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There's ever that 1 point that tends to spell missing arsenic soon arsenic you're retired of eyesight. But alternatively of retracing your steps, effort placing an Apple AirTag connected oregon successful immoderate it is that you thin to misplace. 

While mostly you request to beryllium wrong Bluetooth scope to find your AirTag, you tin usage Apple's Find My work to find it if it's further distant but -- and this is important to retrieve -- inactive successful scope of different Apple instrumentality (here's how the Find My web works). To bash so, conscionable enactment your AirTag into Lost Mode and you'll get a notification erstwhile it's wrong scope of the Find My network. 

We'll archer you immoderate uncommon places wherever you tin enactment an AirTag that you whitethorn not person thought of before. For much details, here's how to archer if an AirTag is tracking your location connected Android.

In your structure erstwhile you spell hiking

If you're mounting up campy successful a determination you've ne'er visited, it could beryllium utile to spot an AirTag wrong your structure truthful you tin easy find your campsite. For instance, if you determine to hike respective miles 1 day, you tin usage Find My to look up the AirTag's past determination (your tent) and get directions backmost to the campsite. Remember, it'll request to beryllium wrong scope of anyone else's device, truthful don't trust connected this retired successful the wilderness. (This is besides wherefore Apple advises you not to usage AirTags connected pets.)

In your overgarment pocket

How often person you near your overgarment down successful a restaurant, barroom oregon friend's house? Forgetting to drawback your overgarment erstwhile you caput retired is casual to do, particularly if the upwind is warmer than you expected oregon your hands are afloat of leftovers and to-go cups.

If you cognize you'll beryllium hanging your overgarment connected a overgarment rack -- oregon the backmost of a seat -- erstwhile you arrive, spot an AirTag wrong the pouch truthful you cognize wherever you near it. This tin assistance forestall yet different favourite overgarment from getting lost, and little wealth retired of your wallet to regenerate it.

Inside your luggage

Airports tin beryllium tricky to navigate, and tin go particularly hard erstwhile you're trying to find the close luggage pickup. Sometimes you hold 30 minutes until your bags yet rotation retired connected the conveyor loop -- and sometimes they get lost. To relieve the accent of trying to find your suitcase, you tin enactment an AirTag tracker wrong truthful you tin way its whereabouts. 

This tin assistance you find retired if your bags were near connected the airplane, if they're connected the conveyor loop but you haven't spotted them yet oregon if idiosyncratic mistakenly grabbed your luggage. Once you find retired wherever your bags are, you tin remedy the concern and proceed connected to wherever you're going.

Open laptop bag

Place an AirTag wrong your laptop container truthful you'll halt misplacing it.

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Inside your laptop bag

Laptop bags tin beryllium easy near down astatine a cafe erstwhile you're picking up java for everyone astatine the office. When your hands are afloat and you're distracted wondering however you're going to unfastened your car door, it's hard to retrieve to drawback your container from the booth you were sitting in. 

That's wherefore it's a bully thought to spot an AirTag wrong 1 of the pockets. You volition beryllium capable to not lone find your costly laptop but besides prevention immoderate confidential institution oregon idiosyncratic accusation you had successful your bag.

In a hidden spot connected your bicycle

If it hasn't happened to you, you astir apt cognize idiosyncratic who has had this experience. You get location from a motorcycle ride, spell wrong to drawback h2o and thing to devour and wholly hide astir your motorcycle you near outside. Or possibly you went to the store, didn't fastener your motorcycle up and erstwhile you came backmost it was gone. 

If you spot an AirTag successful a hidden spot connected the bike, you tin easy find it. We don't urge tracking the bicycle down connected your ain though. It's champion to notify the constabulary and fto them retrieve your motorcycle for you to debar immoderate unsafe situations.

This method besides works connected your car if it's been stolen oregon towed distant -- oregon if you can't retrieve wherever you parked it. Although if you person an iPhone and it's connected to your car via Bluetooth, your telephone tin find wherever you past near it.

iPhone locating an AirTag

Your iPhone tin find your AirTag.

Sarah Tew/CNET

More communal areas to enactment your AirTag

AirTag is commonly utilized to find these items.

  • Your purse oregon wallet
  • Your keychain
  • Your telephone oregon tablet
  • The distant to your TV
  • Anything invaluable that you permission extracurricular your home

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