Alameda ex-CEO Caroline Ellison spotted in New York, Twitter users claim

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An unverified photograph purportedly shows Caroline Ellison making an bid astatine a New York cafe, starring to questions arsenic to wherefore she is backmost connected US soil.

Alameda ex-CEO Caroline Ellison spotted successful  New York, Twitter users claim

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A caller photograph of what appears to beryllium erstwhile Alameda Research CEO Caroline Ellison successful a Manhattan java store successful New York has been making the rounds connected Twitter.

On Dec. 4, 2 photos began circulating connected Twitter, appearing to amusement Ellison ordering a java astatine the Ground Support Cafe successful Manhattan.

Adding immoderate value to the imaginable sighting, Gopher, the Golden Doodle puppy which is understood to beryllium owned by FTX and Alameda execs besides seems to beryllium successful the photograph adjacent to Ellison.

Potential Caroline Ellison sighting: Twitter

Ellison's past speculated determination was Hong Kong, which was suggested successful the aftermath of the FTX and Alameda implosion. At the time, a root told Cointelegraph connected Nov. 12 that she was looking to fly to Dubai.

Twitter idiosyncratic and self-described “citizen journalist” Autism Capital appears to beryllium the archetypal to stock the photos, which is understood to person been sent successful by an unnamed user.

“A idiosyncratic claims that they spotted Caroline Ellison astatine Ground Support Coffee connected West Broad successful SoHo Manhattan astatine 8:15 AM [UTC]. This would mean she is not successful Hong Kong and is successful NY not successful custody,” the wrote.

In response, a antheral going by Daniel Mentado (@dmentado) claiming to enactment astatine the cafe “confirmed” that it was Ellison, and that 1 of his unit members served her.

i called the store and spoke to danny and sent him the links. tin corroborate helium is astatine the shop.

— Jess ☕️ (@CryptoNCoffeee) December 4, 2022

Some members of the assemblage are amazed that Ellison is connected U.S. ungraded fixed the imaginable ineligible ramifications, portion others person speculated that Ellison could beryllium looking to chopped a woody with authorities.

The java store successful question is lone a abbreviated walk distant from the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the New York FBI office, immoderate person pointed out.

Caroline (Alameda CEO) is reportedly successful NYC close now. She was successful Hong Kong erstwhile this began.

The lone crushed to travel backmost and hazard arrest, she already has an immunity woody to attest against SBF.

They springiness the champion woody to the archetypal 1 who spills the beans. Just my sentiment

— Wall Street Silver (@WallStreetSilv) December 4, 2022

It is worthy stressing nevertheless that 100% factual impervious that this Ellison successful the photograph is yet to surface. Some crypto assemblage members person adjacent attempted to find answers successful person, without immoderate success.

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Meanwhile, FTX laminitis Sam Bankman-Fried has been connected a media circuit coating his broadside of events by denying immoderate intentional foul play and laying the blasted connected Alameda's leadership.

Notably, Bankman-Fried tweeted a fewer hours aft the expected Ellison sighting that helium plans to attest astatine a proceeding held by the House Committee connected Financial Services astatine immoderate stage, but not until helium has "finished learning and reviewing what happened."

Rep. Waters, and the House Committee connected Financial Services:

Once I person finished learning and reviewing what happened, I would consciousness similar it was my work to look earlier the committee and explain.

I'm not definite that volition hap by the 13th. But erstwhile it does, I volition testify.

— SBF (@SBF_FTX) December 4, 2022

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