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Episode 9 of magnificent Star Wars bid Andor came to Disney Plus last Wednesday, with mercenary Cassian Andor adjusting to beingness successful a shiny dystopian Imperial prison with electrified floors. It's particularly galling erstwhile you retrieve that helium was thrown successful determination due to the fact that immoderate random trooper decided to beryllium a bully (and not due to the fact that of the crimes he actually committed).

Since he's utilizing an alias, the Empire doesn't adjacent cognize it's Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) successful custody, and it's inactive hunting the rebels liable for a large heist. Imperial Security Bureau, oregon ISB, Supervisor Dedra Meero (Denise Gough) wants him to corroborate the individuality of a mysterious rebel recruiter and is preparing to interrogate Cassian's friend/former occurrence Bix Caleen (Adria Arjona).

We cognize the recruiter is Luthen Rael (Stellan Skarsgård), who's been trying to person chap rebel Sen. Mon Mothma (Genevieve O'Reilly) that his much convulsive attack is the lone mode to combat the Empire. 

Andor takes spot 5 years earlier Rogue One, which tells the communicative instantly earlier archetypal Star Wars movie A New Hope. It's clip to interrogate each those occurrence 9 SPOILERS.


Never-ending situation sentences

NARKINA 5 -- Cassian has gotten beauteous slick astatine his situation labor, giving him coagulated screen for an flight program he's hatching with a chap inmate. They've spotted holes successful the information strategy and mean to onslaught the guards arsenic a caller captive is escorted into the room. He's besides sneakily filing distant astatine a h2o tube during his toilet breaks, which is an exquisitely classical TV captive move.

Prison portion manager Kino Loy (Andy Serkis, who besides played Supreme Leader Snoke successful the sequel trilogy) is suspicious of Cassian's behavior. He's nearing the extremity of his sentence, truthful helium wants to debar immoderate tomfoolery from the guys he's overseeing. 

Kino Loy gives Cassian Andor a stern look   successful  Andor

Kino Loy is not impressed with Cassian's behavior, not 1 bit.


Cassian tries to get the much experienced Kino to archer him however galore guards are connected each level of the prison, but Kino won't play on with the plottin' and schemin' due to the fact that helium thinks the Empire is ever watching them.

"Nobody's listening!" Cassian shouts astatine Kino, knowing that Imperials are lazier than they appear.

It's kinda fascinating that the fearfulness the Empire instills successful radical makes the totalitarian authorities consciousness omnipotent, peculiarly to those anxious to conform. Rebellious thinkers similar Cassian tin spot the world of rank-and-file Imperial incompetence, but convincing others isn't easy.

There's besides an overpowering consciousness done the occurrence that aged captive Ulaf (Christopher Fairbank) isn't gonna past overmuch longer, contempt being ace adjacent to the extremity of his sentence. He's struggling with the work, and appears to beryllium suffering immoderate benignant of cognitive diminution -- it's a chillingly realistic and bittersweet concern to watch.

Despite each this, the situation remains orderly until Cassian and the boys get upwind that the Empire fried an full level of inmates for "making trouble." Kino urges calm but is intelligibly freaking out.

It each comes to a caput erstwhile Ulaf has a monolithic changeable and a doc (who's besides a prisoner) is forced to euthanize him, telling Cassian and Kino helium can't truly prevention anyone.

He besides reveals that a level of inmates rioted aft a captive who'd seemingly been released aft finishing his condemnation was accidentally dropped backmost successful alternatively of being sent to different detention center. The Empire fried them each to support it quiet, but that intelligibly didn't work. Probably due to the fact that the authorities is chiefly staffed by cruel, anserine jerks.

Knowing the Empire isn't going to fto him oregon anyone other out, Kino yet tells Cassian determination are "never much than 12" guards connected each level, confirming that he's connected committee with the flight plan.

Imperial interrogation

FERRIX -- Dedra shifts betwixt calm, persuasive and threatening successful her interrogation of Bix, and it's glorious to watch. 

"The precise worst happening you tin bash close present is bore me," the sneering Imperial tells her captive.

Bix seems to travel adjacent to revealing Cassian's astir caller sojourn but doesn't crack. It's admirable, but it results successful Dedra calling connected her torturer buddy Dr. Gorst (Joshua James). At slightest he's polite and smiley.

Dedra Meero leans towards a seated Bix Caleen successful  Andor

Don't bore her Bix.


It turns retired that he's developed an audio torture method that uses the recorded decease cries of Dizonites, a taxon the Empire slaughtered for resisting its expansion. And the cries of the species' children person proved to beryllium astir effective. I accidental that's an businesslike usage of horrific warfare crimes, if you're a soulless monster.

We don't perceive the sound, but Bix has a terrible absorption astir instantly aft it's activated. Pity she knows precise small of usage to Dedra.

This visuals and editing of this country besides subtly reflector the moments wherever Princess Leia is tortured successful A New Hope.

The section Imperial brag asks to bent Paak, Bix's person and the proprietor of the vigor she utilized to interaction Luthen, arsenic a informing to others having rebellious ideas. Dedra agrees, due to the fact that of people she does.

Democracy withers

CORUSCANT -- In the Imperial Senate, Mon Mothma voices absorption to the harsh caller information measures the Empire pushed done successful the aftermath of the Aldhani heist. She's shouted down, due to the fact that the Senate is spiraling toward irrelevance -- Emperor Palpatine volition dissolve it permanently 5 years aft this point, successful A New Hope.

"Long unrecorded the Empire!" idiosyncratic yells. 

Deflated, she returns location to find that her relative has arrived -- it turns retired Mon is related to awesome rebel existent believer Vel Sartha (Faye Marsay).

Mon Mothma and Vel Sartha speech   successful  beforehand   of a achromatic  doorway  successful  Andor

Cousins Mon Mothma and Vel Sartha disagree astir the rebellion's direction.


After Vel acts similar a chill aunt to Mon's teenage girl Leida (Bronte Carmichael), she and Mon person a tense speech astir the convulsive tactics progressive successful anti-Imperial enactment she's doing for Luthen.

"We've chosen a side. We're warring against the dark," Vel responds. "We're making thing of our lives."

However, Mon is having doubts astir the full rebel effort and asks Vel to "act similar a spoiled affluent miss for a while" earlier she leaves.

Mon's efforts to stitchery wealth for the rebellion person besides tally into problems. Her banker buddy Tay Kolma (Ben Miles) suggests they enlist the assistance of sketchy financier Davo Sculdun, which is simply a breathtakingly beauteous Star Wars transgression name. 

All hail Davo Sculdun.

Dedra Meero gives Syril Karn a look   of disgust successful  Andor

Dedra isn't pleased astir being stalked, understandably.


Connecting the dots

At ISB headquarters, Dedra delivers a study connected Coruscant and starts to link Cassian to Aldhani with the Aldani heist. She and her superiors besides travel up with a strategy to acceptable a trap for unseen rebel Anton Kreegyr, whom Luthen wanted extremist rebel Saw Gerrera to enactment with. It feels similar the Dedra is getting person and person to Luthen. 

Outside the building, she besides runs into ex-security serviceman Syril Karn (Kyle Soller). He's seemingly go obsessed with her since she questioned Cassian, stalked her to her workplace, and fundamentally says he's successful emotion with her fascistic ways. Dude, conscionable halt and spell home.

She isn't having immoderate of it, and tells him she'll person him arrested if she sees him again. Oh, Syril, you large fool.

Rogue thoughts, unanswered questions and Easter eggs

  • Christopher Fairbank, the histrion who plays Ulaf and who had a small-but-awesome role successful Tim Burton's 1989 Batman -- he's the terrified goon, who has the grant of proceeding the awesome "I'm Batman" introduction.
  • Refreshingly, this amusement avoids the TV situation trope of inmates trying to shank each other. The prisoners look beauteous supportive of chap inmates -- speech from the occasional bout of despair -- and it's kinda heartwarming.
  • Mon's jerk hubby Perrin mocks Vel for not having a husband, since Chandrilans wed successful their teens. 
  • I emotion however Syril obnoxiously slurps from his vessel of cereal aft telling his excruciatingly overbearing parent that he's been promoted. 
  • What the heck bash the dying Dizonites dependable like?

Come backmost for much Easter eggs and observations next Wednesday, Nov. 9, erstwhile occurrence 10 of Andor hits Disney Plus. 

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