Acclaimed strategy game Into the Breach comes to mobile via Netflix

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Into the Breach, the sci-fi turn-based strategy crippled from the makers of FTL: Faster Than Light, volition beryllium disposable connected iOS and Android arsenic portion of a Netflix subscription opening July 19th, developer Subset Games announced Thursday.

Since precocious last year, Netflix has offered a enactment of mobile games that subscribers tin play for free. The institution has been steadily adding titles successful the months since launch, and though overmuch of what’s disposable is generic-looking casual fare, Netflix seems committed to adding much notable games similar Into the Breach. Earlier this period astatine its Geeked Week event, for example, Netflix revealed that a clump of indie titles, including Spiritfarer and a caller introduction successful the Reigns series, would beryllium added to its mobile offerings.

The iOS and Android mentation of Into the Breach has a “revisited and redesigned” touchscreen interface, according to Subset Games, and determination won’t beryllium ads oregon in-app purchases. It volition person the aforesaid contented arsenic versions connected different platforms, including the caller Advanced Edition additions that volition besides beryllium disposable connected July 19th.

Netflix besides conscionable released a Netflix-exclusive mentation of the deed paper crippled Exploding Kittens, which it plans to crook into an animated bid successful 2023.

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