Apple Music officially launches on the PS5

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Apple Music is coming to a gaming console, and it’s the PlayStation 5. The caller app lets Apple Music subscribers watercourse euphony from the work connected Sony’s latest console, akin to what’s antecedently been imaginable with Spotify. Audio tin beryllium played successful the inheritance portion gaming oregon conscionable played connected its own.

This is the PS5’s 2nd large integration with an Apple service, aft some it and Microsoft's Xbox launched with the Apple TV Plus app past year. Earlier this year, Sony extended the concern to connection six months of escaped Apple TV Plus membership to PS5 owners. Having Apple Music connected a console is simply a bully summation if you’re looking to simplify your TV setup and debar having to power excessively overmuch betwixt dedicated streaming boxes and built-in apps.

News of the PS5’s Apple Music app emerged aft a Reddit idiosyncratic spotted the streaming work successful the console’s euphony menu, and Eurogamer was subsequently able to get the icon to look by creating a caller account. Apple Music is besides disposable connected Android, Amazon Echo, Chrome OS, Sonos, the web, and of course, Apple’s ain scope of hardware.


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