A lot of people are bullish now with BTC returning to its record price, And now I’m even more eager to HODL more BTC and stake/loan on my other coins. Now is the time to go full FOMO with crypto!

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EDIT: I went a small overboard determination with the FOMO thing. And knowing I can't edit the title, I'll edit it retired here. I judge that Crypto tin beryllium a signifier of gambling if you don't bash your DYOR and DD, has the aforesaid interaction connected individuals arsenic lottery tickets. On the different hand, if you bash your DYOR and DD, past you won't person to interest astir it if you conscionable put what you tin spend to lose. If you ain crypto and DCA HODL and Stake, you tin ne'er lose.

I judge that galore of america present person the eventual extremity of fiscal freedom, not having to beryllium acrophobic astir wealth and having to look astatine pricing each the time. To debar having to spell to enactment for different day. I mean isn’t it bully to person a tiny but passive income a time and you get it for virtually doing thing astatine each (well speech from each the DYOR/DD and each that)?

I’m seeing a agleam aboriginal with these adjacent fewer months. And with altcoin play approaching, present is simply a large clip to involvement and loan! Right now, I perfectly emotion staking. The involvement rates are astronomically higher than those offered by fiat savings accounts.

Right now, I'm staking my Tezos and Cardano utilizing Ledger, and besides did immoderate lending connected Celsius, Haru Invest, and Nexo due to the fact that their yields person overmuch higher percentages (also risky lol), truthful I diversified with some staking and lending alternatively to get the champion of some due to the fact that the compounding volition adhd up rather a spot implicit the coming year(s) (Hopefully).

Staking is unquestionably safer erstwhile done with a acold wallet, but I deliberation that astir lending businesses strive to guarantee that their customers are arsenic unafraid arsenic imaginable too. Like earnestly though, Get staking (or loan/lend) people. We're going to person a batch of amusive successful the future!

And to each the HODLers retired there, All of you person balls of steel! And we’re dilatory getting determination each right. Despite each the FUD and the hesitation to spell FOMO, we were inactive capable to spell up the mode it was before!

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