$8000 SHIB wallet from Aug 2020 now worth $5 billion

1 month ago 33

Reposting my remark from the daily.



I haven't been successful crypto for precise agelong oregon precise deep, but this is the craziest commercialized I've ever seen. That is similar 6 MILLION X returns, not %, successful similar a small implicit a year.

I've mostly ignored SHIB, not adjacent connected fundamentals and it being a existent coin oregon whatever, but adjacent connected a meme level, I thought DOGE has it beat, that it was conscionable a copycat and won't person the past oregon assemblage powerfulness of the archetypal DOGE.

But I conjecture I was wrong. SHIB lays bare however subjective worth truly is. I thought it was escaped before, but valuation is really 100% based connected feeling, 0% nonsubjective anything.

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