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When your Echo lights up with bluish and cyan, it means Alexa is listening.

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Since the original Amazon Echo smart talker was released, 1 of the brand's defining plan characteristics has been the airy ringing -- oregon successful the lawsuit of Echo Show astute displays, the airy bar. When you accidental "Alexa," the airy turns bluish and past swirls astir arsenic Alexa processes your voice command. But erstwhile the airy blinks yellow, flashes green, swirls achromatic oregon alternates bluish and cyan, what does it mean? 

The airy ringing serves arsenic a presumption indicator and a notification airy for each kinds of information, it turns out. When the Echo's ringing oregon Show's barroom airy up with antithetic colors, Alexa is trying to archer you thing important. 

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Most of the time, the airy ringing stays off. If the instrumentality is plugged successful and determination are nary lights showing, it means the talker is progressive and waiting for you to talk the aftermath word. When you interact with Alexa, you volition spot achromatic and assorted tones of blue. The airy ringing volition archer you if determination are immoderate problems with Alexa, arsenic well. Status indicators are red, purple oregon orange. Now that Alexa lets you nonstop messages and marque calls, Amazon has introduced 2 caller colors for notifications: greenish and yellow. You tin conscionable inquire Alexa what the colors connected your Echo instrumentality mean. Or you tin work connected to larn more.

Blue and cyan: Why is Alexa spinning oregon flashing a bluish ring?

  • If you talk the aftermath connection oregon manually aftermath Alexa, the airy ringing volition turn solid blue, and a tiny conception of cyan will constituent successful the absorption of the idiosyncratic speaking.
  • Solid bluish with spinning cyan after you've spoken a bid means Alexa is processing your request. This besides happens erstwhile the talker is powering on.
  • Alternating bluish and cyan means Alexa is responding to a bid oregon query.

When the greenish airy is on, a telephone is coming in.


Green: Here's wherefore Alexa is flashing oregon blinking greenish

  • A pulsing green airy indicates an incoming call.
  • A spinning green airy means you're presently connected a telephone oregon an active Drop In.

White: What it means erstwhile your Echo turns achromatic

  • The airy ringing volition amusement the measurement percent in white when you manually crook the airy ringing connected the Amazon Echo oregon the first-generation Echo Dot, property the measurement up oregon down connected the second-generation Echo Dot or archer Alexa to set the volume.
  • continuously spinning achromatic light means Alexa Guard is connected Away Mode.

When the reddish airy is on, the Alexa microphone has been turned off.

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Purple: Do Not Disturb, oregon a Wi-Fi problem?

  • Pulsing violet indicates that determination was a occupation during Wi-Fi setup.
  • spinning bluish airy that ends with a purple flash indicates that Do Not Disturb has been activated.
  • flash of purple after you interact with Alexa means that Do Not Disturb is inactive enabled.

Yellow, orangish and red: The remainder of Alexa's airy ringing colors decoded

  • Spinning orange means the instrumentality is presently connecting to your network.
  • Solid red means the microphone has been turned disconnected and Alexa is not actively listening for your commands.
  • pulsing yellowish light is telling you that you person messages successful your inbox. You tin say, "Play my messages" oregon "Check my notifications" for much information.

The Echo Show has a useful surface to pass with users... but it inactive uses bands of colored airy connected the bottommost of that display.

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Echo Show colour barroom meanings

Unlike the Amazon Echo astute speakers, the Echo Show benefits from having a afloat display. But the instrumentality inactive uses akin airy signals to its talker counterparts, and they look connected the bottommost of the surface successful a bladed band. Here are the colour meanings:

  • A solid set of bluish with a cyan spot indicating the absorption of the talker volition look erstwhile you talk the aftermath word.
  • A solid set of red means the microphone and camera person been turned off. After a fewer seconds, the airy volition crook off, leaving a microphone/camera-off awesome successful the precocious close manus country of the display.
  • A band of orange means your Echo Show is experiencing web connectivity issues.
  • A band of violet means you person acceptable the Echo Show to Do Not Disturb mode. After a fewer seconds, the airy volition crook off, leaving a crescent satellite awesome successful the precocious close manus country of the display.

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