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Max Verstappen took the triumph for Honda and Red Bull Racing.


It's been a blistery infinitesimal since we past saw the Acura logo connected a Formula 1 car. But astatine the US Grand Prix successful Austin, Texas this weekend, Acura was connected salient display. Good thing, too, since Honda Red Bull operator Max Verstappen drove his butt disconnected to instrumentality the triumph successful Austin -- with a large ol' Acura logo connected his car's wing.

The past clip we saw Acura logos connected a Honda F1 car was backmost successful 2007, during the Canadian Grand Prix, with drivers Rubens Barrichello and Jensen Button. Before that, it was connected the visors of Honda F1 drivers from 1989 done 1992, including those of legends Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna, and astatine some the US and Canadian Grands Prix.

After taking rod presumption during qualifying connected Saturday, Verstappen rapidly fell down Mercedes-Benz operator Lewis Hamilton. The 2 traded places a fewer times passim the race, with Verstappen yet finishing archetypal -- his eighth triumph of the year.

Acura F1

While Verstappen came successful first, teammate Sergio Perez took 3rd and had a important contented with his car.


"The unit was connected for the full contention and not knowing however rapidly Lewis would drawback up," Verstappen said successful a statement. "I really thought I had a decent start, but Lewis had an adjacent amended one."

Verstappen's Red Bull teammate, Sergio Perez, finished 3rd successful Austin. That's awesome successful its ain right, but particularly truthful considering a large contented Perez had with his car.

"I wasn't feeling large earlier the contention and past my portion strategy stopped moving connected the archetypal thigh and with the blistery upwind ... it was precise carnal and a beauteous pugnacious afternoon," Perez said. "I was struggling massively and by thigh 20 I was done, truthful it was a shame I couldn't support up with Max and Lewis." Still, erstwhile the checkered emblem waved aft 56 laps, Perez managed to clasp his position. "That was the hardest and longest contention of my life," helium said. 

The adjacent contention connected the Formula 1 calendar volition instrumentality spot successful Mexico City connected Nov. 7. Both the Red Bull Racing and Scuderia AlphaTauri teams volition beryllium there, with Verstappen and Perez moving hard to bring Honda -- and Acura -- to triumph erstwhile again.

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