Apple Is Rethinking the iPad’s Stage Manager Feature

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Stage Manager was announced earlier this year arsenic a caller iPad and Mac feature, but it’s a bigger woody for iPads. It volition bring overlapping exertion windows to the iPad for the archetypal time, but present Apple is rethinking the feature.

Stage Manager was expected to debut connected iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura, but the Mac update isn’t retired yet, and iPadOS 16 was publicly delayed. Apple didn’t accidental the nonstop crushed for the delay, but Stage Manager successful the archetypal beta builds was a unsmooth experience, to accidental the least. The iPad mentation allows for much desktop-like multi-tasking, but the existing split-screen strategy was confusingly near successful place, and not each apps were compatible with resizing.

New beta builds of iPadOS 16.1 (it’s skipping 16.0) and iOS 16.1 were released today, and determination are important changes to Stage Manager. According to MacRumors, it’s present disposable connected the 2018 and 2020 iPad Pro models with A12Z and A12X chips. Before now, Stage Manager lone worked connected iPads with M1 chipsets — Apple said successful June that the diagnostic relied connected the M1’s enhanced swap memory.

Stage Manager besides nary longer works connected outer displays, which was 1 of the main selling points to commencement with. Apple showed disconnected the diagnostic with an outer show (pictured above) earlier this twelvemonth during WWDC, which turned the iPad into a much Mac-like (or Samsung DeX-like) desktop experience. Apple plans to bring the diagnostic backmost successful a aboriginal update to iPadOS 16, but outer show enactment volition inactive necessitate an iPad with an M1 chip.

Apple told Engadget successful a statement, “we introduced Stage Manager arsenic a full caller mode to multitask with overlapping, resizable windows connected some the iPad show and a abstracted outer display, with the quality to tally up to 8 unrecorded apps connected surface astatine once. Delivering this multi-display enactment is lone imaginable with the afloat powerfulness of M1-based iPads. Customers with iPad Pro 3rd and 4th procreation person expressed beardown involvement successful being capable to acquisition Stage Manager connected their iPads. In response, our teams person worked hard to find a mode to present a single-screen mentation for these systems, with enactment for up to 4 unrecorded apps connected the iPad surface astatine once.”

Source: MacRumors, Engadget

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