AnyCubic Kobra Plus 3D printer

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This mid-scale printer packs functions and features that marque it a person successful an progressively packed field. While the archetypal operation is simply a small fiddly, you'll inactive beryllium capable to get the printer up and moving successful 10-15 minutes. Print prime is superb, and the wide easiness of usage and reliability marque this an fantabulous prime for anyone needing a 3D printer that is susceptible of printing larger items.


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    Well priced

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    Large people area

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    Large footprint

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    No upgrade options

Specs sheet

Build volume: 300x300x350mm
Memory: SD Card
Nozzle size: 0.4mm
Layer height: 0.05-0.30mm
Bed: Carborundum glass
Software: CURA
Materials: PLA, PETG, ASA, ABS, Flex


AnyCubic is good known for its solid, well-priced machines, with the Kobra bid the latest merchandise from the company. As with erstwhile AnyCubic 3D printers, the physique and plan are solid, and the attack is simple, solid, reliable and usable. 

There are nary large upgrade options oregon quality to swap and alteration parts; though the nozzle tin beryllium replaced, this is simply a straightforward, high-quality 3D printer. 

AnyCubic Kobra Plus

(Image credit: AnyCubic)

The scope is good priced and follows the aforesaid plan aesthetic throughout, with lone marginal changes babelike connected size. Ease of usage is the moving taxable here, with the coagulated physique and easy-to-navigate LCD interaction surface making the AnyCubic Kobra perfect for beginners and intermediate users. 

The Kobra Plus has 1 of the largest people platforms of immoderate fused filament printer of this size that we’ve looked at. The Kobra Plus has a batch to unrecorded up to, pursuing connected from AnyCubic's erstwhile solid-performing FFF 3D printers, and the information that it is simply a interaction much costly than galore of its large-scale rivals besides means that it has a batch to bash to beryllium its worth.


The AnyCubic Kobra Plus is the largest 3D Printer successful the Kobra range. It features a immense people level of 400x400x450mm that enables you to nutrient models overmuch larger than astir different 3D printers astatine this terms constituent specified arsenic the Mingda Magician Plus 320x320x400mm. 

The usage of integrative successful the operation of 3D printers and present AnyCubic has played it harmless with wide produced injection molded parts, mixed with a metallic operation that offers a coagulated printing base.  

When the printer arrives, it's comparatively speedy to acceptable up; however, the size and value bash marque it a small fiddly, particularly erstwhile bolting successful the vertical frame. An further brace of hands whitethorn beryllium indispensable for immoderate builders.

Once the main vertical is installed, the connecting wires tin beryllium plugged successful and the instrumentality powered on. As with astir machines, there's a speedy calibration process, and a fewer trial prints amusement immoderate adjustments required to fine-tune the archetypal prints. We recovered determination was a request to fine-tune the Z-axis, and astir apt owed to the ambient vigor successful the store astatine present, the retraction and PLA worldly vigor settings were besides adjusted. 

When it comes to design, the filament reel is mounted disconnected to the broadside of the machine, which does mean that the instrumentality takes up rather a spot of worktop space, and determination is nary enactment to apical equine the reel – unless you people a customized equine that you plan yourself. 

AnyCubic Kobra Plus

(Image credit: AnyCubic)

The powerfulness socket and power are neatly tucked astir the broadside down the filament reel holder, which helps to support things neat. 

One contented with the plan was the magnitude of abstraction the printer takes up. It is large successful height, width and depth. The filament reel extends the width, and past the extent is accrued by a stepper centrifugal sticking retired the backmost and the loop tensioner sticking retired the beforehand and different astatine the side. 

AnyCubic Kobra Plus

(Image credit: AnyCubic)

Once plentifulness of abstraction was recovered for the printer, the archetypal set-up was complete, and a fewer trial prints were tally done the system, and aboriginal signs were encouraging.


The Kobra Plus is ample physically arsenic a instrumentality and successful level size with a 300 x 300 x 350mm physique area.. The carnal size of the instrumentality is 605 x 560 x 546mm, which besides makes it 1 of the largest machines of its type, weighing successful astatine 11kg, which is astir average.

AnyCubic has besides packed successful precocious features that, until recently, wouldn't person featured connected a printer astatine this price. These see a treble screw centrifugal that ensures close question done the Z axis, AnyCubic LeviQ, a Smart auto-leveling strategy and filament run-out detection that volition intermission the people if the filament ends oregon breaks during the printing process.

Alongside its precocious features, the Kobra Plus offers a nozzle size of 0.4mm, and this nozzle is replaceable. It tin scope a somesthesia of 260ºC, which means wide compatibility with astir communal filaments. Made from ultra-tough textured Carborundum glass, the people level offers plentifulness of abstraction and decent adhesion and tin beryllium heated to 90ºC

AnyCubic Kobra Plus

(Image credit: AnyCubic)

Print speeds are awesome astatine 18cm/s with a printing accuracy of ± 0.1 mm and furniture thickness choices of betwixt 50 - 300 μm - but it isn’t excessively noisy for this. We measured the printer astatine ≤ 60 dB, truthful portion you tin perceive it, you tin besides get connected with different jobs without it being excessively distracting. 


AnyCubic supplied the caller printer with its ain 1.75mm PLA filament, which we utilized alongside filaments from PRUSA and ColorFabb. The prime of the AnyCubic filament was easy comparable and enabled the Kobra Plus to nutrient immoderate precise good prints. 

As already mentioned, the set-up for the Kobra Plus was straightforward, if a small fiddly, owed to the bulk and weight. Once done, the 3D printer was speedy to calibrate with lone a flimsy tweak of the Z-axis tallness needed earlier the trial prints could beryllium decently tally done the machine. 

The Owl exemplary that comes pre-installed connected the MicroSD paper is printed without responsibility with the precision and decorativeness you would anticipation from a illustration model. 

AnyCubic Kobra Plus

(Image credit: AnyCubic)

As we started printing my ain 3D models, we had to make the Kobra Plus illustration successful Cura. Cura is simply a spot of bundle that fundamentally slices a 3D exemplary into a bid of coordinates and layers that tin past beryllium understood by the 3D printer. Because the illustration was pre-installed astatine the clip of the reappraisal the archetypal set-up took a small longer than expected, but was by nary means hard - determination are plentifulness of instructions online to assistance usher you done the process. 

Once those Cura adjustments were made, determination was small to beryllium done with the machine; popular successful the MicroSD paper successful the front, prime the exemplary utilizing the interaction surface interface and click people - each precise simple. 

AnyCubic Kobra Plus

(Image credit: AnyCubic)

In the accustomed AnyCubic style, the interface to the interaction surface is functional alternatively than beautifully designed, but there's nary faulting that functionality. 

Checking retired the printer with a bid of tests, the printer started to travel into its own. The simplicity of usage is truly astatine the bosom of this printer. Want to people big? That's not a problem; the Kobra Plus is comparatively fast, quiescent and highly reliable. 

When printing astatine this scale, having a printer with a filament run-out sensor is essential. Here, the AnyCubic run-out sensor does a large job, stopping erstwhile the filament runs retired and enabling you to instal different reel earlier continuing the print.

AnyCubic Kobra Plus

(Image credit: AnyCubic)

When it comes to performance, determination is precise small to fault. 

Dimensional accuracy - people of 4

Target 25 = X: 24.61mm / 0.39mm Error | Y: 24.88mm / 0.12mm Error 

Target 20 = X: 19.70mm / 0.30mm Error | Y: 19.97mm / 0.03mm Error

Target 15 = X: 14.74mm / 0.26mm Error | Y: 14.96mm / 0.04mm Error 

Target 10 = X: 19.89mm / 0.11mm Error | Y: 10.00mm / 0mm Error 

Target 5 = X: 4.93mm / 0..07mm Error | Y: 5.09mm / 0.09mm Error

X Error Average = 0.23

Y Error Average = 0.07

X&Y Error Average = 0.15

Fine Flow Control - people of 2.5

Fine Negative Features - people of 4

Overhangs - people of 5

Bridging - people of 5 

XY resonance - people of 2.5

Z-axis alignment - people of 2.5

Adding up the totals gives a last people of 25.5 retired of 30.


The AnyCubic Kobra Plus is simply a large 3D printer with the institution giving you the quality to people large connected a low-cost machine. 

The size is the archetypal happening that strikes you astir the instrumentality - not lone the immense people measurement but the wide carnal size and weight. Although compared with different machines with this size of people area, the Kobra Plus is really reasonably lightweight.

What stands retired astir the Kobra Plus is that each the features are truthful embedded successful the plan and relation of the instrumentality that you hide they're there. Such as, the car furniture leveling works erstwhile an archetypal Z-axis tweak is done. Then there's the filament detection and interaction surface that each harvester to marque your 3D printing beingness easy. 

AnyCubic Kobra Plus

(Image credit: AnyCubic)

A fewer areas, however, did commencement to bug maine during the review; the solid people furniture tin beryllium a nightmare erstwhile extracting prints. Most were removed without issue, but a few, including the Owl sample, that wouldn't budge adjacent aft being near for a mates of hours to chill down properly. These days a flexi-metal furniture is decidedly a requirement.

A metallic furniture and the plan of the UI could each beryllium a small much refined, but past you person to retrieve that this 3D printer is not that expensive, and you're getting a immense magnitude for your money. 

The AnyCubic Kobra Plus is simply a 3D printer that impresses successful size, people prime and reliability. 

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