A Look at How Buckminster Fuller Predicted Bitcoin: ‘A Realistic, Scientific Accounting System of What Is Wealth’

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 'A Realistic, Scientific Accounting System of What Is Wealth'

Richard Buckminster Fuller was a good known American architect, systems theorist, author, and inventor. Similar to the visions expressed by the industrialist Henry Ford, the Nobel laureate Friedrich Hayek, and Austrian economist Milton Friedman, Buckminster Fuller besides predicted a conception that resembled Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin invention 54 years agone successful 1967.

Buckminster Fuller: ‘Build a New Model That Makes the Existing Model Obsolete’

In a caller editorial, Bitcoin.com News discussed however the famed industrialist Henry Ford, laminitis of the Ford Motor Company, envisaged an idea that’s akin to Bitcoin astir 100 years ago. It was further said that earlier cypherpunks similar Timothy May and Eric Hughes wrote astir integer cash, Friedrich Hayek and Milton Friedman besides predicted a exertion that would run likewise to Satoshi’s Bitcoin project. Buckminster Fuller was different intelligent idiosyncratic who predicted the invention of cryptocurrencies and caller wealth.

Fuller was not a instrumentality of the fiscal strategy years earlier his passing connected July 1, 1983. People referred to Fuller arsenic the “grandfather of the future,” and the systems theorist often said: “God wanted each humans to beryllium rich.” In a video interview with Fuller successful 1967, the inventor talks astir a caller currency that volition spark a caller question of wealthiness by 2018.

“I’ll person to speech astir thing which volition beryllium 1 of the precise big, caller realizations by 2000 AD,” Fuller said successful the interview. “A realistic — technological accounting strategy — of what is wealthiness … wealthiness isn’t the golden that the aged pirates utilized to person — wealthiness is energy,” helium added.

It was 1967 Buckminster Fuller predicted Bitcoin and caller wealth.

“I'll speech astir thing that would beryllium 1 of the realizations by 2018 a realistic—scientific accounting system—of what is wealth. Wealth isn't the golden of pirates—wealth is energy"


— Brian Roemmele (@BrianRoemmele) December 17, 2020

Rich Dad Poor Dad Author Robert Kiyosaki Believes Buckminster Fuller Predicted Blockchain Technology

Robert Kiyosaki, the best-selling writer of “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” wrote astir Fuller predicting the coming of bitcoin backmost successful 1967 arsenic well. Kiyosaki and a person went to spot Fuller talk astatine the Montreal, Canada Expo Center to spot Fuller’s geodesic dome. In 1981, Kiyosaki was invited to “spend a week studying with Dr. Fuller astatine a lodge extracurricular of Lake Tahoe.” The best-selling writer stressed:

I judge that what Fuller predicted was the blockchain exertion upon which cryptocurrencies are built.

Kiyosaki details and quotes Fuller connected respective occasions passim his memoirs remembering the famed inventor. The “Rich Dad Poor Dad” writer explained that decades earlier Satoshi Nakamoto dropped Bitcoin connected the world, Fuller envisioned a “complete reengineering of the planetary system facilitated by a synchronized accounting strategy integrated with a planetary vigor network.” Kiyosaki emphasized that Fuller’s forecast said that the U.S. dollar would beryllium “replaced with a caller money—a wealth made of vigor by energy.”

 'A Realistic, Scientific Accounting System of What Is Wealth'Richard Buckminster Fuller lasting extracurricular the inventor’s geodesic dome. The geodesic domes are capable to withstand precise dense loads of value and are architecturally based connected a geodesic polyhedron. Fuller published much than 30 books connected science, inventions, governance, and the aboriginal until helium died successful 1983.

Published successful 1981, alongside Fuller’s “Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth,” the publication “Critical Path” is considered 1 of Fuller’s best-known works. In the book, Fuller says: “Computers marque it applicable to electronify wealthiness organisation games that execute the question of goods successful services successful much channeled, designed structures. Not large member though, since nary cardinal readying authority—just tons of dial-in ‘games’ with costs and rewards, apt to pull those with a self-interest successful playing.”

Author Garrison Breckenridge besides highlights successful his editorial called “What Blockchain Can Learn from One Man’s Attempt to Save the World” however Fuller envisioned Satoshi’s technological breakthrough. It’s good known that Fuller was a antheral who thought extracurricular the container erstwhile it comes to changes and technological inventions. The systems theorist and writer knew rather good that the aged systems of concern and governance were antiquated and could not beryllium fixed by warring the presumption quo’s existent infrastructure. Fuller is famously quoted for saying:

You ne'er alteration things by warring the existing reality. To alteration something, physique a caller exemplary that makes the existing exemplary obsolete.

What bash you deliberation astir Buckminster Fuller predicting bitcoin backmost successful 1967? Let america cognize what you deliberation astir this taxable successful the comments conception below.

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