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On MondayiOS 17 will beryllium disposable to download connected astir iPhones, Apple said astatine its Wonderlust event earlier this week. The institution besides showcased the new iPhone 15 models.

The newest mentation of iOS volition present caller features similar StandBy mode, the Journal app and major changes for Messages. But immoderate users of older iPhones won't get to acquisition the new features successful iOS 17. That could beryllium you if you've got an iPhone from 2017 oregon before.

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If you aren't definite which iPhone you've got, a speedy cheque successful your settings tin amusement you. Open your Settings app and pat General > About. Next to Model Name, you'll spot which iPhone you have.

We'll archer you however to find retired whether your iPhone volition beryllium compatible with iOS 17. Also, cheque retired our list of champion iPhones, to observe if there's a newer exemplary that mightiness enactment for you. And here's however to preorder the iPhone 15.

Which iPhones volition beryllium compatible with iOS 17?

If you've got 1 of these iPhones, you'll person entree to iOS 17 erstwhile it's disposable this year, Apple said.

Which iPhone models won't tally the caller iOS 17?

With the merchandise of iOS 17, determination volition beryllium 3 much iPhone models that won't tally Apple's latest mobile operating system: iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. Apple stopped providing diagnostic upgrades for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 bid with the merchandise of iOS 16 past year. Those phones inactive tally iOS 15.

What if your iPhone isn't connected the iOS 17 compatibility list?

If your iPhone isn't listed above, it won't enactment iOS 17, and you won't get a notification to download the newest software. For instance, if you person an iPhone X oregon iPhone 8, the latest bundle you'll ever beryllium capable to usage connected that telephone is iOS 16.

Although older iPhones won't enactment the latest mentation of iOS oregon get immoderate of the caller features, they should inactive beryllium functional for a while. They volition besides proceed to person information updates for iOS 16. Apple released the latest information update for iOS 15 successful July 2023 and volition proceed to merchandise iOS 16 information updates for the adjacent future.

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