Amazon Stops Asking Employees to Tweet About Loving Their Job

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Jan 27, 2022, 1:52 p.m. EST | 2 min read

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After an embarrassing 2 years, Amazon’s FC Ambassador programme is yet dead. The institution volition nary longer enlist warehouse employees to tweet astir loving their job. As reported by The Financial Times, elder executives astatine Amazon were “unhappy with the scheme’s mediocre reach” and decided to softly region each signs that FC Ambassadors ever existed.

Amazon launched the FC Ambassador run pursuing reports of mediocre workplace conditions passim the precocious 2010s. As you whitethorn remember, Amazon workers had to pee successful bottles throughout 2019 owed to the deficiency of bath breaks. The institution was besides wide criticized for the carnal demands it enactment connected workers, its automated firing system, and its patent for an “employee transportation cage.”

Employees that were roped into the FC Ambassador programme logged into Amazon-made Twitter accounts to sprout down criticisms of the institution and stock affirmative experiences with pay, bath breaks, decor, and more. But as you mightiness expect, the programme fundamentally had the other effect that it was expected to. It’s hard to judge that idiosyncratic is speaking earnestly erstwhile they’re connected the timepiece and logged into a Twitter relationship labeled “Amazon FC Ambassador.”

A now-deleted Tweet from an FC Ambassador.A now-deleted Tweet from an FC Ambassador. MediaPost

We reached retired to Amazon for a remark connected this story, though the institution chose to archer america astir its regular warehouse tours instead:

The champion mode for radical to cognize what happens down the scenes astatine Amazon is to spot for themselves — that’s wherefore we’re focused connected giving unrecorded tours regular crossed the US and Europe. Our 2022 Tours resume connected February 1, and you tin motion up astatine oregon by searching Amazon FC Tours.

An Amazon spokesperson besides clarified that FC Ambassadors did not person further wage for their duties. They made their job’s mean wage erstwhile tweeting pro-Amazon messages related to bath breaks, motivational poster design, unions, and truthful on.

Speaking of unions, FC Ambassadors often tweeted astir however unionization could negatively interaction their job. While it’s intolerable to cognize the FC Ambassadors’ idiosyncratic opinions, they often focused connected a tiny acceptable of talking points—a motion that anti-union tweets were coordinated by the institution to sway employees’ opinions. Amazon whitethorn person abandoned the FC Ambassador programme owed to its nonaccomplishment successful this area, arsenic multiple warehouses are present organizing to ballot connected unionization. (To beryllium fair, the FC Ambassador run was an outright nonaccomplishment successful each of its pursuits. Amazon is besides excessively tight-lipped to sermon the motivations down this program.)

In a way, we’re going to miss the FC Ambassador program. It was bizarre and bone-chilling, for sure, but it was besides a spot reassuring. Amazon failed to displacement nationalist sentiment successful its favor, and immoderate FC Ambassador accounts (like @AmazonFCRafael) were truthful poorly handled that they became memes.

Source: The Financial Times

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