Apple’s notch ‘fix’ brings fat bezels back to the MacBook Pro

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A caller support document released yesterday details a “Scale to acceptable beneath built-in camera” enactment successful macOS that volition forcibly standard apps to lone usage the show beneath the notch. It’s a impermanent workaround for apps that don’t presently play bully with the notch connected Apple’s caller MacBook Pros.

The camera notch cutout connected Apple’s latest laptops was meant to alteration a much expansive edge-to-edge screen. But arsenic we saw yesterday, owners of the caller MacBook Pro models person seen some apps and the OS misbehave, whereby app menus and presumption barroom items tin get hidden nether the camera cutout. The scale-to-fit workaround fixes this, but results successful the benignant of ample bezels the notch was meant to negate.

The scaling diagnostic was demonstrated by creator @Jatodaro connected Twitter, showing however checking the container for ‘Scale to acceptable beneath built-in camera’ successful an app’s Get Info model volition shrink the show for each apps. The full-sized show (with notch) volition lone instrumentality if either the app is closed oregon if the container is unchecked.

Apple besides mentions successful the enactment papers that this scaling diagnostic volition vanish erstwhile developers update their apps to woody with the notch correctly.

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