Amazon Echo Show 8 (2nd gen) review: The Alexa smart display for everyone

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The database of the best Alexa-compatible astute displays is beauteous short, with the Echo Show 8 enactment consistently being 1 of the champion bang for your subordinate options. In aboriginal 2021, Amazon issued an update to the astute show to springiness it a faster processor and a massively upgraded camera on with a scope of bundle capabilities to capitalize connected that hardware.

In the Android Authority Amazon Echo Show 8 review, we spot if Amazon’s second-generation mass-market astute show has the chops to instrumentality connected the Google Nest Hub and the increasing fig of fantabulous Google Assistant-enabled astute displays.

What you request to cognize astir the Amazon Echo Show 8

Amazon Echo Show 8 reappraisal  camera pursuing  users

Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

  • Amazon Echo Show 8: $129 / £119 / €129 / Rs. 7499

The Amazon Echo Show 8 (2nd gen, 2021) is the company’s updated mid-range astute show that sits betwixt a 5-inch desk-sized exemplary and the larger 10.1-inch HD screen-toting Echo Show 10 that tin rotate connected its base. The 2021 variation of the astute show includes an upgraded processor and a high-resolution camera for better-quality video calls.

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The Echo Show 8 ships from Amazon and different large retailers globally successful some achromatic and achromatic colors, though users volition person to marque bash with a achromatic powerfulness cablegram regardless. The superior rival for the Echo Show 8 is the Google Nest Hub that has a smaller show and azygous speaker. Users whitethorn besides opt for voice-only astute speakers similar the Amazon Echo that has each the aforesaid capabilities, minus the display, and tin beryllium had for cheaper arsenic well.

What’s good?

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Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

Amazon’s 8-inch astute show keeps overmuch of the aforesaid plan and hardware fundamentals from the exemplary it replaces. The beforehand is dominated by the 8-inch 720p show that tin present set colour and achromatic equilibrium based connected ambient lighting. I privation Amazon had taken the accidental to update the plan a spot and equilibrium retired the bezels. Instead, you get a larger camera cutout.

A carnal slider for privateness is besides included that tin artifact disconnected the camera. The achromatic colour of the camera screen makes definite that you cognize for definite that the camera is physically inaccessible. Shutting the slider volition besides electronically disable the camera, arsenic before.

The dual speakers connected the Echo Show 8 dependable fantastic, and the camera is simply a drastic improvement.

The talker strategy remains unchanged since the first-generation exemplary but the dual speakers inactive output room-filling sound. There’s ample bass and euphony remains wide adjacent erstwhile cranked up loud. In fact, the audio strategy present easy surpasses the 1 connected the first-generation Google Nest Hub (the lone exemplary disposable present successful India), making it an casual prime for anyone looking to get a astute show that doubles up arsenic a tiny streaming euphony system.

Unfortunately, Amazon has opted to region the 3.5mm audio output jack — a imaginable upsell for Amazon’s Echo Link ($199) streaming deck.

Amazon Echo Show 8 driblet  successful  video calls

Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

Another alteration is the front-facing camera. Built for a post-COVID, video call-focused era, the 2021 exemplary Echo Show 8 is being positioned arsenic a hub for video calls alongside its astute location duties. To that effect, the camera gets a monolithic leap from a 1MP shooter to a 13MP camera with an ultra-wide lens.

Swipes and taps respond to actions instantly — a large betterment implicit earlier generations of Amazon's astute displays.

Like the third-generation Echo Show 10, the camera tin present travel subjects and zoom successful to them, making usage of the ample resolution. The deficiency of a carnal rotating assembly similar connected the Echo Show 10 means that you inactive request to enactment wrong the frame. The Echo Show tin marque and judge calls from some Skype and Zoom, successful summation to Alexa’s ain Drop-In video telephone service.

Powering each of that is an upgraded Mediatek MT8183 processor. The much almighty processor has had a noticeable interaction connected responsiveness. Swipes and taps respond to actions instantly alternatively of the seconds you’d often person to hold with earlier generations of Amazon’s astute displays.

What’s not truthful good?

Amazon Echo Show 8 broadside  illustration   with smarthome controls

Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

The bundle is inactive the Achilles’ Heel of Amazon’s astute displays. Admittedly, Amazon has been making moves to marque the interaction show a spot much utile with sticky to-do notes and by opening up the developer ecosystem, but we’re yet to spot the fruits of those efforts. It’s conscionable excessively bloated and unintuitive to beryllium the easy-to-use, speedy entree acquisition it needs to be.

The Echo Show 8 feels similar a voice-first instrumentality with its under-utilized display.

Basic functions similar toggling astute lights tin instrumentality aggregate taps and that’s a occupation that can’t beryllium solved with amended responsiveness. In fact, the full instrumentality seems to beryllium built with a voice-first approach, with interaction capabilities added successful arsenic an afterthought.

Amazon besides doesn’t person an alternate to Google’s fantabulous Cast functionality connected the Nest Hub. This fundamentally locks you into a fistful of streaming services similar Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu. Popping unfastened YouTube is besides an workout successful vexation arsenic it requires you to load up Amazon’s less-than-stellar Silk browser. These issues aren’t caller but they’re not truly expected from a class of devices that is starting to go ubiquitous.

Amazon Echo Show 8 camera pursuing  people

Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

On the camera broadside of things, I came to admit the drastically improved video quality, but the absorption reframing decidedly needs immoderate fixes. The bundle seems to beryllium a spot excessively assertive successful its attempts to support the idiosyncratic successful the framework and I noticed that the camera often kept shuffling betwixt antithetic zoom levels. During my trial calls, I preferred to power disconnected the travel absorption mode.

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Another errant bug I noticed was the occasional echo (heh) successful video calls. I wasn’t capable to replicate the bug consistently, but different reviewers person besides noticed it and I ideate Amazon should beryllium capable to hole it successful software.

Amazon Echo Show 8 review: Should I bargain it?

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Amazon Echo Show 8 2nd Gen Widget Image

Amazon Echo Show 8 (2nd Generation)

The Amazon Echo Show 8 is the company's middle-of-the-line astute show with a dual talker strategy and a 13MP camera for calls. Now successful its 2nd generation, the 8-inch display-equipped instrumentality gets a processor upgrade for amended responsiveness.

Ultimately, the prime to bargain an Echo Show 8 (2nd gen, 2021) rests astir wholly connected which astute adjunct campy you are in. If you’ve already got a clump of Amazon Echo devices, the Show 8 is simply a shoo-in and volition integrate seamlessly with the remainder of your astute location setup. As a astute hub, however, the Google Nest Hub ($99/Rs.6,999) is conscionable a spot much thoughtfully designed to beryllium a amended acceptable for most.

The Echo Show 8 isn't an indispensable buy, but it would beryllium a bully acceptable for anyone invested successful the Amazon ecosystem.

How overmuch inferior you get retired of the Echo Show 8 besides mostly depends connected however galore video calls you expect to make, oregon if you privation a tiny surface to ticker videos connected successful the kitchen. Sure, Amazon is making efforts to summation the bundle usage cases for the display, but arsenic it stands, it is simply faster to usage dependable commands to execute the aforesaid tasks.

The Echo Show 8 is simply a coagulated merchandise should it acceptable your needs, but it’s not a straight-up must-have implicit Amazon’s Echo speakers.

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