Allswell Mattress review: Hybrid comfort for smaller budgets

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Walmart's Allswell Mattress is simply a budget-friendly hybrid that retails for conscionable $337 successful a queen. It's champion for beforehand and backmost sleepers who measurement nether 200lbs, arsenic good arsenic couples who don't privation to aftermath up to their partner's movements. It's a coagulated prime for impermanent rooms, assemblage dorms, and quick-fix solutions – though possibly not a semipermanent investment.


  • +

    Incredible terms for a hybrid

  • +

    Great for beforehand and backmost sleepers

  • +

    Excellent question isolation

  • +

    Durable edges (at first)


  • -

    Too steadfast for broadside sleepers

  • -

    Not for sleepers implicit 200lbs

  • -

    Hard to find successful banal close now

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Allswell Mattress two-minute review

The Allswell Mattress is Walmart's budget-friendly bed-in-a-box, with a retail terms of conscionable $337 for a queen. It's a hybrid mattress of foam and springs, which is simply a uncommon find astatine this terms point. But however does the Allswell stack up against the contenders successful our best mattress guide?

After sleeping connected a duplicate Allswell Mattress for 1 period – and investigating it successful cardinal areas of show according to TechRadar's mattress methodology – I tin reply that question for you. In short: it's a fantastic furniture for short-term oregon constricted use, but you'll privation to agelong your dollar if you request thing that'll past you a agelong time...

The Allswell Mattress

(Image credit: Allswell)

The beforehand and backmost sleepers of my investigating sheet got connected with the Allswell's medium-firm consciousness and subtle contouring. It's perfect if you similar sleeping 'on' your mattress alternatively than 'in' it. However, arsenic a broadside sleeper with recurring backmost pain, I had a hard clip adjusting to its deficiency of unit relief.

Meanwhile, if you're implicit 200lbs, you'll apt privation a mattress with much robust enactment than the three-tiered Allswell tin provide. For context: participants successful my investigating sheet weighed betwixt 125lbs and 200lbs, with the heaviest tester giving the Allswell the lowest firmness people retired of everyone.

The Allswell excels successful galore cardinal areas contempt its debased price. Motion isolation is top-notch, making it a large prime for couples who stock a furniture with a restless partner. Temperature regularisation is besides precise good, acknowledgment successful portion to its copper and graphite gel-infused foam and basal furniture of individually-wrapped coils.

The borderline enactment of my duplicate Allswell was amazingly firm, a diagnostic often overlooked successful solo sleeper beds. However, durability is simply a imaginable contented arsenic galore Allswell shoppers kick of sagging sides and middles wrong a abbreviated play of time. Given that I was investigating this mattress caller retired of the box, it was important for maine to instrumentality semipermanent lawsuit feedback into account, arsenic well.

Shipping is escaped close to your doorstep, and setup is dormant simple. I managed it solo, though you'll privation to inquire for assistance if you person a larger size. Just beware of imaginable creases successful the apical cover, which is apt owed to extended retention clip earlier shipping. (Mine had been boxed up for 18 months earlier arrival.) At best, it makes the mattress look disheveled, but astatine worst it impacts the integrity of the materials.

A 100-night proceedings and a 10-year warranty are included. Optional services similar mattress removal and expedited shipping are disposable for an other interest – these aren't communal amenities for fund mattresses, but it's bully to person them determination if you request them.

While the Allswell didn't afloat suit my slumber needs, my member and sister-in-law – who some helped maine trial it retired – loved it truthful overmuch that they program to bargain 1 to regenerate their sagging foam mattress astatine home. Just cognize that arsenic of this writing, banal is severely constricted aft caller vacation mattress sales. Keep an oculus retired for imaginable restocks, particularly with Black Friday mattress deals connected the horizon.

Allswell Mattress review: price

  • A fund mattress that costs $337 for a queen
  • Includes a 100-night proceedings and a 10-year warranty
  • Stock is hard to travel by successful galore sizes, including queen

The Allswell is the brand's entry-level mattress, with a queen retailing for $337. Prices for this cheap mattress are little than we tracked astatine the opening of 2023, with a queen antecedently going for $449. Considering however galore mattress brands person been raising their prices, Allswell's attack is simply a enactment of caller air.

That said, mattress sales for this affordable hybrid mattress aren't terribly common. You tin avail of an Allswell coupon betwixt 15% and 25% disconnected if you bargain during a large vacation oregon motion up for substance updates. (Should you spell the second route, you tin opt retired of substance updates astatine immoderate time.)  

Here's the existent pricing for the Allswell Mattress:

  • Twin: $227
  • Twin XL: $227
  • Full: $287
  • Queen: $337
  • King: $397
  • Cal King: $397

Unfortunately, banal tin beryllium an issue. As of this writing, the Allswell Mattress is sold retired successful each size but duplicate XL and California king. As an alternative, you mightiness privation to cheque retired the Linenspa Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress (which comes successful 3 comfortableness levels) oregon the Ikea Hasvåg Spring Mattress, which starts astatine $179.

Allswell includes a 100-night proceedings and a 10-year warranty with purchase. Shipping is free, arsenic are returns wrong the proceedings period. However, you tin ammunition retired an other $80 for expedited shipping oregon wage $149 for removal of your existing mattress. These aren't the benignant of perks you usually find with fund mattresses, truthful if you privation to enactment your savings towards these shipping upgrades, spell for it.

Allswell Mattress review: Specs

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Price (queen size)$337
MaterialsMemory foam, pouch coils
Firmness (1-10)Medium-firm (7)
Depth10 inches
DeliveryFree shipping and returns
Trial100 nights
Warranty10 years

Allswell Mattress review: materials & design

  • A three-tier plan with pouch coils and foam
  • Features gel-infused cooling foam and reinforced edges
  • However, my trial exemplary had heavy creases successful the surface

The Allswell has a 10-inch illustration and a three-layer construction. At the basal are individually-wrapped pouch coils for enactment and reduced question transfer. They're reinforced on the sides to support you unafraid if you beryllium connected the borderline of your furniture oregon similar to instrumentality up arsenic overmuch of your slumber aboveground arsenic possible.

Above that is simply a furniture of representation foam infused with charcoal and copper gel to dissipate vigor and wick distant moisture. Copper's antimicrobial properties are a bonus arsenic you'll beryllium little apt to woody with bacteria, mold, and different nasties – but you'll inactive privation to put successful a mattress protector successful lawsuit of stains and spills.

Allswell mattress uncovered

(Image credit: Future / Alison Barretta)

Topping everything disconnected is simply a half-inch of quilted comfortableness foam with polyester batting meant to springiness it a plush appearance. Unfortunately, my trial exemplary had creases successful the aboveground from the clip I unboxed it. Since my mattress had been boxed up for astir 18 months, this wasn't each excessively surprising. These creases made the mattress look uninviting but didn't interaction the Allswell's comfortableness successful immoderate profound way.

Like astir fund mattresses, Allswell uses fiberglass arsenic a occurrence retardant. Fiberglass is mostly harmless to slumber connected arsenic agelong arsenic it's not exposed but if you person allergies, sensitivities, oregon simply similar not to slumber connected this material, cheque retired our database of the best mattresses without fiberglass. (Just beryllium prepared to walk a spot much if you spell this route.)

Meanwhile, the foams successful the Allswell Mattress are CertiPUR-certified – successful different words, they're escaped from toxic chemicals and person debased levels of the volatile integrated compounds (VOCs) liable for those unpleasant off-gassing smells.

Design score: 3.5 retired of 5

Allswell Mattress review: Comfort

  • My investigating sheet rates it medium-firm to firm
  • Excellent enactment for backmost and beforehand sleepers nether 200lbs
  • Not large for broadside sleepers who request unit relief

I slept connected a duplicate Allswell Mattress for 4 weeks spanning July and August 2023. In summation to my experience, I besides asked 4 adults to slumber connected it for astatine slightest 15 minutes to spot immoderate trends among a somewhat larger illustration size.

All of america thought that Allswell's self-assessment arsenic a mean steadfast mattress – oregon 6 retired of 10 connected the firmness standard – was somewhat off. Collectively, my radical rated it an 8.5 retired of 10. (Individually, a mates of america adjacent rated it arsenic precocious arsenic a 9.) Allswell customers mostly peg it astatine medium-firm (7 retired of 10). Averaging each of these figures, the Allswell lands astatine a 7 retired of 10 firmness rating, oregon medium-firm.

The backmost sleepers connected my sheet were the biggest fans of the Allswell. One tester (5-foot-7, 200lbs) said determination was plentifulness of enactment successful his little backmost and his shoulders felt relaxed. Another tester (6-foot, 185lbs), said the Allswell did an fantabulous occupation of distributing his value evenly crossed the slumber surface.

As for me, I'm a 5-foot-4, 145lb side/stomach sleeper with backmost issues. The Allswell felt large erstwhile I laid connected my tummy arsenic I had nary dip successful my midsection. Its steadfast yet buoyant aboveground besides made it casual for maine to displacement positions truthful I urge it for astir operation sleepers.

However, I chiefly slumber connected my side, and the unyielding aboveground of the Allswell was not an perfect acceptable for maine here. I adjacent woke up with a stiff backmost respective mornings truthful if you're a broadside sleeper looking for a bully mattress for backmost pain, you mightiness privation to debar the Allswell. (My chap side-sleeping testers, who similar a firmer mattress and person nary reported backmost oregon associated issues, didn't stock my experience.)

Allswell mattress unit   alleviation  test

(Image credit: Future / Alison Barretta)

The Allswell does connection immoderate unit relief, albeit subtle. To trial this further, I placed a 50lb kettlebell successful the halfway of the bed, which compressed the aboveground by astir 2 inches. That whitethorn not beryllium capable if you're seeking a mattress for broadside sleepers with ample contouring on your hips and shoulders.

Meanwhile, for sleepers who measurement 200lbs, the Allswell's 10-inch, three-layer operation mightiness not connection the level of enactment you need. There are overmuch sturdier options retired determination if you're seeking a mattress for dense people.

Comfort score: 4 retired of 5

Allswell Mattress review: Temperature regulation

  • Exceeded my expectations and slept chill astir nights
  • Still whitethorn not beryllium chill capable for chronically blistery sleepers

I tested the Allswell mattress erstwhile evening temperatures were starting to drop; still, I ran my cardinal aerial conditioning portion astir nights to support a dependable country somesthesia of 71 degrees F. I besides outfitted the mattress with 100% fabric sheets and a mid-weight poly-blend comforter.

I'm idiosyncratic who tends to slumber lukewarm but refuses to springiness up my sheets. Save for a mates of days erstwhile I battled a flimsy fever, I didn't aftermath up overheated with the Allswell. My chap testers recovered it comfortably chill for a lazy summertime nap.

Allswell mattress closeup

(Image credit: Future / Alison Barretta)

My diligence successful cultivating an optimal sleeping situation aside, the Allswell's plan deserves immoderate recognition here, too. There's a furniture of charcoal and copper gel-infused representation foam, on with a basal furniture of individually-wrapped pouch springs. These elements enactment unneurotic to beforehand airflow and forestall vigor build-up. The deficiency of a sink-in consciousness besides helped america debar overheating.

For a fund mattress, the Allswell surpassed our expectations successful somesthesia regularisation but if you request specialized features to assistance you woody with nighttime sweats oregon blistery flashes, see a dedicated cooling mattress instead.

Temperature regularisation score: 4 retired of 5

Allswell Mattress review: Motion isolation

  • Fantastic question isolation, per my driblet tests 
  • Allswell customers hold that it's large for couples

Allswell mattress question  isolation test

(Image credit: Future / Alison Barretta)

I person a duplicate furniture truthful to trial the Allswell's question isolation, I performed a driblet trial utilizing a 10lb kettlebell and an bare vino glass. To mimic the effects of a spouse changing positions oregon getting successful oregon retired of bed, I dropped the value astatine varying distances distant from the glass, from six inches supra the surface.

The vino solid remained dependable erstwhile I dropped the value 12 and 25 inches distant from it, and it lone wobbled minimally erstwhile I moved the driblet constituent to 4 inches distant Notably, the kettlebell bounced conscionable erstwhile oregon doubly earlier settling into the quilted layer. The springs remained silent, arsenic well.

Unless your spouse fidgets a batch successful their slumber oregon they participate oregon exit the furniture with a batch of gusto, you're improbable to beryllium bothered by their movements. Allswell customers backmost up my trial results, arsenic galore couples praise its superb question isolation.

Bottom line: these are exceptional results – particularly for a fund hybrid mattress. 

Motion isolation score: 4.5 retired of 5

Allswell Mattress review: Edge support

  • Excellent borderline enactment close retired of the box
  • However, the edges are prone to sagging quickly

Allswell mattress kettlebell borderline   enactment    test

(Image credit: Future / Alison Barretta)

Allswell promotes reinforced edges arsenic a cardinal feature, but however does it fare successful practice? I placed a 50lb kettlebell on the perimeter and it dropped astir 2 inches – comparable to the sinkage astatine the center. This is promising, arsenic the edges of your mattress shouldn't dip immoderate little than the halfway of your bed, wherever much pronounced sinkage is indispensable for unit relief.

Stable edges are arsenic utile for solo sleeper mattresses arsenic they are for larger beds. Whether you person mobility issues, thin to determination a batch successful your sleep, oregon similar to sprawl retired and usage the full surface, borderline enactment is crucial. My chap testers and I felt unafraid sitting on the borderline of my duplicate Allswell Mattress, though a mates of america noticed the piping bulge beneath us. Meanwhile, I didn't fearfulness falling overboard whenever I rolled towards the borderline successful my sleep.

However, I indispensable accent that the Allswell has large borderline enactment out of the box. Per Allswell customers who've owned their mattresses for overmuch longer than I have, the edges tin statesman to sag rapidly with regular use. Despite the fantabulous borderline enactment connected my trial model, I've deducted respective points present owed to a deficiency of durability.

Edge enactment score: 3.5 retired of 5

Allswell Mattress review: Setup

  • I acceptable up my duplicate mattress solo – get assistance for larger sizes
  • Feels steadfast close distant but tin instrumentality up to 48 hours to afloat expand
  • Higher accidental of creasing and off-gassing the longer it's boxed

I unboxed my Allswell Mattress the aforesaid evening it arrived. At 62lbs for a twin, I managed to acceptable it up solo. If you opt for a queen (100lbs) oregon king (124lbs), you'll privation to inquire for a hand. White-glove transportation isn't offered, but if you don't cognize how to dispose of a mattress, you tin wage other for a unit to haul distant your existing one.

Setting up the Allswell is casual – conscionable presumption the rolled-up mattress astatine the ft of the furniture and region the plastic. Allswell Home recommends placing its logo astatine the ft of the bed, which is perchance for aesthetic reasons. (It's a bully happening I caught this item earlier the mattress afloat expanded.)

Allswell mattress setup process

(Image credit: Future / Alison Barretta)

Allswell says it takes up to 48 hours for the mattress to scope its afloat size and firmness. I had nary problems sleeping connected it conscionable hours aft setup arsenic it felt sturdy capable to slumber connected astir immediately. Off-gassing wasn't a large issue, though I did ace a model aft fractional an hr and ran my aerial purifier to wide the smell.

My lone gripe is the dense creases connected the apical cover, which haven't faded overmuch since I unboxed the mattress. According to the tag, my trial exemplary was made successful January 2022, which was a twelvemonth and a fractional anterior to my receiving it. If your Allswell Mattress has been boxed for a while, expect immoderate off-gassing and creasing. I urge unboxing immoderate mattress arsenic soon arsenic it arrives to assistance minimize these issues.

Setup score: 4 retired of 5

Allswell Mattress review: Customer reviews

  • Rated 4.5 retired of 5 stars astatine Allswell Home (September 2023)
  • Front and backmost sleepers similar it most, arsenic bash fund shoppers
  • Several complaints implicit durability, firmness, cooling

How does the Allswell fare beyond my tiny investigating group? As of September 2023, it has a 4.5 retired of 5-star standing from implicit 3,400 reviews connected Allswell's website. Among those reviewers, 91% accidental they'd urge the Allswell to a friend.

The Allswell is simply a deed among backmost and beforehand sleepers, who praise its comfortableness and support. Many shoppers person adjacent bought aggregate mattresses owed to its affordability, and couples besides admit its fantabulous question isolation.

However, astir broadside sleepers find the mattress excessively firm, and immoderate reviewers assertion it's fixed them aches and pains. Durability concerns are besides common, with users reporting disposable sagging successful the mediate wrong a month.

Opinions are mixed connected borderline enactment and somesthesia regulation. While my caller Allswell had sturdy edges, semipermanent owners person noticed dents on the sides. Meanwhile, immoderate find the mattress excessively hot, portion others (including myself) haven't had issues with overheating.

Should you bargain the Allswell Mattress?

Lifestyle changeable  of the Allswell Mattress connected  a bed

(Image credit: Allswell)

If you tin find it successful stock, I urge the Allswell Mattress if you're a backmost oregon beforehand sleeper nether 200lbs seeking medium-firm support. Couples volition besides similar its fantabulous question isolation, and its rock-bottom pricing makes it a great mattress for a assemblage dorm oregon a impermanent room.

However, astir broadside sleepers whitethorn conflict with the Allswell's constricted unit relief. If you don't privation to walk a lot, see the taller versions of the Brooklyn Bedding Dreamfoam Essential mattress oregon the mid-range Nectar mattress arsenic broadside sleeper-approved beds that won't enactment a immense dent successful your wallet. 

Meanwhile, sleepers implicit 200lbs mightiness find the Allswell's basal operation lacking successful support. The Helix Plus hybrid mattress is designed to grip up to 1,000lbs and rather affordable, particularly erstwhile it's connected sale.

Of course, you get what you wage for with a fund mattress similar the Allswell. Although it performs excellently retired of the box, it's prone to sagging with predominant use. But astatine little than $340 for a queen, the Allswell is simply a good short-term hole until you tin upgrade to your 'forever mattress.'

Allswell Mattress review: Also consider

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Header Cell - Column 0 Allswell MattressNectar MattressDreamCloud MattressSiena Mattress
Price (queen size)$337$699 (usual merchantability price)$799 (usual merchantability price)$399 (usual merchantability price)
MaterialsMemory foam, pouch coilsGel-infused representation foam, different foamMemory foam, different foam, innerspringsMemory foam, different foam
Firmness (1-10)Medium-firm (7)6.5-7 7.56.5 (but skews firmer)
Depth10 inches12 inches14 inches10 inches
DeliveryFree shipping and returnsFree shipping and returnsFree shipping and returnsFree shipping and returns
Trial100 nights365 nights365 nights180 nights
Warranty10 yearsLifetimeLifetime10 years

Nectar Mattress

Nectar Mattress
The Nectar is successful a higher terms bracket than the Allswell but it's inactive comparatively affordable acknowledgment to predominant Nectar mattress sales. A queen usually goes for $699 –  plus, with a 1-year proceedings and a beingness warranty, it remains 1 of the champion mattress values retired there. This all-rounder is particularly comfy for broadside sleeping, though heavier backmost and tummy sleepers whitethorn request a much supportive bed.
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DreamCloud Mattress 

DreamCloud Mattress 
Again, this is much costly than the Allswell but for a luxury hybrid, the DreamCloud can't beryllium bushed – particularly since a queen is regularly connected merchantability for $799. You'll get a afloat twelvemonth to proceedings it astatine home, with a beingness warranty to backmost your acquisition if you elite to support it. The DreamCloud is 1 of the best mattresses for backmost pain, and it excels successful conscionable astir each country of performance. It's connected the firmer side, though, truthful smaller bodies whitethorn request clip to interruption it in.
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Siena representation  foam mattress

Siena representation foam mattress
The Siena is simply a fund mattress; a queen size sells for $399 aft an evergreen discount. Although it's an all-foam bed, the Siena is akin to the Allswell since it's steadfast with minimal unit relief. What truly sets the Siena isolated from the Allswell and different inexpensive mattresses is the generous 180-night proceedings that comes with it. That's efficaciously fractional a twelvemonth to find whether oregon not it's close for you. (A modular 10-year warranty besides applies.)
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How I tested the Allswell Mattress

During a four-week play spanning July and August 2023, I slept connected a duplicate Allswell mattress. I dressed it successful 100% fabric sheets and a mid-weight polyester comforter. For accordant results, I ran my cardinal aerial conditioning to support a dependable country somesthesia of 71 degrees F. 

To supplement my experience, I asked 4 big volunteers to slumber connected the Allswell mattress for astatine slightest 15 minutes successful their preferred positions and to beryllium connected the edges arsenic they got successful and retired of bed. Our panelists scope successful size from 5ft4in and 125lbs to 6ft and 190lbs. I besides sifted done reviews from verified Allswell customers to overgarment a larger representation of however this mattress performs successful the existent world.

I besides carried retired a bid of tests to measurement the Allswell's borderline support, unit relief, and question isolation. This afforded maine a much nonsubjective look astatine this bed, beyond my idiosyncratic preferences and imaginable biases. 

First reviewed: August 2023

Alison Barretta

Alison is simply a freelance writer and exertion from Philadelphia, USA. She is an adept mattress tester and slumber merchandise reviewer, and has been sharing trusted buying proposal and retail quality for implicit a decade. When she isn't reviewing mattresses oregon hunting for deals, Alison tin beryllium recovered teaching/training successful martial arts, fawning implicit skincare, and indulging successful her quarantine-borne hobby: cooking.

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