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Madison Iseman plays 2 roles successful the enigma thriller.

Amazon Prime Video

I Know What You Did Last Summer, the TV show, is beauteous overmuch precisely what you'd expect from an Amazon Prime Video young big thriller. The formed is diverse, helping to update the '90s slasher flick that came earlier it, and the characters are racy, screen-loving Gen Zers buzzing connected a cocktail of unmentionable drugs.

Though this bid decidedly won't entreaty to everyone, the large twists deed conscionable hard capable to support you crawling connected to the adjacent occurrence (I watched 3 of the 8 for this review). Laying connected arsenic overmuch moody, melodramatic teen angst arsenic possible, I Know What You Did Last Summer might've taken astatine slightest 1 chill pill. But it isn't the worst mode to walk your clip off.

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A fateful agelong of tarmac.

Amazon Prime Video

Impressively, Madison Iseman plays not one, but 2 cardinal roles. Twin sisters Alison and Lennon clash implicit a lad astatine a raging seaside location enactment that takes spot during the fateful Last Summer. The twins person chiseled personas -- 1 is simply a confident, carefree enactment girl; the different is wrestling with societal anxieties. They're the astir absorbing characters, revealing intelligence layers that tease a nexus to a tragic past lawsuit involving their mother.

Big mistakes are made when, astatine the extremity of the night, idiosyncratic ends up dormant connected the broadside of the road. A twelvemonth later, the ominous "I cognize what you did past summer" connection taunts 1 of the twins, on with the appalling murders of those who helped screen up what happened.


Iseman and Ezekiel Goodman.

Amazon Prime Video

Not overmuch subtlety tin beryllium recovered successful the logic down however the radical of friends determine to react. Yet if you spell on with it, the amusement continues to leap from the contiguous to that past summer, teasing retired caller perspectives connected what happened and wherefore radical acted the mode they did. Some mightiness spot the archetypal large twist from a mile off, but still, it's incredibly effective. It makes the already tricky task of guessing the slayer adjacent tougher.

Everything other is unfailingly wild: Someone sends a provocative substance connection that exposes a concealed affair. A four-wheel-drive with tinted windows stalks 1 of the twins. An chartless fig casts a agelong shadiness portion lasting conscionable disconnected screen. For viewers, the task is to sift retired the reddish herrings. Though you're astir apt amended disconnected letting it each play out, nary questions asked.

The bid has large names down the scenes. James Wan, creator of Saw, produces, alongside showrunner Sara Goodman, whose credits see penning much than a twelve episodes of the archetypal Gossip Girl.

The chill kids present aren't to beryllium taken wholly seriously, but they don't truly travel with the dense dollop of trashy amusive recovered in, for example, Netflix's You. Just erstwhile we larn thing deeper astir 1 of the teens, that person's caput goes flying. Death No. 3 (no spoilers) seems a spot unfair.

The archetypal I Know What You Did Last Summer, an adaptation of Lois Duncan's 1973 young big novel, besides avoided the tongue-in-cheek Scream approach. With fewer airy moments, the episodes tin drag, trickling toward their one-hour runtime.

No rusty hooks yet, but Amazon's I Know What You Did Last Summer aims for thing a small much intelligence and unpredictable than your regular slasher show. It mightiness instrumentality itself somewhat excessively seriously, but crucially, the deaths are plentiful: gory, implicit the apical and involving astatine slightest 1 droopy silicone severed caput -- you're decidedly getting what you came for.

The archetypal 4 episodes of I Know What You Did Last Summer deed Amazon Prime Video connected Friday, Oct. 15, followed by a caller occurrence weekly.

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