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Today's the day: iOS 17 is coming today, connected Sept. 18. There's a batch to look guardant to with the caller iPhone OS, specified as contact posters, live voicemail and StandBy Mode. But that's conscionable the beginning.

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Like each caller mobile bundle release, iOS 17 has hidden features and settings that are conscionable arsenic utile arsenic the much good known and fashionable features -- and ones you mightiness extremity up utilizing each azygous time connected your iPhone.

If you privation to instrumentality a heavy dive into what your iPhone has to master, work connected to cheque retired 5 hidden features I discovered portion utilizing the iOS 17 nationalist beta. For more, here's our hands-on look astatine the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max and my favourite caller Apple Watch feature, Double Tap.

Automatically delete verification codes sent to you via substance oregon email

Every clip you motion successful to an exertion that uses two-factor authentication, oregon 2FA, you'll archetypal request to get a substance connection oregon email verification codification sent to you. You mightiness person hundreds of these verification codes littered successful your substance messages oregon email, and though you tin delete these codes 1 by one, there's present an easier mode to cleanable house, acknowledgment to iOS 17.

In Settings > Passwords > Password Options, you tin present toggle connected a caller Clean Up Automatically mounting truthful that verification codes successful the Messages and Mail applications are automatically deleted aft being utilized with the autofill diagnostic that appears astatine the apical of your keyboard.

Verification codification  settings successful  iOS 17

The substance connection oregon email with the verification volition vanish soon aft you usage autofill.

Nelson Aguilar/CNET

Use Apple Maps offline to navigate

You mightiness beryllium amazed to larn this, but you've ne'er been capable to usage Apple Maps offline. Instead, you'd person to beryllium connected to the internet, which is useless if you request to find your mode backmost location erstwhile you're retired successful the wilderness oregon successful an country with nary connection. In iOS 17, you tin yet download an offline representation to drawback directions adjacent erstwhile you don't person service.

In Maps, pat your illustration photograph successful the apical close of the navigation model and spell into Offline Maps. Depending connected wherever you thrust most, you whitethorn spot a suggested representation to download, on with the size of the map, successful lawsuit you don't person overmuch storage. You tin besides conscionable deed Download New Map, benignant a city, manually set the representation if needed and download it to your iPhone. 

Apple Maps offline representation  setting

Updates to the representation are downloaded automatically.

Nelson Aguilar/CNET

Crop your photos utilizing the zoom diagnostic successful Photos

Cropping a screenshot oregon representation successful the Photos app is simply a comparatively casual process, but Apple has made it adjacent easier with iOS 17. 

Now, erstwhile you're viewing a photograph and you zoom successful connected it, a caller Crop fastener volition look successful the top-right. This volition automatically instrumentality you into edit mode and let you to past set the harvest adjacent more, oregon you tin simply deed Done to decorativeness the crop. You indispensable enactment speedy though, arsenic the harvest fastener appears for lone a fewer seconds aft you zoom successful to a photo.

New zoom harvest  diagnostic   successful  Photos connected  iOS 17

You tin further set the harvest earlier hitting Done.

Nelson Aguilar/CNET

Use Crossfade for smoother transitions successful Music app

If you're successful complaint of playing euphony astatine a friend's enactment oregon successful the car, you present person the enactment to usage a cross-fade effect betwixt songs successful Apple Music connected iOS 17.

In the Settings app, spell to Music and toggle connected Crossfade. Once the mounting is enabled, you tin take however agelong you privation the cross-fade to be: Choose betwixt 1 2nd and 12 seconds, successful 2nd intervals. If you take 5 seconds, for example, the adjacent opus successful the playlist/album volition statesman to dilatory play successful the inheritance 5 seconds earlier the existent opus ends.

The crossfade diagnostic   successful  the Music settings connected  iOS 17

The default crossfade is 4 seconds long.

Nelson Aguilar/CNET

Interact with definite widgets connected your location screen

The widgets that unrecorded connected your location surface are nary longer determination conscionable for looks. Apple has brought interactive widgets to the iPhone, allowing you to power applications from your location screen, overmuch similar you would from the power center.

For now, the fig of interactive widgets is limited, but if you privation to adhd 1 to your location screen, property down connected an bare abstraction connected your location surface to participate edit mode, pat the positive motion successful the apical right, and scroll done the database of widgets. A fewer interactive widgets disposable see Podcast, Home, Notes and Music.

For example, successful Music you tin play oregon intermission music, portion successful Home, you tin crook immoderate connected devices disconnected and on, specified arsenic a astute airy bulb oregon a thermostat.

The Music and Home widgets connected  iOS 17

In the Home widget, you tin crook connected accessories disconnected and on.

Nelson Aguilar/CNET

For much connected Apple's upcoming mobile operating system, cheque retired our hands-on look astatine iOS 17, arsenic good arsenic what you should cognize astir Apple's Vision Pro headset.

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