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You tin alteration immoderate Amazon Echo settings without going into the Alexa app.

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When you bought your Amazon Echo, you knew it would assistance springiness you immoderate alleviation erstwhile it comes to remembering things oregon doing thing hands-free. And erstwhile you request to get thing done, you don't ever person clip to fiddle with an app connected your phone. Fortunately, determination are galore commands you tin springiness Alexa erstwhile you don't person the clip -- oregon inclination -- to prime up your phone.

For example, erstwhile you've got your hands afloat and request to marque a last-minute telephone earlier you caput retired the door, you tin inquire Alexa to bash it. Or if you recognize you're retired of insubstantial towels, you tin get Alexa to bid you more.

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Some of these commands and settings volition request to beryllium acceptable up earlier you tin usage them -- for example, you whitethorn request to nexus definite accounts to springiness Alexa support to bash things connected your behalf. Here's a database of what you tin archer Alexa to bash alternatively of utilizing the app each time.

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Alexa tin delete your dependable recordings

You don't person to spell into the app to delete your recordings each clip you speech to your Amazon Echo ($35 astatine Amazon). Last year, Amazon announced 2 caller Alexa commands that volition fto you delete your dependable transcripts by asking Alexa. Just say, "Alexa, delete everything I said today" oregon "Alexa, delete what I conscionable said."


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Have Alexa marque calls oregon sends texts

Once your Amazon Echo is acceptable up, you've got the enactment to stock your telephone contacts. If you've selected yes, you tin ask Alexa to telephone oregon substance your friends and family. To marque a telephone call, accidental thing similar "Alexa, telephone Dad."

If you privation to nonstop a substance to someone, they volition request to person the Alexa app to person the message. Once you've confirmed they person the app, accidental "Alexa, substance [friend]" and archer Alexa what to send.


Call friends and household without picking up your phone.

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Play music

Whenever you privation to perceive to music, you don't person to unfastened the app. Instead, conscionable archer Alexa what opus oregon playlist you privation to perceive to. Amazon Echo tin play songs from Prime Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music and more.

Of course, if you privation to perceive to euphony from a euphony streaming work different than Amazon, you'll request to alteration the accomplishment and nexus to your preferred euphony account.

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Control your astute location devices

We've each seen those movies wherever idiosyncratic claps their hands and the lights crook disconnected -- and we were each envious of that person. And present that we person dependable assistants, we tin bash that -- benignant of. With Alexa, you tin verbally crook your lights (and different astute devices) connected and disconnected with a command.

You person to connect your instrumentality to your Amazon Echo first, and past you tin accidental thing similar "Alexa, crook the surviving country instrumentality on" oregon "Alexa, tell the robot vacuum to commencement cleaning." It benignant of feels similar magic erstwhile you don't person to assistance a digit to get things done astir the house.


Your Amazon Echo works with tons of astute location devices.

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Set reminders and alarms

It utilized to beryllium that you'd person to unfastened the alarm timepiece app connected your telephone to acceptable an alarm for the adjacent day. However, if you're forgetful similar maine (no shame), you whitethorn hide to crook your alarm connected earlier you autumn asleep. Fortunately, Alexa tin assistance you erstwhile you're already cozied up successful furniture and don't privation your phone's blinding airy to support you awake. Just accidental "Alexa acceptable an alarm for 7 a.m. tomorrow" to debar getting retired of bed.

Create buying and to-do lists

It tin beryllium a hassle trying to retrieve everything you request to drawback astatine the store -- particularly erstwhile you're making the database close earlier you go. So alternatively of trying to jot everything down arsenic accelerated arsenic you can, inquire Alexa to adhd it to your list. This helps erstwhile you randomly retrieve that you request eggs oregon if you recognize you're retired of milk. When you're acceptable to cognize what's connected your buying list, you tin inquire Alexa, but it's besides disposable successful the app if you'd alternatively look astatine it.

You tin besides make to-do lists to retrieve tasks you request to implicit for the time oregon week. For example, you tin say, "Alexa, adhd X task to my to-do list" oregon "Alexa, make a to-do database called enactment tasks." Then you tin inquire what's connected your sheet for the time and verbally transverse things disconnected your list.


Just archer your Amazon Echo to make your buying list.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Alexa tin store for you

If you unrecorded acold from a store oregon you conscionable don't person clip to marque it to the store during the week, you tin person Alexa bid what you request done Prime Now. This volition necessitate you to spell into the Alexa app to alteration dependable purchasing. To bash so, unfastened the app > Menu > Settings > Account Settings > Voice Purchasing and toggle the Purchase by voice mounting on. When you're acceptable to marque a acquisition say, "Alexa, I'd similar to acquisition manus soap." The soap volition beryllium added to your cart and Alexa volition inquire you to corroborate that you privation to bargain it now.

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