AI-Writer review: Is this the AI writing solution for you?

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For bloggers and freelancers, AI-Writer is simply a word-generating instrumentality similar nary other. It makes it elemental to make and edit substance from a user-interface that's elemental to use. Still, it's not for everyone.


  • +

    Easy to use

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    Best astatine sourcing

  • +

    Clear terms points

  • +

    Excellent results


  • -

    Not for marketing/sales writing

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    Web-based only

  • -

    WordPress instrumentality is flakey

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    Trial is limited

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In today's integer era, having unsocial and high-quality contented is paramount for businesses to succeed. However, creating specified contented tin beryllium challenging and time-consuming. This is wherever AI-powered penning assistants travel successful handy. There are galore options disposable connected the market, but 1 of the astir fashionable and reliable ones is AI-Writer. 

AI-Writer is simply a premium instrumentality that offers a assortment of features to assistance you amended your pre-existing contented and constitute caller articles from scratch. The instrumentality is disposable astatine antithetic prices, making it accessible to businesses (or individuals)  of each sizes. 

One of the astir important advantages of utilizing AI-Writer is its SEO-friendly nature. The instrumentality has the quality to analyse keywords and competitors to guarantee that the contented it generates is optimized for hunt engines. Additionally, the instrumentality guarantees that the AI-generated substance is unsocial and original, which means you don't person to interest astir plagiarism issues.      

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Now, the question arises: tin AI-Writer unrecorded up to its promises? The reply is yes. For definite types of writers, the reply is yes, arsenic you’ll work below.


AI-Writer subtopics leafage   example

(Image credit: AI-Writer)

AI-Writer, similar galore different AI penning tools, is easy accessible done a web browser and has a user-friendly interface. A escaped trial, which doesn’t necessitate that you adhd recognition oregon debit paper information, is disposable to caller users. During the trial, you tin make a constricted fig of articles of up to 600 words.

Like akin tools, AI-Writer is disposable astatine assorted terms points with limits placed connected the little costly options. On the affirmative side, those who opt for a rank tin make and edit contented of up to 5,000 words, careless of the plan, which is simply a important amount. The entry-level bundle limits the fig of articles you tin make per period to 40, portion the mid-priced bundle allows for 120 articles each month. The maximum plan, which is priced accordingly, offers the instauration of up to 1,000 articles per month.

Once you’ve registered for a escaped AI-Writer account, you tin make oregon edit your archetypal project.  The dashboard offers assorted tools connected the near broadside of the main page. If you're struggling to travel up with a taxable to constitute about, you tin usage the Topic Suggest 2.0 tool. This instrumentality is linked to large hunt engines similar Google and Bing and provides SEO-friendly subtopics based connected your input.

If you program to constitute astir the “iPhone 15,” for example, you tin usage the Topic Suggest 2.0 instrumentality to make a database of subtopics related to it. This instrumentality besides shows the hunt measurement for each subtopic, which tin assistance you find however fashionable your nonfiction could be. 

AI-Writer example

(Image credit: AI-Writer)

To statesman penning connected your chosen subtopic, click “Start Research & Write.” This volition instrumentality you to AI-Writer’s “Research + Write” tool, wherever you person 2 options: Tailor-Made Article oregon a 1-Click Article. The Tailor-Made Article enactment is recommended, allowing you to customize the nonfiction earlier the AI instrumentality starts writing. This enactment volition alteration you to prime a header and circumstantial keywords, add, edit, and region subtopics, and find the ordering and connection count.

If you similar hands-off writing, prime the 1-Click Article enactment for AI-Writer to instantly commencement writing, making each the captious decisions for you.

After the AI writer generates your article, you tin easy marque immoderate indispensable changes earlier printing, deleting, oregon downloading it arsenic a substance file. One of the standout features that sets AI-Writer isolated from different penning tools is that successful presumption mode, it displays the sources and links to the accusation utilized successful the article. This not lone helps readers to recognize and verify the information presented but besides strengthens the credibility of the article. 

AI-Writer results example

(Image credit: AI-Writer)

Are you looking for an businesslike mode to amended an existing article? If so, the AI-Writer's "Reword + Enhance" instrumentality is an fantabulous enactment to consider. This instrumentality combines 2 almighty features into one, making it casual to heighten your article's prime and readability. 

To usage the "Reword + Enhance" tool, each you request to bash is supply the rubric and transcript of the nonfiction and activate the "Enhance" option. Once you've done that, AI-Writer volition get to enactment connected cleaning up the untidy substance and searching for sources you tin adhd arsenic citations, if required. By utilizing the "Enhance" option, you tin rapidly and easy refine your article's content, making it much informative and engaging for your readers.

If you're looking to rephrase the text, close spelling, and hole grammatical errors, past the "Reword" enactment is what you need. Simply activate this option, and AI-Writer volition instrumentality attraction of the rest. 

AI-Writer example

(Image credit: AI-Writer)

AI-Writer besides has a "Publish to WordPress" "Publish to WordPress" plugin, which allows you to people your contented straight from AI-Writer to your WordPress website with ease. This plugin simplifies your penning process by removing the request to power backmost and distant betwixt your penning instrumentality and WordPress editor. Because of however it’s designed, Grammarly’s GrammarlyGO AI penning tool works the same, but without a plugin, making its setup easier to enactment with WordPress.   

Installation, setup, and compatibility

Wehave tested galore rtless penning instrumentality that requires nary installation oregon setup. It works smoothly connected each platforms and browsers, making it 1 of the easiest AI penning tools to get started with. However, utilizing AI-Writer connected a mobile web browser is not recommended unless you request speedy assistance with a abbreviated article. There’s not capable existent property connected a mobile instrumentality specified arsenic a smartphone to marque AI-Writer worthy it. Perhaps offering a autochthonal AI-Writer app successful the aboriginal could alteration this recommendation.   

We person tested galore AI penning tools; AI-Writer, astatine slightest connected a desktop oregon laptop, is undoubtedly 1 of the best!


AI-Writer example

(Image credit: AI-Writer)

There’s nary question that AI-Writer is 1 of the astir accessible connection generators connected the market. While it whitethorn not beryllium arsenic extended arsenic Anyword oregon CopyAI, chiefly aimed astatine selling and sales, it is an fantabulous instrumentality for freelancers and bloggers, which is its intended audience.

Two important points basal retired from a useable perspective, 1 bully and different bad. On the affirmative side, it’s 2nd to nary regarding sourcing. As it rightfully explains connected its website, AI-Writer is the lone AI contented generator that cites sources for “everything it writes.” Perhaps adjacent better, it’s perpetually updating the authorities, truthful erstwhile you constitute an article, you’re guaranteed it’s sourcing the latest accusation connected a subject.           

AI-Writer besides understands that immoderate articles radical mean to constitute typically don’t necessitate sourcing, specified arsenic op-eds. So, it hides sources and links from the main results page.

It is important to enactment that portion AI-Writer has its benefits, determination is besides a insignificant drawback that should beryllium considered. Due to the extended sourcing progressive successful the AI penning process, the results generated by AI-Writer instrumentality a fewer much seconds to look compared to different AI penning tools I person used. Although this whitethorn not beryllium a important issue, the noticeable hold should beryllium mentioned. Alternative plans similar GrammarlyGO, for example, connection results without hesitation. But again, sourcing is nary uncertainty the contented here. 

My proposal for the AI-Writer team: It mightiness beryllium omniscient to let the writer to crook disconnected the sourcing diagnostic to velocity up the editing process. 

Beyond this,  from a useability standpoint, I person thing but praise for this penning solution. 

Plans and pricing

AI-Writer prices

(Image credit: AI-Writer)

AI-Writer provides a elemental mode to prime imaginable subscribers' astir suitable rank levels. There are 3 plans available, and the lone differences among them are the fig of articles that tin beryllium generated each period and the fig of users allowed. 

The basal program costs $29 monthly and is intended for 1 idiosyncratic who generates up to 40 monthly articles. If you request a 120-word maximum, the modular process is simply a bully choice. At $49 per month, you tin person up to 3 users. The powerfulness program costs $375 per month, is designed for up to 10 users, and includes 1,000 articles monthly.

All 3 plans connection the quality to make articles of up to 5,000 words, an SEO editor, substance rewording, API access, a subtopic find tool, and a publish-to-WordPress feature. AI-Writer offers 2 months of escaped sum for yearly program subscribers, a bully bonus.

Each program comes with a constricted escaped trial. 

Final verdict

AI-Writer has a batch going for it, starting with its unthinkable easiness of use. From the infinitesimal you start, the step-by-step process of generating words is elemental and slick. And arsenic mentioned above, there's thing amended connected the marketplace contiguous regarding sourcing content.            

And yet, there's country for improvement. I would similar to spot app integration specified arsenic the 1 GrammarlyGO offers. For example,  a Microsoft Word plugin for AI-Writer would beryllium a invaluable tool, enabling writers to marque improvements straight from their connection processor without navigating to the website. And yet, if you're a blogger, freelancer, oregon startup. 

However, if you're a marketer oregon salesperson, determination are amended tools retired there. But, if you are a marketer oregon salesperson, amended tools are disposable successful the market. In its existent form, AI-Writer doesn't assistance make catchy headlines for societal media oregon trade a penning benignant to entreaty to antithetic audiences.

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