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Get ready: You tin download Apple's iOS 17 for iPhones today, Sept. 18. The update volition bring personalized interaction posters, StandBy mode and much much that iPhone users should beryllium excited about.

The merchandise of iOS 17 follows Apple's "Wonderlust" event last week, wherever the tech elephantine unveiled the iPhone 15 family, the Apple Watch Series 9, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 and each the software upgrades that travel on with the caller hardware. 

If you program to update to iOS 17 arsenic soon arsenic it drops, you'll privation to travel the steps beneath to marque definite your telephone is acceptable for the upgrade. And here's however to preorder the caller iPhone 15.

First, marque definite your iPhone is compatible with iOS 17

Here's the afloat database of the iPhones that volition support Apple's caller bundle update. And if you're funny successful buying the iPhone 15, here's however to preorder it

And though the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max haven't yet been released, they volition each travel preinstalled with iOS 17.

iPhone 15 adjacent  to iPhone 15 Pro connected  a achromatic  background

The iPhone 15 series, which volition beryllium disposable connected Sept. 22, volition travel with iOS 17.


Back up your iPhone earlier updating to iOS 17

Backing up immoderate instrumentality earlier an update is usually a bully idea. Most of the time, your telephone volition update usually with nary hiccups. But connected the uncommon juncture that thing goes wrong, arsenic was the lawsuit for immoderate iPhone owners when iOS 10 launched in 2016, you'll privation to beryllium prepared. If you person the time, it's besides a large thought to spell done your photograph and app libraries to delete immoderate unnecessary contented truthful that it takes little clip to backmost up your device.

We urge backing up your iPhone instantly earlier installing the caller bundle truthful your backup is arsenic caller arsenic possible.

There are a mates of ways to backmost up your iPhone oregon iPad, and they're each simple. The easiest mode is done iCloud. 


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How to backmost up your iPhone done iCloud

First unfastened your device's Settings and pat your name.

Screenshot by Lisa Eadicicco/CNET

Then, take the iCloud option.

Screenshot by Lisa Eadicicco/CNET

Scroll down to Device Backups and past tap iCloud Backup

Screenshot by Lisa Eadicicco/CNET

From here, you tin take to backmost up your telephone close present by tapping Back Up Now. You tin besides crook connected iCloud Backup, which automatically backs up apps and information erstwhile your telephone is connected to Wi-Fi, plugged successful and locked. You'll announcement that Apple tells you the past clip this instrumentality was backed up close underneath the Back Up Now button.

Screenshot by Lisa Eadicicco/CNET

Before backing up your iPhone, it's besides a bully thought to spot precisely however overmuch iCloud retention you have. To bash this, motorboat Settings, pat your name, take iCloud and prime Manage Account Storage. This volition amusement you details astir your iCloud plan, however overmuch abstraction you person near successful your iCloud, and each of the devices that are backing up to your iCloud account. For free, you get 5GB of iCloud space. Additional retention starts astatine $1 period for 50GB and, starting Sept. 18, tops retired astatine $60 a period for 12TB.

Back up your iPhone done Mac

If you don't privation to usage iCloud, you tin ever backmost up your iPhone to your computer. To get started, link your iPhone to your Mac via its charging cable. 

Then motorboat the Finder and click your iPhone.

Screenshot by Lisa Eadicicco/CNET

Click General and take the enactment for backing up each of your iPhone information to this Mac. You tin besides encrypt your backup information and support it with a password by selecting the enactment shown below.

Screenshot by Lisa Eadicicco/CNET

Finally, click Back Up Now to prevention a transcript of your iPhone's information and apps to your Mac.

Screenshot by Lisa Eadicicco/CNET

If you're utilizing a PC oregon a Mac moving a mentation of MacOS that's earlier than 10.15, you tin inactive make a backup of your instrumentality done iTunes. Connect your iPhone to your Mac oregon PC with its cable, motorboat iTunes, and click the iPhone fastener adjacent the apical near of the program. From there, take Summary and prime Back Up Now


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Make definite your iPhone is different up to date

Before updating to iOS 17, marque definite your instrumentality is moving connected the latest mentation of iOS 16. This volition guarantee that the update appears successful the Settings paper erstwhile iOS 17 becomes available. To cheque for an update, motorboat Settings, pat General and past take Software Update. 

It's mostly a bully thought to support your iPhone up to day anyway, since caller bundle versions usually present important information bug fixes and different improvements.

Now that your telephone is up to day and backed up, you're acceptable to download iOS 17. Once it's installed, cheque retired the champion iOS 17 hidden features we've recovered truthful far.

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