig of Ethaliens owned.

Stardust is simply a casino-chip-like token that holders tin either gamble with successful its “Ethercasino” oregon usage to store for different NFTs and merchandise.


KaraFuru is 1 of the latest highly anticipated drops and the project’s Twitter relationship has amassed implicit 50,000 followers successful conscionable 8 days. The task creators (Museum of Toys and integer artists WD.Willy) are winning the hearts and imaginable pockets of galore collectors.

Hey Furus! 🔥
Get up and enactment your hands up arsenic we invited the

12 Official Characters from the Karafuru Universe! 💫

Karafuru NFTs volition person implicit 1000+ imaginable combinations of traits.
Which Karafuru is your favourite? #KarafuruNFT pic.twitter.com/XFrMdrUNvC

— Karafuru NFT (@KarafuruNft) January 25, 2022

Created successful 2019, The Museum of Toys became the archetypal and largest depository of toys successful Indonesia. NFT collectors are drawn to the vivid colors of the creation and based connected the excitement successful societal media, it appears that NFT collectors are connected the borderline of their seats.

Hey Furus! 😃
We can't hold to amusement everyone what Karafuru is truly about. A batch of chill things we'll merchandise this week and that is everything you person been asking for.


Because this week volition beryllium the astir colourful week of our lives!#KarafuruNFT

— Karafuru NFT (@KarafuruNft) January 24, 2022

In the past week, the squad has cryptically advised its followers to “GET READY!,” stating it volition beryllium the “most colorful week of our lives,” leaving hopeful holders wondering however to get connected the whitelist.

To beryllium much precise, determination are astir 60,000 Discord members hoping to snag a spot connected the whitelist.

Although immoderate communities similar CyberKongz were fixed whitelist spots, different imaginable buyers who privation a spot request to beryllium much progressive successful engaging wrong the KaraFuru assemblage and portion this method mightiness not beryllium genuine, it is competitve.

It seems with an expanding fig of NFT projects connected the way, much and much are integrating and gathering retired their constituent of introduction with assemblage engagement arsenic a halfway absorption for whitelisting.

Rumor has it that Discord members who are precise interactive with different members and actively enactment successful assemblage initiatives are apt to instrumentality precedence for a whitelist spot, nevertheless that is not a guarantee.

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