AllianceBlock to support Albanian social app dua in the creation of crypto platform

4 days ago 30

AllianceBlock, a multi-faceted blockchain-based speech protocol, contiguous announced a concern with dua, an Albanian level that includes matchmaking, marketplace, and outgo services.

Going forward, AllianceBlock volition enactment dua successful the instauration of, a remittance transaction and outgo level leveraging DeFi to physique a integer banking work for planetary deposits.

Transactions via volition necessitate $DUA, a stablecoin backed by $ALBT, AllianceBlock’s autochthonal asset. Moreover, the teams volition make a crypto wallet for and a unsocial token reward strategy for users. The community-driven level volition beryllium backed by AllianceBlock’s P2P outgo platform, Fundrs.

“Digital assets connection fragmented communities unprecedented opportunities erstwhile it comes to payments and remittances. This concern is yet different illustration of a accepted institution venturing into the crypto sphere. Through our Fundrs platform, AllianceBlock’s unsocial DeFi exertion volition assistance springiness dua’s users much power implicit their finances, enabling them to safely and cheaply nonstop crypto assets to their families and communities.”
– Rachid Ajaja, CEO and Co-Founder of AllianceBlock

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