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Apple released iOS 16.6 beta 2 to nationalist beta testers Thursday, a fewer days earlier the institution holds its Worldwide Developers Conference. We don't expect galore caller features with iOS 16.6 since Apple is expected to denote iOS 17 astatine WWDC.

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New iOS features tin beryllium fun, but we urge lone downloading a beta connected thing different than your superior telephone conscionable successful lawsuit the caller bundle causes issues. Apple besides provides beta testers with an app called Feedback. Testers tin notify Apple of immoderate issues successful the caller bundle with the app, that mode the occupation tin beryllium addressed earlier wide release. 

Here's what could beryllium coming to your iPhone with iOS 16.6.

iMessage Contact Key Verification

Apple announced iMessage Contact Key Verification successful December 2022 alongside Security Keys for your iCloud account

"With iMessage Contact Key Verification, users who look bonzer integer threats … tin take to further verify that they are messaging lone with the radical they intend," Apple wrote successful a quality merchandise astatine the time.

The archetypal iOS 16.6 beta appeared to see immoderate of the model for Contact Key Verification, but with iOS 16.6 beta 2, that seems to person disappeared. If you went to Settings and searched for "Contact Key Verification" successful the archetypal iOS 16.6 beta, you could spot an enactment for the feature. But that enactment vanished successful the 2nd iOS 16.6 beta.

More Beats Studio Buds icons

The 2nd iOS 16.6 beta adds 2 caller colour icons for Beats Studio Buds, according to the website Gadget Hacks. The caller colour icons are for the ivory and transparent Beats Studio Buds, truthful if you person either of those earbuds you should spot those icons connected your iPhone with the latest beta.

New iCloud for Windows prompt

Gadget Hacks besides reports iOS 16.6 beta 2 adds a caller punctual erstwhile you effort to log into iCloud for Windows erstwhile your iPhone and Windows machine aren't connected the aforesaid Wi-Fi network. The caller punctual reportedly advises you to usage a antithetic web and that your iPhone and Windows machine request to beryllium connected the aforesaid network.

Apple hasn't announced a merchandise day for iOS 16.6. Apple mightiness see much features successful iOS 16.6, and there's nary warrant that these features volition beryllium included successful the update. 

For much iOS news, cheque retired what CNET's Patrick Holland hopes is included successful iOS 17 and what iOS 17 should bargain from Android 14. You tin besides cheque retired what's caller successful iOS 16.5 and why you should download that update now.


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