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All PDF is simply a lightweight escaped PDF scholar for Android that’s clean, elemental to use, and packed with plentifulness of tools, specified arsenic a PF merger, compressor, and the quality to extract substance oregon images from documents. There’s nary PDF editing capabilities, and the toolkit isn’t arsenic afloat featured arsenic some. But for managing and viewing your PDF files, it’s a fantastic small app.


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    Beautifully cleanable UI

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    Plenty of offline tools


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    Android only

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    No editing

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As acold arsenic the best escaped PDF readers go, All PDF is primed to service astir of your needs. If you privation to presumption PDFs portion connected the go, but you request much tools than your modular browser offers, the PDF scholar for Android offers a coagulated toolkit for offline use, giving you an awesome magnitude of power implicit your files - each wrapped up successful a super-clean UI. 

It’s not a afloat PDF editor for your phone, having much successful communal with the Adobe Acrobat Reader app (only without the changeless nudging to instrumentality retired a Document Cloud subscription). But what does the lightweight escaped PDF spectator present for users? 

  • Download All PDF from the Google Play Store here (opens successful caller tab).

All PDF: Pricing & plans

  • Free with ad-free Pro upgrade 

The All PDF Android app is escaped to download and use. The trade-off present is the inclusion of ads. Don’t interest though, these are constricted to an unobtrusive portion astatine the bottommost of the leafage and a full-screen advert that appears erstwhile you’ve performed a task like, for instance, converting an representation to PDF. It feels similar a just trade, with ads ne'er bombarding you oregon earnestly getting successful the mode of what you’re doing. 

 You tin opt to subscribe, which removes the ads portion offering entree to what the developer dubs ‘premium tools’. There are 3 options - monthly, semi-annually, and annually. You tin besides take to bargain the app outright, truthful if you’re a PDF powerfulness user, it offers beauteous bully worth for money. 

There’s besides different paid-for mentation  - All PDF Pro, with a one-off interest of $6.49 / £5.99 / AU$9.99. An perfect prime if you’re looking for a subscription-free PDF viewer.

  • Pricing & plans: 4/5 

All PDF: Interface & experience

All PDF successful  action

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  • Impressively speedy and creaseless successful usage and operation 

All PDF is optimized for mobiles and tablets, which means determination are definite expectations for the user. A cleanable interface, elemental navigation that’s thumb-friendly and intuitive. On that score, the PDF editing app performs excellently. Once you commencement digging into the app, the idiosyncratic acquisition fares conscionable arsenic well. It’s arsenic creaseless arsenic silk. Even larger documents unfastened without the benignant of delays and lags that tin sometimes impact these kinds of mobile-focused tools. 

At the ft of the location surface are 4 options for uncovering your PDFs: Recent, Favorites, Device, and PDF Tools. There’s besides ‘Browse files’, a floating enactment that follows you crossed the app, putting entree wrong casual scope astatine (almost) each times. 

Managing documents is arsenic effortless. To the apical of the surface are options to change the layout. You’re escaped to show files arsenic icons oregon successful a list, with anyplace from 2 to six columns. This is particularly useful for if you’re a PDF power-user with a chestful of saved documents - though you tin besides hunt by filename, too, conscionable to marque things easier. 

Beneath the preview of idiosyncratic files, you’ll spot 2 buttons. Tapping the prima volition prevention it to your favorites. Pressing the 3 dots unfurls a paper with a raft of further options, from sharing and prevention determination to seeing what information measures are successful place, similar whether oregon not the record has encryption

  • Interface & experience: 5/5  

All PDF: Management & reading

  • Fair enactment of in-document extras and settings to acceptable your preferences

Open up a papers and the extras support connected coming. 

You’ll spot them astatine the top, wherever there’s a hunt relation which works incredibly good and, similar everything else, performs its work fast. Easing the acquisition for night-time readers is simply a toggle power for acheronian mode. The Eye icon lets you power to your preferred speechmaking mode and leafage layout - horizontal presumption is peculiarly good, letting you swipe done pages similar the PDF is simply a book, alternatively than endlessly scrolling up and down. 

A discourse paper hidden wrong the 3 dots is wherever you’ll privation to spell to presumption the array of contents, leap to circumstantial pages, adhd bookmarks, and share. It's besides worthy diving into the settings here, arsenic you tin tweak options similar whether oregon not documents show successful afloat surface automatically, retrieve the past viewed page, and forestall your telephone going to slumber portion a PDF record is open. 

Since the PDF covers are visible, it's each precise wide to spot which PDFs you person loaded up. However, portion you tin benignant them by, say, day oregon title, we would've liked to spot a resistance and driblet instrumentality that fto america signifier them into our ain unsocial order. 

  • Management & reading: 4

All PDF: Tools

All PDF successful  action

(Image credit: Robert Londo)
  • Good scope of tools - and you won't request an net transportation to enactment them 

All PDF is positively loaded with utile tools for managing and manipulating your documents online and offline - each housed nether the PDF Tools section.  It’s present wherever you’ll find options including divided files, PDF merger tools, and a PDF compressor

Elsewhere, determination are tools for extracting substance and images from documents, arsenic good arsenic a JPG to PDF converter. All are incredibly casual to usage - and impressively fast, too. In conscionable a fewer taps, we were downloading pictures successful PDF form, acceptable to beryllium shared with others. 

All PDF successful  action

(Image credit: Robert Londo)

For the information conscious user, the app besides offers the protect/unprotect diagnostic for locking down (or unlocking) files with a user-defined password. Better still, you’re fixed afloat power implicit what you tin forestall others from doing with your PDF. For example, you whitethorn take to let PDF printing and commenting, portion disabling the quality to transcript content.

Granted, it’s not the afloat PDF exertion experience. This isn’t Adobe Acrobat, aft all. So, it’s missing a fewer features, similar a Word to PDF converter (or different Microsoft 365 apps for that matter). And there’s nary OCR software oregon eSign software built in. But for wide use, All PDF covers astir bases.

  • Tools: 4/5 

All PDF: Scorecard

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Pricing & plans`Free with ads, subscription, and beingness license4
Interface & experienceVery clean, elemental to navigate and use5
Management & readingDecent settings and preferences4
ToolsPlenty of tools, but immoderate locked down paywall4

Should I try?

All PDF successful  action

(Image credit: Robert Londo)

Try it if...

You privation a lightweight Android app for managing and viewing PDF files, with each the basal tools you'd request for wide use.

Don't effort it if...

You request afloat PDF editing tools that fto you make and manipulate documents from scratch.

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