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Here's a terrific solution for anyone looking to adhd immoderate originative flair to formulas and tables. Because it's lone offered connected Apple devices, its scope is limited, however, though determination is simply a web-based mentation you tin usage connected the fly.


  • Ease of use
  • Free connected Apple devices
  • Not conscionable astir tables


  • Fewer functions than Microsoft Excel
  • Limited reach
  • Not precise fashionable extracurricular of Apple

Here's a terrific solution for anyone looking to adhd immoderate originative flair to formulas and tables. Because it's lone offered connected Apple devices, its scope is limited, however, though determination is simply a web-based mentation you tin usage connected the fly.


  • +

    Ease of use

  • +

    Free connected Apple devices

  • +

    Not conscionable astir tables


  • -

    Fewer functions than Microsoft Excel

  • -

    Limited reach

  • -

    Not precise fashionable extracurricular of Apple

First introduced successful 2007 for Mac, Apple Numbers is the iPhone maker's reply to the best-selling Microsoft Excel. It's portion of the iWork suite that besides includes Pages and Keynote. Like those different apps, Apple Numbers is lone offered connected Apple devices, including Mac, iPad, and iPhone. However, there's besides a web-based solution disposable to anyone with an iCloud relationship and a browser. 

Its cleanable looks and easiness of usage person ever been a beardown selling constituent for Apple Numbers. But, unfortunately, due to the fact that it's not disposable connected Windows oregon Android, its usefulness is constricted to lone a fistful of users. 

Apple Numbers: Plans and pricing

Apple erstwhile charged for Numbers and the remainder of the iWork suite. However, since 2017, the apps person been wholly escaped to usage crossed aggregate devices. In addition, Apple's iMovie and GarageBand besides became escaped astatine the aforesaid time. You'll find Apple Numbers preinstalled connected Mac and iPad; you tin download your escaped transcript for iPhone connected the App Store. 

Apple Numbers Templates

Choosing a template successful Apple Numbers connected Mac (Image credit: Future)

Apple Numbers: Features

As immoderate Microsoft Excel idiosyncratic volition archer you, that bundle rubric uses tables arsenic its superior instrumentality with different media types thrown successful arsenic optional add-ons. By contrast, Apple Numbers takes a free-form "canvas" attack wherever tables are conscionable 1 of galore types of media you tin spot connected a document. This quality is reasoning capable for long-time Microsoft Excel users ne'er to marque the switch. And yet, Apple Numbers doesn't people those users. Instead, it's focused connected originative types, students, and mundane location users who privation to make eye-opening, sometimes splashy, documents that hap to see tables successful astir cases. As Apple explains presently connected the Numbers webpage, with the app, "Everything adds up. Beautifully."

With this successful mind, antithetic features basal retired astir Apple Numbers that marque it worthy considering starting with its many templates

Like its companion app, Apple Pages, Apple Numbers offers a scope of mockups you tin usage to statesman a caller document. These instrumentality antithetic forms, including idiosyncratic finance, business, and education. Once you prime a template, adjacent a blank one, you tin rapidly adhd your accusation and marque adjustments. It's besides imaginable to make templates arsenic starting points for aboriginal documents. Better still, you tin entree them connected immoderate instrumentality utilizing iCloud. The galore pre-packaged templates see ones for keeping way of nett worth, shared expenses, there's adjacent a question planner and galore more. 

One of Apple Numbers' newest and astir invaluable features is reimagined forms. With a caller setup, forms are overmuch easier to make and customize. In addition, forms are disposable crossed aggregate devices and look particularly awesome connected iPads, wherever integer signifier instauration is possibly astir needed. 

Apple Numbers formulas

(Image credit: Future)

Moving on, though Microsoft Excel has much built-in functions, Apple Numbers isn't lacking here. It supports hundreds of functions, and the app's intuitive controls marque it imaginable to execute analyzable calculations successful conscionable a fewer steps. You tin besides rapidly research patterns and trends with the Pivot Tables information investigation tool.

Meanwhile, iPad users with an Apple Pencil volition find worth from the handwriting instrumentality that's built into each iWork app, including Apple Numbers. Scribble automatically turns your handwritten numbers and information into typed text. Imagine utilizing this instrumentality with integer forms that end-users mightiness beryllium asked to capable retired astatine a schoolhouse oregon enactment — nary typing required. 

One of the biggest reasons to clasp Apple Numbers arsenic an Apple-exclusive idiosyncratic is its integration with different Apple devices. Whether you're moving betwixt iPad and Mac, iPhone to the web, etc., your documents are accessible and unafraid astatine each times — arsenic agelong arsenic you prevention the documents to iCloud. For example, you tin commencement a Numbers papers connected your location MacBook Air, marque edits connected your iPad, past backmost again. As agelong arsenic there's an net connection, the information automatically syncs. 

It's besides indispensable to recognize however Apple handles collaboration and papers sharing successful Apple Numbers. It's effortless to stock contented among different Apple users. You tin now, for example, adhd a record to a shared iCloud Drive folder for viewing and editing among a team. The comments enactment makes it imaginable to spot everyone's edits successful real-time. Add comments oregon reply to others to make threaded conversations. 

You tin besides stock Numbers documents with Microsoft Excel users. To bash so, however, you'll archetypal request to person the record successful Numbers. 

Finally, determination are Smart Categories. The instrumentality allows you to signifier and summarize tables to supply further penetration quickly. For tin usage Smart Categories, for example, to radical information by antithetic values and day ranges. From there, it's conscionable a substance of adding a fewer steps to make charts of the summarized data. 

Apple Pages: Interface and successful use

Like different iWork apps, Apple Numbers doesn't get bogged down with thing similar Microsoft's tired Ribbon. Instead, you'll find the antithetic options done a minimalistic toolbar and optional sidebars. This setup works due to the fact that it's highly intuitive. For instance, adjacent caller users volition recognize what options are disposable nether the toolbar's Insert, Table, and Chart headings. The aforesaid goes for the sidebar Table, Cell, Text, and Arrange tabs. 

Apple Numbers: Support

Apple provides capable enactment for Numbers done its website. There is besides an progressive Apple Numbers assemblage online, and Apple Books offers assorted guides, including galore that are free. 

Apple Numbers: The competition

Undoubtedly, astir the full satellite uses Microsoft Excel erstwhile it comes to spreadsheets. Apple understands this, and it's wherefore it doesn't specifically people concern users for Numbers. 

Microsoft Excel and Apple Numbers are inactive not the lone options available. Google Sheets, similar Apple Numbers, is different escaped option. There's besides Zoho Sheet, LibreOffice, and more. 

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Blank leafage   successful  Apple Numbers

A blank Apple Numbers canvas (Image credit: Future)

Apple Numbers: Final verdict

There are 2 ways of looking astatine Apple Numbers and wherever it fits into the spreadsheet universe. First, if you're exclusively utilizing Apple products and program connected collaborating lone with Apple users, Numbers is simply a terrific choice. And due to the fact that it's free, you person thing to lose. 

Everyone other is astir surely going to beryllium utilizing Microsoft Excel, reluctantly oregon otherwise, and that's fine. Unlike Apple Numbers, Microsoft Excel is disposable crossed aggregate platforms, including Windows, Mac, and mobile, making it perfect for astir of the planet, particularly those looking to bash analyzable calculations that necessitate galore functions. It's not free, however, which is thing those without a firm relationship volition person to consider. 

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