Airdrops for blockchain identity platform Blockpass to be distributed via Holdex

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KYC-as-a-service provider Blockpass, today announced that its series of community airdrops will be carried out through Holdex. Holdex and Blockpass have been working together since May 2018 when the Blockpass KYC Connect identity solution was integrated into the Holdex tool suite, offering streamlined compliance services to Holdex customers. Showcasing its belief in Holdex’s potential, Blockpass also invested in Holdex in July 2018.

Holdex is a startup that builds marketing automation and community-management tools for Blockchain applications, with a focus on aggregating knowledge on Crypto products in its unique marketplace. For Blockchain applications and service providers, Holdex offers the ability to conduct community-building campaigns using both off-chain and on-chain tools, from managing content like announcements, help articles, and questions-and-answers from the community, to facilitating airdrops and fundraising – solutions which need the right balance between security, compliance, and ease-of-use.

Blockpass provides a KYC verification SaaS to businesses that operate in regulated industries and an increasingly remote world where trust needs to be verified digitally. Through the Blockpass digital identity protocol, end-users can easily create a verified portable identity that can be re-used to onboard with any service in minutes. Blockpass’ unique token, PASS token, is a utility token which facilitates the working of the Blockpass ecosystem and the growth of its user base by rewarding both businesses and individuals that use the platform.

Adam Vaziri, CEO of Blockpass, said: “It’s great to be carrying out more work in partnership with our long-standing friends and partners at Holdex. Given we share so many goals and priorities, it was only natural that we approached them to conduct our community airdrops as we seek to spread the benefits of PASS tokens to a wider audience in as fair a manner as possible.”

The services of Blockpass and Holdex are increasingly important in a world where working remotely and enabling global markets are becoming the norm in the Covid pandemic. The importance of privacy and security whilst enabling regulatory compliance is paramount to both companies, and they are constantly developing and expanding to provide the best possible experience for users and businesses.

Vadim Zolotokrylin, CEO of Holdex, added: “We are excited to carry out the PASS token airdrop! The current pandemic has only served to highlight the importance of digital identity technology, so we are proud to share PASS with the Crypto community and increase awareness of a better way to carry out KYC/AML, a major source of frustration for many users and drop off for many Blockchain businesses. By facilitating this airdrop for Blockpass we firmly believe we are ultimately aiding in the adoption of decentralized technology.”

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