Android’s Game Dashboard quietly expands to more devices

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  • Android’s Game Dashboard debuted earlier this twelvemonth for the Pixel 6 series.
  • It present seems Google is softly rolling retired the diagnostic to much Pixel phones.
  • It’s imaginable the diagnostic could find its mode to non-Pixel phones.

If you’re idiosyncratic who likes to play games connected your telephone and you’re a Pixel 6 owner, past you whitethorn beryllium acquainted with Android’s Game Dashboard. Originally lone disposable connected the Pixel 6 series, the diagnostic is present softly appearing connected different smartphones.

Earlier this year, Android 12 introduced a caller diagnostic for mobile gamers called Game Dashboard. The diagnostic appears arsenic a idiosyncratic interface that allows you to rapidly instrumentality screenshots, support way of your frames per 2nd (fps), grounds gameplay, and adjacent watercourse to YouTube directly. You’ll find it successful the apical close country of the surface wherever a controller icon appears.

According to Sr. Technical Editor of Esper, Mishaal Rahman, the diagnostic was tied to SystemUIGoogle, exclusive to Pixel phones, and lone enabled connected the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. However, Rahman said that it appeared Google was moving connected a mode to bring it to Google Play Services.

By the clip Android 13 came out, Google had accomplished the task of making the dashboard a portion of Google Play Services. As a result, Android 13 ended up bringing the diagnostic to the Pixel 6a. Now that Android 13 is much wide available, it appears that the diagnostic is present uncovering its mode to older Pixel devices.

According to Rahman, owners of the Pixel 4 and 5 bid person started to find Game Dashboard connected their devices. If you privation to spot if your telephone has the feature, each you person to bash is spell to Settings and scroll down and click connected Google. If you person the feature, you’ll spot Game Dashboard successful the database beneath and you’ll beryllium capable to crook it on.

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Ryan McNeal / Android Authority

If you person a non-Pixel device, there’s inactive anticipation for you yet. Now that Game Dashboard is fundamentally an Android 13 feature, it’s imaginable that Google could yet alteration the diagnostic connected different devices.

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