Activision asks court for real identities of Call of Duty cheats sellers - CNET

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Cheats are sold for aggregate Call of Duty games.


Activision is seeking the existent names and identities of the makers of cheat bundle being sold to Call of Duty players. In a Thursday filing with the United States District Court Central District of California, Activision has asked "for permission to service 15 subpoenas indispensable for Activision to larn the identities of unnamed oregon alias 'Doe' Defendants successful this enactment and to guarantee that each indispensable parties person been named successful this lawsuit." The filing was spotted earlier by Axios.

Activision is proposing to usage societal media, outgo processors, domain sanction services, Github codification repositories and Steam to way down the cheat makers' names, addresses, email addresses, IP addresses and different identifiable information. The defendants person besides "created accounts and groups intended to 'troll' Activision and its counsel," Activision alleged Thursday.

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The archetypal ailment was filed Jan. 4.

"Activision has spent and continues to walk an tremendous magnitude of resources to combat cheating successful its games," the ailment says. "Notwithstanding those efforts, defendants' merchantability and organisation of the cheating bundle has caused Activision to endure monolithic and irreparable harm to its goodwill and estimation and to suffer important revenue."

Activision didn't instantly respond to a petition for comment.

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