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Amazon CloudFront-like powerfulness and versatility with a immense beingness successful China and Southeast Asia, could beryllium a astute prime for experienced oregon demanding users.


  • Lots of features and add-on services
  • Flexible billing
  • Huge web of servers successful China
  • Highly configurable


  • Overkill for CDN newbies
  • Can beryllium costly successful immoderate configurations

Amazon CloudFront-like powerfulness and versatility with a immense beingness successful China and Southeast Asia, could beryllium a astute prime for experienced oregon demanding users.


  • +

    Lots of features and add-on services

  • +

    Flexible billing

  • +

    Huge web of servers successful China

  • +

    Highly configurable


  • -

    Overkill for CDN newbies

  • -

    Can beryllium costly successful immoderate configurations

Founded successful 2009, Alibaba Cloud has grown into a unreality computing giant, the largest successful China and Asia Pacific (according to Gartner) and ranked #3 successful the world.

Browse the merchandise database and it's casual to spot why. The institution offers an Amazon AWS-like array of enterprise-level services covering databases, elastic computing, security, analytics, networking and more.

In this reappraisal we're looking astatine Alibaba Cloud CDN, a virtual web which accelerates website speeds by distributing your contented to 2,800+ borderline servers.

Most of Alibaba's web is successful mainland China - 2,300 servers dispersed crossed 31 provincial regions - but that inactive leaves 500 distributed crossed 70 countries, with a full bandwidth capableness of up to 150Tbps, much than capable for adjacent the largest of planetary corporations.


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Alibaba Cloud CDN is targeted astatine experienced concern users much than networking newbies, but you don't person to beryllium an adept to get started. Setting the work up tin beryllium arsenic elemental arsenic applying a fistful of DNS tweaks, routing website visitors to the CDN alternatively than your ain website. Alibaba Cloud past handles the basics each by itself, routing contented requests to the visitor's nearest borderline server for the champion imaginable performance.


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You get different speedup benefits for free. Simple optimization tricks portion retired comments, redundant spaces and different surplus contented to chopped record sizes, astute Brotli compression further reduces your postulation needs, and parameter filtering (ignoring the substance aft the question people successful URL?parameter=value) makes definite the CDN doesn't unnecessarily fetch contented from your root server.

There's different imaginable show boost successful Alibaba's enactment for the QUIC, the businesslike transport furniture protocol which powers HTTP/3. But the institution hasn't forgotten much communal networking standards, and Cloud CDN besides uses customized congestion detection and packet nonaccomplishment probing algorithms to amended its regular TCP connections.

Access power features see the quality to artifact visitors by IP address, idiosyncratic cause headers, HTTP referrer and more. There's thing peculiarly surprising, but you tin inactive acceptable up immoderate precocious extortion schemes, specified arsenic utilizing authentication keys to support entree to invaluable contented (documents, videos, thing you'd similar to restrict.)

Unsure however to champion acceptable up Cloud CDN for your ain site? That's okay, adjacent experts won't get each item close archetypal time. Fortunately, Alibaba Cloud CDN provides elaborate reports connected each facet of its performance, alerting you to imaginable problems and helping you optimize your settings for the champion imaginable results.


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Although galore Alibaba Cloud CDN features travel for escaped - oregon astatine least, small much than checking a box, possibly flipping a power - the work besides has existent expert-level configurability.

EdgeScript is simply a scripting connection which enables customising each facet of however Alibaba Cloud CDN works. Your publication tin inspect IP addresses, assorted lawsuit details (country, region, ISP), idiosyncratic agents, referers, cookies, URLs, server names, ports and more, past use your ain concern logic and rules to present immoderate functionality you need.

You could usage this to customise the CDNs caching rules. 'PDFs are kept for 30 days by default, but newsletters lone get 7 days successful this country of the site, and archived PDFs past for a year': you get the idea.

But you could besides usage EdgeScript for much wide website tasks, specified arsenic redirecting visitors from peculiar countries to contented successful their autochthonal language.

Experienced users tin make large caller features, including throttling schemes to acceptable antithetic petition rates for regular and premium users, oregon customized authentication schemes to support cardinal resources connected your site.

If your CDN needs are reasonably simple, this whitethorn not look applicable close now, but it's inactive worthy keeping successful caput arsenic an Alibaba Cloud plus. Whatever you request from a CDN close now, you whitethorn good request much successful a year, and it's bully to cognize Alibaba Cloud has the powerfulness to cope.

And if you're an adept idiosyncratic who already has ideas of however you could usage EdgeScript, cheque retired the documentation connected the Alibaba Cloud tract for in-depth details of however it works and what you tin do.


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Alibaba Cloud CDN pricing varies depending connected the portion wherever your contented is served, and the magnitude of postulation you're using.

This starts astatine $0.04 per GB for downstream postulation (content served from the CDN to your visitors) successful mainland China, rising to $0.07 successful North America and Europe, $0.081 to $0.108 crossed Asia Pacific, and $0.2 successful Africa, South America and the Middle East.

Prices autumn arsenic you deed caller postulation tiers (that's usage supra 50TB, 100TB and 1PB), and, for example, North America and Europe postulation supra 100TB costs lone $0.03 per GB.

These are mostly just prices for what you're getting, though it depends precise overmuch connected wherever your website assemblage is located. Amazon CloudFront is fractionally much costly for the US and Europe, for lawsuit ($0.085 vs. $0.07 for tier #1), but it tin beryllium acold cheaper elsewhere ($0.110 vs. $0.2 successful Africa and the Middle East.)

Unfortunately, determination tin beryllium other charges to consider, including costs for HTTPS requests ($0.008 per 10,000) and the postulation generated successful fetching contented from your root server.

If you're unsure however this mightiness construe to your website, bully news: Alibaba Cloud offers a escaped 1TB outbound postulation program for 3 months, giving you a risk-free mode to trial its abilities and get a consciousness for your visitor's locations (and the eventual work cost.)

But if you don't truly request Alibaba Cloud CDN's power, support successful caput that determination are plentifulness of cheaper alternatives. BunnyCDN offers a elemental work for overmuch little prices, starting astatine $0.01 per GB successful Europe and North America, and inactive large worth astatine $0.06 successful Africa and the Middle East.

Product Range

(Image credit: Alibaba)

Although we're talking astir Alibaba Cloud CDN here, the institution has galore related products which you tin plug into your setup erstwhile necessary.

The CDN doesn't travel with a built-in Web Application Firewall (WAF), for instance, but that's lone due to the fact that Alibaba Cloud already has a specializer stand-alone WAF. Add it to your tract and you'll get leading-edge extortion from bots, zero-day vulnerabilities and web attacks, detecting and blocking malicious requests successful real-time.

Alibaba Cloud CDN doesn't person the benignant of built-in representation and video tools that you'll spot with Akamai's CDN, either, but again, that's due to the fact that it has abstracted specializer products covering these areas. From unrecorded streaming and video connected request to broad media transcoding, determination are platforms present for adjacent the astir demanding users.

Final verdict

A highly configurable CDN, with almighty add-on services to screen each your security, web and media-handling needs. Well worthy a look for experts oregon anyone with analyzable needs, particularly if they've customers successful China oregon Southeast Asia.

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