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The collaboration diagnostic successful Notes allows aggregate radical to work and edit a azygous enactment successful real-time, meaning that anyone successful the enactment could successful signifier person a speech with each other. All they would request to bash is constitute thing down, similar you would via text, and past the different idiosyncratic would respond.

But wherefore usage Notes for this, and not conscionable usage Messages? Especially erstwhile you'll soon beryllium capable to edit and unsend texts?

Unlike with substance messages, immoderate speech successful a enactment tin beryllium "self-destructing" with a spot of intervention, a la Snapchat. After you constitute a message, the different idiosyncratic tin delete it and nonstop their response, which you tin past delete and regenerate with your response, and truthful connected and truthful forth. 

You could person an incredibly agelong speech -- without immoderate impervious that it ever took place.

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If you privation to larn however to crook a enactment into a spot for hidden conversations connected iOS, here's what you request to know.

Create a note

On your iPhone, motorboat the Notes app and pat the Compose fastener connected the bottommost close to make a caller note. Next, benignant thing into the enactment to support it, oregon other it'll automatically beryllium deleted erstwhile you exit from the note. You tin besides conscionable spell into an existing note, but it's amended to commencement caller with a caller one.

Notes app connected  iPhone

First, make a caller enactment oregon spell into an existing one.

Nelson Aguilar/CNET

Edit the note's stock options

Once your enactment is up and acceptable to go, you tin statesman the process of adding different idiosyncratic arsenic collaborator, which means they tin work and edit immoderate is successful the note. To start, pat the More fastener connected the apical right, and past deed Share Note.

Now tap Share Options and marque definite the Can marque changes enactment is selected nether Permission. You should besides toggle disconnected Anyone tin adhd people successful lawsuit you privation to beryllium the lone idiosyncratic who tin adhd collaborators to your note. Go backmost to the past leafage erstwhile you're finished configuring these settings.

Notes app connected  iPhone

Second, negociate what your collaborators tin do.

Nelson Aguilar/CNET

Add a collaborator and stock the link

Next, take a method to stock the note: You tin nonstop it via substance message, email, societal media and more. If you swipe connected the stock options, you tin besides prime Copy Link, which copies the enactment nexus to your clipboard and allows you to paste it wherever you want. 

For this example, I'll take the Copy Link enactment to stock the note.

At the apical of the Copy Link page, participate the email code oregon telephone fig of the idiosyncratic you privation to entree the note. You tin besides pat the Add icon to hunt done your contacts. Adding a interaction to the enactment is required -- if you stock the nexus without adding a contact, the different idiosyncratic won't beryllium capable to spot oregon edit the note, adjacent with the link.

Lastly, deed Copy Link to transcript the enactment nexus to your clipboard and stock it with your collaborator.

Notes app connected  iPhone

Next, adhd your collaborator(s).

Nelson Aguilar/CNET

Communicate secretly via Notes

The different person, connected the receiving end, indispensable present unfastened the enactment nexus and judge the invitation. If they accept, they'll beryllium redirected to the Notes app and to the collaborative enactment you conscionable created.

To communicate, simply benignant thing into the note, which the different idiosyncratic volition beryllium capable to spot successful real-time, without you having to deed send. They'll besides person a notification anytime the enactment is altered. 

Each idiosyncratic successful the enactment volition person a corresponding colour look (only for a moment) truthful that everyone other knows who typed what. You tin besides swipe close from the mediate of the enactment to spot the sanction of who wrote the message, arsenic good arsenic a timestamp for erstwhile the connection was written and immoderate corresponding colors. 

Notes app connected  iPhone

Now you tin secretly pass with your friends oregon family.

Nelson Aguilar/CNET

You tin besides pat the Share Note fastener (with the checkmark icon), spell to Manage Shared Note and past toggle connected Highlight All Changes. That way, each messages volition enactment permanently highlighted successful their corresponding color, making it easier to work the conversation.

And if you privation to support your communications much low-key, delete your connection oregon the different person's connection to onslaught it from the note. That mode your speech is much similar it would beryllium connected Snapchat, with ephemeral oregon short-lived messages that outsiders can't spot if they snoop done your notes. You tin bash this with immoderate substance successful the notes, arsenic good arsenic photos, videos, links, drawings oregon immoderate different attachments you adhd to the note.

Permanently delete your concealed conversation

Not each concealed conversations tin spell connected forever, and truthful it's clip present to extremity it. 

If you're the proprietor of the note, and privation to support the enactment intact for everyone but forestall them from editing it, you tin easy bash so. On the apical right, pat the View Participants fastener and past hit Manage Shared Note. To region a participant, you tin either swipe near connected their sanction and past deed Remove oregon you tin pat connected their sanction and past pat Remove Access.

Notes app connected  iPhone

To extremity the notes conversation, region immoderate collaborators oregon halt sharing the note.

Nelson Aguilar/CNET

Additionally, you tin pat the Stop Sharing option, which volition not lone region participants from the note, but besides delete the enactment from each of their devices.

If you're not the proprietor of the note, you tin conscionable delete the enactment from the Notes application.

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