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Fire pits are a large mode to unbend outdoors, but you tin usage them for overmuch much than conscionable gazing astatine their soothing flames oregon roasting marshmallows for delicious s'mores successful the summertime months. From cooking tasty BBQ to chasing distant pesky mosquitoes to adjacent making earthy fertilizer, occurrence pits person each kinds of antithetic functions and abilities. 

This usher volition locomotion you done 5 neat things you tin bash with a occurrence pit that you've astir apt ne'er considered. If you're looking for caller reasons to airy up a safe, satisfying bonfire, you've travel to the close place. (For much occurrence pit tips, you tin work astir the champion mode to clean your occurrence pit and however to save wealth erstwhile purchasing one.)

1. Repel mosquitoes

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Pest power astir apt isn't the archetypal taxable that comes to caput erstwhile you deliberation of occurrence pits. That said, they tin beryllium a almighty instrumentality for warding disconnected 1 of the astir unwelcome outdoor visitors: mosquitoes. Burning herbs happens to beryllium an age-old method for keeping the biting insects astatine bay.

Research present confirms that burning fashionable seasoning plants, specifically thyme, is peculiarly effective. One tract survey recovered that straight burning thyme leaves provides 85% to 89% extortion from mosquitoes for up to 90 minutes. The adjacent clip the bugs are retired successful force, propulsion a fewer sprigs connected the fire.

2. Cook implicit it

It whitethorn beryllium evident to barbecue lovers, but cooking nutrient implicit a wood occurrence usually leads to delicious results. Chicken, food and each kinds of reddish nutrient payment from clip spent implicit blistery coals. A occurrence pit is nary different. Two large names successful the smokeless occurrence pit concern already admit this. 

breeo occurrence  pit with meats grilling

Enlarge Image

breeo occurrence  pit with meats grilling

You tin person Breeo occurrence pits into superior outdoor cooking machines.


Breeo sells its Outpost Grill kit that tin relation arsenic a stand-alone campfire grill. You tin besides connect it to 1 of the company's occurrence pits. 

Fire pit-maker Solo Stove takes a antithetic approach. You tin surely MacGyver immoderate Solo Stove occurrence pit into a cooking device. However, the outfit present offers a merchandise specially designed for that purpose. The Solo Stove Grill burns either chunks of hardwood oregon charcoal. It besides uses a high-convection airflow strategy that the institution says burns little substance than accepted charcoal grills.

3. Take it camping

Next clip you spell camping with your car oregon motortruck see bringing on a portable occurrence pit. There are pits built for question successful caput similar the lightweight Solo Stove Ranger and collapsible Pop-Up Fire Pit. Some adventurous campers adjacent bring their large Breeo X Series pits into the woods.

solo stove campy  acceptable   up

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solo stove campy  acceptable   up

Consider taking your occurrence pit connected your adjacent camping trip.

Solo Stove

No substance which marque you choose, the upside to utilizing your ain pit successful the chaotic is big. It's ever astatine the ready. You besides don't request to trust connected the condition, oregon deficiency thereof, of your peculiar campsite.

4. Make a Swedish torch

Deep successful the bosom of wintertime it's a pugnacious merchantability to walk prime clip outdoors. Change that logic by lighting up a Swedish torch. This accepted occurrence gathering method calls for stacking wood vertically wrong your pit. It burns from the apical down and from the halfway outwards. 

These conditions make a occurrence that produces a batch much vigor than modular occurrence pits. Since you adhd each the wood you tin successful the beginning, your pit volition pain for rather a portion with minimal intervention.

Swedish occurrence  pit flame

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Swedish occurrence  pit flame

The Swedish torch method is simply a large mode to enactment lukewarm extracurricular erstwhile the upwind is cold.

Brian Bennett/CNET

5. Reuse the ashes

When the occurrence has burned retired and the pit has cooled, you whitethorn beryllium tempted to dump the remnants successful the trash. Think again, due to the fact that occurrence pit ash is an fantabulous fertilizer.

Swedish firepit ignite 2

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Swedish firepit ignite 2

Fire pits are much versatile than you mightiness think.

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Packed with potassium and different hint elements, a sprinkle of wood ash is simply a boon to works health. Studies person shown that exertion of wood ash to ungraded aided works maturation and absorption to drought conditions. It lone takes a small though. The experiments utilized a debased ratio of 1% ash to soil. For a emblematic 10-inch diameter (2.5- to 3-gallon) plot pot, you'd request conscionable nether a half-ounce of ash.


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