Apple Watch Ultra review

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The Apple Watch Ultra is easy the champion wearable that the marque has ever made, bringing a bright, ample screen, a caller customizable carnal fastener for making moving workouts easier to commencement oregon end, and a longer artillery life. A wide effort to instrumentality connected the likes of Garmin and Polar, Apple has stuck a batch of utile tech and genuinely adjuvant features that volition beryllium of existent usage successful an exigency - for the intermediate fittingness enthusiast, oregon idiosyncratic that tin spend a somewhat amended Apple Watch, this is an casual buy. The artillery beingness improvements are welcomed, but are obscurity adjacent agelong capable to halt the 'range anxiety' of utilizing an Apple Watch - the question of erstwhile to complaint (made harder arsenic the overnight wellness tracking gets better, truthful the nightstand is nary longer an option) remains, and there's an unusual deficiency of on-device mapping for erstwhile you're retired connected a hike oregon run. That aside, the Watch Ultra is arguably the champion smartwatch astir astatine the moment, fusing functionality, information and second-screen smarts successful a mode that astir Apple users volition truly enjoy.


  • +

    Large, wide display

  • +

    GPS tracking up determination with the best

  • +

    Action Button is truly useful


  • -

    Battery beingness conscionable is excessively short

  • -

    Odd deficiency of navigation features

Apple Watch Ultra: Two infinitesimal review

The Apple Watch Ultra is the champion Apple Watch ever. It's an casual happening to say, arsenic astir each portion has been an upgrade, and each for the amended - successful information it's easy 1 of the best smartwatches retired there.

As a effect to the increasing powerfulness of the 'premium fittingness watch' segment, which Garmin watches were starting to dominate, this was the Watch Apple had to marque - though it says it's been years successful the making. With a new, much rugged design, amended surface and amended GPS tracking, it's the archetypal plan alteration successful 8 years... but it's besides incredibly costly astatine $799 / £849 / AU$1229.

The plan changes are obvious. The Digital Crown is bigger, and much ridged for easier usage with gloves on. The show has accrued to astir 2 inches crossed and is acold brighter, truthful the other accusation you tin spot is beautifully legible. 

Apple Watch Ultra successful  usage  connected  wrist and connected  table

The Watch container has been redesigned excessively - it's present person to a quadrate than earlier (Image credit: TechRadar)

And the large upgrade that we love: the Action Button connected the Watch Ultra. A customizable fastener connected the broadside (although not arsenic customizable arsenic we'd like) that allows you to physically commencement and halt workouts without needing to contort your fingers, it's a large orangish awesome of alteration that the Apple Watch was successful hopeless request of.

The fittingness prowess of the Apple Watch Ultra doesn't travel successful the functionality - each the features are disposable connected immoderate Apple Watch moving watchOS 9 - but successful the execution. The GPS is much close and speedy, the bosom complaint show seems to beryllium dependable. The artillery beingness is longer and frankincense tin enactment much utmost runs.

There's present a diving sensor too, though it's functionality is presently constricted to conscionable plunging your wrist into h2o of assorted depths and seeing however heavy you tin spell - though there's much to travel from much precocious diving apps successful the coming months.

If you similar your existent Watch for tally oregon cycling tracking, past the upgrades present won't disappoint.

But it's not conscionable fittingness that's got an upgrade: the information features are genuinely utile too. The siren won't beryllium utilized much, but the precocious decibel alarm volition assistance you if you're stuck connected a hillside. The car clang detection volition alert exigency services if it detects an accident.

Even the cellular functionality connected committee is simply a comfortableness - harmless successful the cognition that if you're ever successful distress (and successful scope of a compartment tower) you're ne'er going to beryllium alone. 

There's besides the myriad wellness functions that show your bosom and humor oxygen - yes, they're portion of each caller Apple Watches, but they inactive marque a compelling crushed to put successful the latest Watch.

However, determination are immoderate bugbears still. The deficiency of onboard mapping navigation is bothersome - not successful presumption of Maps (as that app is there) but there's nary mode to way your way backmost utilizing autochthonal maps support, alternatively relying connected the compass which isn't ever the astir useful.

Apple Watch Ultra successful  usage  connected  wrist and connected  table

(Image credit: TechRadar)

The artillery life, portion accrued to 30 hours (and we got acold much successful testing) is inactive woefully abbreviated compared to the champion that Garmin and Coros person to connection - those watches tin past for days successful standby mode, wherever Apple's propulsion for functionality comes astatine a precocious outgo to artillery life.

If Apple had managed to change the surface exertion someway to person a genuinely low-power mode erstwhile not successful use, and managed to get the Watch Ultra artillery beingness up to astir a week, this would astir apt beryllium a 5 prima device, adjacent for the precocious cost.

As it stands, that artillery contented mightiness not beryllium insurmountable but it's 1 that's disruptive - you'll inactive request to fig retired a 'charging dance' regular that allows you to marque usage of each the wellness tracking and fittingness features without being shorn of your Watch Ultra a cardinal time.

That aside, we'd heartily urge the Watch Ultra for anyone that conscionable wants 'a really, truly bully Apple Watch' - the operation of improved hardware and watchOS 9 is almighty and worthy checking out.

  • Value score: 3.5/5

Apple Watch Ultra terms and merchandise date

Apple Watch Ultra successful  usage  connected  wrist and connected  table

The Watch Ultra comes with a 'high-end' acquisition booklet to reenforce the premium message. (Image credit: TechRadar)

Let’s get 1 happening retired of the way: this is not a inexpensive Apple Watch. If you’re funny successful getting each the smarts of watchOS 9, with interval workouts, medicine tracking and low-power battery, spell for the Apple Watch SE 2.

But if you’ve decided that your beingness needs to beryllium some ace progressive and hyper-connected, past get ready: the Watch Ultra terms is acceptable astatine $799 / £849 / AU$1229. The bully quality is that determination are nary variants of this exemplary - you take the band, wage that terms and that’s it.

There’s nary fancy Hermes option, oregon a stainless steel, oregon ceramic - it’s the titanium-clad, ceramic shrouded hulk of a ticker for a fewer 100 dollarpounds.

At slightest we’ve got immoderate amended quality erstwhile it comes to erstwhile you tin get your hands connected it: the Apple Watch Ultra merchandise day is acceptable for Friday September 23, with pre-orders present open.

Apple Watch Ultra bands

  • Comes successful 3 styles: Alpine, Trail and Oceanic
  • Can besides usage 44mm and 45mm straps

Lots of pictures of the Apple Watch Ultra

(Image credit: TechRadar)

Before we get heavy into the plan of the astir radically-altered Apple Watch ever, the Cupertino marque is making a large woody of the bands that you tin take with this timepiece. (Note, you tin usage any 44mm / 45mm strap you ain oregon similar the look of, but you person to prime 1 of the pursuing astatine purchase).

We tested the Watch Ultra with the yellowish Oceanic Band (it besides comes successful grey and white) - and we can’t accidental we emotion it. It looks a bit, well, Lego successful its design, though it’s sturdy arsenic heck and designed to enactment enactment successful ‘high velocity watersports’. Well, if a gentle aquatics successful the dilatory lane of the excavation counts… past we tin accidental that’s true.

The Trail Loop, connected connection successful grey with blue, achromatic oregon yellowish accents, is simply a elemental slip-on and velcro strap, with lighter elastene for easier comfort. We privation we could person tried this one, arsenic it felt ace comfy successful our tests, but not to be.

The last option, which we did get a illustration of, is the Alpine loop, disposable successful green, orangish and ‘starlight’ pick / achromatic is besides worldly but uses a hook to unafraid it to the fabric. This was hard to enactment on, and the biggest issue: it didn’t acceptable our wrist. These are watches for the bigger arm, it seems.

However, each 3 were comfy capable successful our assortment of tests, and portion the Oceanic Band wasn’t to our plan taste, it did surely ne'er travel disconnected the wrist.

Apple Watch Ultra plan and display

  • Classy caller rugged design
  • Display is wide and bright
  • Double the highest brightness of Watch 8

Apple Watch Ultra successful  usage  connected  wrist and connected  table

(Image credit: TechRadar)

Right, let’s get onto the bully bit: talking astir this hulking large upgrade to the Watch plan that’s been the aforesaid since 2014. The all-new titanium framework was thing that disquieted america erstwhile we started seeing renders of it look online successful the months starring up to launch, but successful world it's rather charismatic and we similar the rugged, metallic stylings to the sleeker lines of the Apple Watch 8.

The archetypal happening is that his is simply a 49mm Watch, with the overmuch larger, astir two-inch show sitting larger and prouder connected the wrist. If you're utilized to the smaller Watch, oregon are upgrading from the Watch 3, the Ultra volition consciousness gargantuan and a small dense to commencement with. However, we got utilized to this other size and heft truthful quickly, and the trade-offs are worthy it.

The Digital Crown and Side Button connected 1 broadside of the Watch Ultra person been beefed up somewhat, with some being encased successful metallic to marque them much rugged and resistant to harm erstwhile being bashed about. 

The spinning Digital Crown is larger with bigger ridges, designed to beryllium utilized with a glove. While it is easier to interact with this element, the oversized quality does hitch into one's tegument erstwhile spinning it connected occasion, which is annoying.

Apple Watch Ultra successful  usage  connected  wrist and connected  table

(Image credit: TechRadar)

The Watch Ultra show is raised a tiny magnitude from the main assemblage of device, with tiny integrative strips nether the surface astatine the apical and bottommost - this adds to the rugged look of the caller Watch, but it besides allows for improved GPS show done the metallic shell.

On the different broadside of the Watch Ultra is simply a new fastener - the Action Button to beryllium precise. This is designed to beryllium a spot to commencement runs, activate workouts, crook connected the torch... it's customizable and besides allows for much precise starting and stopping of a workout too.

Apple Watch Ultra successful  usage  connected  wrist and connected  table

(Image credit: TechRadar)

One of the things we truly similar is the Action Button makes pausing a workout truthful overmuch easier - earlier you either swiped the surface (hard with sweaty oregon bedewed hands) oregon pressed the Side Button and Digital Crown together... which could beryllium a spot of a contortion.

Now, you tin codification it truthful the Action Button begins a workout (yes, yet - thing that seems truthful evident yet took this long...) and past pressing it with the Side fastener connected the other borderline of the Watch Ultra volition pause. It's simple, effectual and a beauteous earthy movement.

We would similar it if the Action Button was a spot much customizable though: you tin lone acceptable it to unfastened workouts, commencement a dive, unfastened the torch, commencement a stopwatch oregon usage the compass features - you tin usage it to commencement a Shortcut (a acceptable of pre-defined actions utilizing apps connected your iPhone oregon Watch) but they’re precise constricted too, erstwhile they could beryllium truthful overmuch richer.

The aforesaid broadside arsenic the Action Button houses the all-new talker and microphone holes - the dependable that emanates from the Watch Ultra is 40% louder than connected the Watch 8, and determination are present 3 beam-forming microphones, which means they'll set to region sound and instrumentality the dependable from the best-performing microphone erstwhile making telephone calls.

Apple Watch Ultra successful  usage  connected  wrist and connected  table

(Image credit: TechRadar)

We tested this by making a telephone by a engaged road, with postulation rushing by and the idiosyncratic connected the different extremity being by a noisy aerial conditioner. Even though the Watch Ultra was successful specified trying conditions, our dependable could beryllium heard intelligibly and cleanly connected the different extremity of the call, and the talker gave a bully capable show truthful that we could perceive their responses.

Apple's crushed for this betterment is erstwhile you're successful much hostile conditions (the illustration connected the motorboat video was of idiosyncratic mislaid successful a snowdrift) but this is easy the champion dependable capableness from immoderate Apple Watch.

That said, astir of the clip you'll apt either person your telephone oregon a brace of AirPods oregon akin around, wherever you tin usage those for calls instead, truthful it's not arsenic if these ticker microphones volition beryllium pivotal each the time.

In presumption of the display, Apple has boosted the highest brightness of the Watch Ultra's surface to 2000 nits - this means it's doubly arsenic agleam arsenic the Watch 8 (and erstwhile Apple Watch models, arsenic the brightness hasn't accrued for a while) and it truly shows.

Apple Watch Ultra successful  usage  connected  wrist and connected  table

(Image credit: TechRadar)

The screen, a flat, ample and wide aboveground connected the wrist, was ever precise casual to spot successful immoderate conditions we thrust astatine it - some agleam sunlight and darker moments, it was casual to work what was connected the screen.

Apple has taken this accidental to summation the magnitude of accusation it tin amusement during Workouts, and portion it's bully to person much metrics, it does marque things a spot congested. It's nicer erstwhile you conscionable person a fewer cardinal stats to look at, truthful editing it down to conscionable person the things that substance to you volition marque it adjacent easier to spot things connected the Watch Ultra erstwhile moving out.

The Always On show doesn’t look to person been altered contempt the emergence successful maximum brightness, but it’s inactive legible from immoderate space you glimpse at, acknowledgment to the OLED show wrong providing the colorful and contrast-rich images.

One of the features Apple showed disconnected during motorboat was the quality to rotation the Digital Crown connected the location surface and spell into a chill achromatic and reddish mentation of the ticker face. Sadly, this is lone successful the Wayfinder look that's exclusive to the Watch Ultra - it's nice, but it's a shame that it's not crossed each faces.

  • Design score: 4.5/5
  • Display score: 5/5

Apple Watch Ultra fittingness and wellness tracking

  • Much improved GPS
  • New interval grooming options
  • Diving summation needs much work

Apple Watch Ultra successful  usage  connected  wrist and connected  table

(Image credit: TechRadar)

While Apple’s timepiece has ever had fittingness tracking arsenic a large crushed to bargain it, specified arsenic tally tracking and monitoring activity, with the Watch Ultra it’s kicking that up a fewer notches.

There’s present amended outer tracking for much close tally distances, a larger artillery for longer runs, amended monitoring of transitions betwixt triathlon sections and a extent sensor to springiness you info portion diving.

The extremity is to marque the Watch Ultra charismatic to those that truly privation their ticker to support up with their progressive manner - whether you’re a runner, diver, surfer, hiker oregon triathlete, Apple wants you to consciousness similar this Watch volition beryllium enough.

With this successful mind, we strapped the Watch Ultra connected for a week and took it for a assortment of runs to spot however it performed compared to the dedicated moving watches - the likes of Garmin person been improving their smartwatch capabilities to the constituent that they’re superb regular companions (something the Apple Watch was ever large at) truthful Apple needs to go a fierce fittingness rival to compete.

One of Apple’s large claims with the Watch Ultra is that it’s going to connection the champion GPS tracking show successful dense, inner-city environments, truthful we acceptable disconnected to cardinal London to trial this theory.

Apple Watch Ultra successful  usage  connected  wrist and connected  table

(Image credit: TechRadar)

Apple added much frequence bands (GPS L5, successful summation to L1 that astir watches already use) which is meant to beryllium amended astatine being picked up successful dense, municipality locations. In summation to this, Apple is utilizing instrumentality learning, information connections (on the telephone oregon from your cellular connection) and your stride magnitude to marque amended ‘guesses’ arsenic to wherever you are, designed to halt it looking similar you’re moving done a gathering oregon crossed a water due to the fact that the GPS transportation has dropped.

We pitted the Watch Ultra against the Garmin Fenix 7X Solar, which has aggregate bands of outer navigation and should beryllium capable to way america arsenic well. (Garmin claims that this exemplary besides tin prime up the L1 and L5 frequencies, but we couldn’t find the mounting to alteration ‘multi band’ mode successful the menu, truthful it doesn’t look to beryllium connected thai model).

After a four-and-a-bit mile tally haring astir 1 of the world’s astir densely-populated superior cities, the Apple Watch Ultra and Fenix started to dispersed apart, the Garmin triggering caller thigh alerts sooner than the caller Ultra.

Examining the way afterwards, it was wide that the Watch Ultra was much accurate. While determination were a fewer moments wherever seemingly we plunged done buildings, astir of the clip it tracked america to sidewalks adjacent nether dense histrion cover, oregon spotted america changing sides of the road.

The Garmin, portion mostly accurate, didn’t negociate the same. While you could spot immoderate smarts being applied to best-guess our route, it would inactive leap america from broadside to broadside connected a road, oregon skim done buildings much readily.

The astir stark illustration of the quality betwixt the Watch Ultra and the Fenix 7X was going done an underpass: the Watch Ultra spotted the deficiency of GPS and switched to accelerometer (although you tin spot it wondered wherever we’d gone earlier entering the tunnel).

The Fenix 7X conscionable threw a wobbly and didn’t prime america up for a fewer twelve meters, adding a just magnitude of region onto the run. While some were close capable for an inner-city run, we’d ever default to the Watch Ultra if going for a accelerated clip done a dense, built-up country oregon with plentifulness of histrion coverage.

While we’re talking astir outer tracking, we should item the caller diagnostic that Apple, aft 8 years, has yet enactment into a Watch: a GPS fastener indicator.

This is thing that we’ve been crying retired for, arsenic it means you tin commencement a circumstantial region knowing that if you’re trying to beryllium exact, there’s nary guesswork progressive from the Watch. Sure, it’s a bully happening that Apple allows you to conscionable get moving retired if you request to alternatively than having to hold for a lock, but it’s what’s held the Apple Watch backmost arsenic a fittingness tracker alternatively than being seen arsenic a dedicated, utile moving oregon cycling watch.

And the transportation is quick, too. If you’re utilizing the Watch connected to a telephone (or utilizing cellular connectivity arsenic we were) past it took nether 10 seconds - beneath a histrion - to get a lock. The Garmin Fenix 7X wasn’t connected to anything, though does person immoderate ‘memory’ of this country (which brings a quicker lock) and managed it successful astir 16 seconds.

Speaking of Apple’s elevation to a ‘proper’ moving watch, the summation of interval grooming is simply a large deal: you tin present acceptable up a league wherever you’ll disagreement it into a fig of quicker and slower sections, truthful you’ll cognize you request to propulsion for a acceptable magnitude of clip earlier getting a recovery.

Apple Watch Ultra successful  usage  connected  wrist and connected  table

(Image credit: TechRadar)

This is simply a cardinal diagnostic if you’re looking for large improvements successful your fitness, and thing that again elevates the Apple Watch from thing for the casual runner to a instrumentality that a much dedicated runner could use. Admittedly, it is coming to each Apple Watch models that upgrade to watchOS 9, but it works champion connected the larger surface and with the Action Button, which allows you to skip done sets if you privation a shorter recovery.

Where it inactive misses retired is the quality to acceptable targets wrong those intervals: you can’t acceptable a gait oregon bosom complaint people during these sections, alternatively conscionable the Watch Ultra telling you that you request to propulsion for a acceptable magnitude of clip and past dilatory down again astatine preset intervals.

While the idiosyncratic interface to spot however acold you person to spell betwixt sets is good, we truly missed this during our testing. Being told ‘speed up’ oregon ‘work harder’ to get the gait oregon bosom complaint up is the happening that pushes a smartwatch from dumb companion connected the wrist tracking things to a virtual idiosyncratic trainer.

Given the casual transportation betwixt the Apple Watch and a acceptable of AirPods, which link seamlessly and volition supply audio feedback during your workout,  this would person been a bully upgrade to see.

However, we were impressed with the Watch Ultra during a longer tally - pumping retired a 90 infinitesimal jaunt by the seafront, wherever changes successful elevation were minimal and the entity wide for GPS, saw a well-tracked tally with bully audio prompts each mile letting america cognize our existent pace.

Also, the bosom complaint show connected the Watch Ultra is close up determination successful presumption of accuracy - it benched perfectly against everything we were using, and consistently roseate and fell with effort and recovery. 

While the wrist is simply a unspeakable spot to show bosom rate, we had immense assurance successful what Apple’s present managed with the Watch Ultra - that’s a acold outcry from immoderate of the earlier Apple Watch models, which seemed to beryllium astir guessing astatine times.

Apple Watch Ultra successful  usage  connected  wrist and connected  table

(Image credit: TechRadar)

Back to the longer run: we were utilizing the caller ‘virtual pacer’ relation here, wherever you adhd successful a region and a preferred clip oregon pace, and the Watch Ultra volition archer you however acold up oregon down of this ghostly different runner you are. It’s thing we’ve seen connected different devices for a portion and it tin beryllium hugely motivating - portion it’s taken excessively agelong to travel to the Apple Watch for our taste, it’s a large diagnostic to yet see.

The Action Button has besides enhanced ‘segments’ connected the Watch (which astir users of different moving watches volition admit arsenic ‘laps’), wherever you tin present property the ample orangish fastener to commencement a caller conception of your run.

This is utile if you’re doing way laps, privation to bash immoderate fartlek grooming (meaning ‘speed play’ successful Swedish, wherever you’ll tally faster and slower arsenic you decide) oregon conscionable person a faster conception of your tally you privation to regularly gait yourself again.

While this diagnostic is already disposable successful watchOS 9, being capable to property a fastener without looking astatine the ticker look is simply a game-changer for Apple Watch users - the Watch Ultra truly does go a precise antithetic instrumentality with this azygous other button.

Watch Ultra: different fitness

Apple Watch Ultra successful  usage  connected  wrist and connected  table

(Image credit: TechRadar)

Let’s not get excessively caught up connected moving though - determination are myriad different things the Watch Ultra tin do, albeit the aforesaid things that tin beryllium achieved connected immoderate Apple Watch.

But fixed the extended artillery beingness of the Ultra, you’ll find yourself pushing a small spot harder to adjacent your fittingness rings - burning calories, minutes exercised and lasting regularly - nd you tin bash that done a fig of workouts.

Whether it’s doing immoderate Yoga with Apple Fitness+, dancing with household for a spot excessively agelong oregon cycling hard to the presumption erstwhile precocious for work, these tin each beryllium added successful (and successful the lawsuit of outdoor walking oregon cycling, the Watch Ultra volition spot erstwhile you’ve been doing these and alert you to commencement tracking).

None of this is caller to the Apple Watch fittingness ecosystem though, truthful each you’re getting is simply a spot longer to execute your goals earlier needing to complaint the Watch up again.

One happening that hasn’t improved and needs to: swimming. When investigating the diving functionality beneath (which fundamentally constituted holding enactment nether h2o and falling to the bottommost of the pool) we re-tested to spot if aquatics tracking was immoderate amended connected the Watch, arsenic successful erstwhile models we weren’t impressed.

Sadly, it’s not overmuch amended astatine tracking our exploits successful the pool. A five-length swim, punctuated by a mates of stops of implicit 10 seconds, didn’t way properly, coming up arsenic conscionable 2 lengths, contempt noticing however acold we were swimming (so you’d expect it to person spotted a alteration successful direction). 

At the aforesaid clip the Garmin we were tracking against managed to log 5 lengths with nary contented - truthful it wasn’t the motion, conscionable that the Apple Watch Ultra’s aquatics sensitivity inactive isn’t arsenic precocious arsenic we’d like.


Apple Watch Ultra successful  usage  connected  wrist and connected  table

(Image credit: TechRadar)

Apple’s been making a huge woody astir the caller diving sensor wrong the Watch Ultra. With the caller device, you’ll beryllium capable to spot however heavy you’re going, however agelong for and the somesthesia of the water.

A bully feature, yes? Well, benignant of. Much similar the moving community, there’s a ample conception of divers who privation a truly integrated, elaborate diving machine connected their wrist that tin alert you to extent warnings, compression alerts, show state premix etc.

Currently, what Apple’s got is simply a relation that volition activate erstwhile you spell underwater and volition conscionable archer you however heavy you went and for however long. While it works truly good (in the constricted 1.75m excavation we splashed astir successful for a bit) successful presumption of telling you however heavy you’re going, that’s astir it.

There’s nary elaborate ‘dive’ presumption connected the Watch oregon iPhone erstwhile you’ve finished your league - conscionable however heavy you went and for however long. 

Apple Watch Ultra successful  usage  connected  wrist and connected  table

(Image credit: TechRadar)

There is simply a caller app coming called Oceanic+, which volition bring each mode of ‘deep dive’ features for your diving session, specified arsenic much info connected state mix, decompression steps and much - this is acold much what radical volition beryllium looking for.

But this is going to beryllium an other cost, and it’s unusual that it’s not disposable astatine launch. And you inactive consciousness that anyone beyond the infrequent diver volition privation to put successful a dedicated dive computer: thing similar the Garmin Descent Mk2 has each the aforesaid moving and fittingness metrics, but tin link to aerial tanks and features a elaborate acceptable of diving info arsenic standard.

It’s hard to spot what Apple’s space is with diving connected the Watch Ultra, but if you’re idiosyncratic who mightiness dabble from clip to time, oregon conscionable likes getting successful the excavation and seeing however heavy you tin go… this is for you.


Apple Watch Ultra successful  usage  connected  wrist and connected  table

(Image credit: TechRadar)

The Apple Watch Ultra brings the aforesaid diagnostic acceptable arsenic you’ll find connected the Watch 8, but with a somewhat longer battery. 

So that means the aforesaid things we liked astir the Watch 8, specified arsenic monitoring ambient conditions for excess oregon accrued measurement and reminding you to support your receptor health, are contiguous and correct, and a large crushed to put successful the Apple ecosystem.

While astir radical won’t ever usage the ECG oregon humor oxygen monitor, their precise beingness is reassuring. While Apple is evidently going to speech up the lives saved by having these monitors active, spotting atrial fibrillation oregon debased humor oxygen, the precise information that wearing this ticker could prevention your beingness is simply a bully bonus.

We cognize idiosyncratic who was utilizing the Watch and abruptly got a ‘high bosom rate’ notification, and went to their doc contempt feeling fine. They had an undiagnosed information and it was rapidly sorted, but it could person got a batch much superior quickly… truthful having thing connected your wrist conscionable keeping an oculus is simply a existent boon.

The somesthesia sensor that came with the Watch 8 is besides connected the Watch Ultra, meaning women volition beryllium capable to retroactively way their rhythm and spot ovulations aft they’ve occurred. 

Anyone volition beryllium capable to way their somesthesia excessively - truthful you tin spot the effects of intoxicant ingestion oregon pitchy lag. However, it won’t beryllium until different apps tin commencement to marque amended usage of this information volition it beryllium a utile sensor - close now, it’s lone utile if you’re trying to program a household and privation to spot erstwhile you ovulated oregon you’re conscionable wondering however heavy your duvet truly is.

  • Fitness score: 4/5

Apple Watch Ultra information features

  • Siren is large and volition get attention
  • Backtrack is simply a spot limited
  • Car clang detection is welcome

One diagnostic of moving watches that astir brands volition marque a large woody of successful their GPS watches is backtrack features, wherever you'll beryllium capable to travel the way you traveled connected a small representation truthful you don't consciousness lost.

Weirdly, contempt Apple having its ain Map app, it doesn't bash the aforesaid thing, alternatively relying connected a small compass radar to support you successful the close direction.

If you're mislaid successful a city, this is OK arsenic you'll mostly beryllium capable to locomotion astir buildings oregon find an alternate way if you travel to a dormant end, but erstwhile retired moving it tin beryllium truly annoying to effort to retrieve if that tract has an exit oregon if you're expected to tally astir it.

The Backtrack diagnostic besides requires immoderate mounting up - you'll mostly request to driblet a emblem oregon fto the ticker cognize you privation to commencement Backtrack successful bid for it to function. There are expected to beryllium immoderate automatic flags dropped, but they didn't look erstwhile we tested.

While a bully compass and the quality to find your mode location successful the close absorption is utile for hiking, it's unusual that Apple isn't making amended usage of its mapping capabilities to marque the Watch Ultra a mega navigation beast.

That large, colorful surface would beryllium cleanable for it, and we've had nary contented pursuing mapping directions connected smaller screens from different watches successful the past.

One diagnostic that we bash similar - and is acold excessively tempting - is the Siren functionality. This is designed truthful radical successful a 600 feet radius tin perceive you erstwhile you're mislaid oregon request help, and works truly well. 

Lots of pictures of the Apple Watch Ultra

(Image credit: TechRadar)

It doesn't conscionable blare out, but gives a bid of more-urgent squawks astatine expanding volume, arsenic good arsenic moving to the SOS morse code, truthful radical volition cognize you're successful trouble. It's not a diagnostic you'll usage a lot, but it shows that Apple is truly reasoning astir however to marque this Watch Ultra a utile instrumentality erstwhile retired successful the acold reaches, not conscionable paying articulator work to being 'active'.

One happening we deliberation is often overlooked is cellular connectivity - erstwhile it archetypal emerged connected the Apple Watch, galore networks didn't enactment it, but yours astir apt does now.

It's not inexpensive - often astir $10 / £7 a period oregon thereabouts - but it does imbue your ticker with truthful galore much features. Music streaming connected the spell is brilliant, but being capable to telephone oregon connection loved ones if needed is simply a existent game-changer - and it means you tin conscionable permission the telephone astatine location with confidence.

(Of course, adjacent if you don't motion up, you tin inactive ever usage the Watch Ultra to telephone exigency services - fixed you're automatically getting cellular connectivity with the Ultra, alternatively than having to wage much for it, that's different comfort).

The Apple Watch Ultra decidedly walks the locomotion erstwhile it comes to being thing that's genuinely utile erstwhile you're an progressive benignant - portion determination are immoderate weird misses (like with navigation) the thought that's gone into things similar wellness features (we haven't adjacent mentioned caller things similar helping show your medicine intake) arsenic good arsenic being a literal life-saver if you're mislaid erstwhile retired and about.

However, there's inactive 1 cardinal issue...

  • Safety score: 4.5/5

Apple Watch Ultra battery

  • Battery beingness needs to beryllium longer
  • 48 hours easy imaginable with aggregate workouts
  • Low powerfulness mode is helpful

Apple Watch Ultra successful  usage  connected  wrist and connected  table

(Image credit: TechRadar)

Right, let's get onto the 1 large contented that Apple is inactive dealing with, and 1 that we deliberation inactive needs improvement: the Watch Ultra artillery life.

Apple Watches person ever been OK for artillery life, but mostly request a regular complaint to marque you consciousness safe, particularly if you're utilizing the Watch to enactment retired regularly. They'll past betwixt 1-2 days without needing to beryllium juiced up, but that's inactive beauteous regular.

The Apple Watch Ultra tin past a batch longer, with artillery beingness moving from 18 hours connected the Watch 8 to 30 hours connected the Ultra - and it shows.

That means that you'll easy get a mates of harder oregon longer workouts successful earlier needing to scope for the charger - and that's going to consciousness similar eons for immoderate regular Watch users.

However, the Watch Ultra is present competing with the likes of Garmin, Polar oregon Suunto, which tin spell literal weeks in smartwatch mode and way for hours and hours earlier giving up the shade - and the Watch Ultra is obscurity adjacent this level.

In our testing, we recovered that you could decidedly get 2-3 hours of GPS moving during a 48 hr play without needing to complaint backmost up - truthful you tin interest little astir charging each day.

And during the 90 infinitesimal run, the Watch Ultra lone mislaid 8% battery, which is simply a large effect - it's not excessively acold disconnected different moving watches successful that regard, truthful Apple's assertion that you'll beryllium capable to usage it to way a afloat Ironman region seems to clasp h2o - although, we admit, we didn't person the quality to afloat effort that out.

We did spot that things descended a spot quicker during our inner-city run, losing 16% of artillery beingness implicit the 35 infinitesimal jog, which makes america fishy that Apple is dynamically choosing the GPS systems to usage - alternatively than having the high-power multiband strategy perpetually going, it'll footwear successful erstwhile much dense environments are sensed. 

Apple Watch Ultra successful  usage  connected  wrist and connected  table

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That makes sense, but thing to enactment alert of if you're reasoning of utilizing the Watch Ultra mostly successful metropolis scenes alternatively than the unfastened countryside.

There's besides Low Power Mode connected connection for the archetypal clip with the caller suite of Apple Watches, and that means it'll spell down to astir 1-2% per hr connected standby. This disables the always-on display, immoderate of the bosom complaint monitoring and different lesser-used features if you privation to widen things retired further.

It doesn't person a melodramatic interaction connected powerfulness efficiency, but it does assistance a small - 3 days of usage betwixt charges, if you're not streaming music, utilizing the cellular transportation oregon tracking workout would beryllium perfectly manageable.

You'll beryllium capable to complaint the Watch Ultra up beauteous quickly, getting good implicit 70% of complaint successful astir an hour, but it's erstwhile you'll beryllium capable to bash that charging that matters.

The Watch Ultra needs to beryllium worn during slumber to way your slumber (surprisingly) arsenic good arsenic being capable to support an oculus connected your basal temperature. So portion it would marque cleanable consciousness conscionable to complaint it overnight, that's nary longer an enactment if you privation to get the champion of each the features the Watch Ultra really offers.

Until Apple manages to connection a ticker that legitimately lasts a week betwixt charges, it'll beryllium hard to genuinely urge it arsenic a due fittingness tracker that tin get profoundly down your fittingness goals.

Apple Watch Ultra successful  usage  connected  wrist and connected  table

The caller Watch Ultra comes with a much robust, braided charging cablegram (Image credit: TechRadar)

There is an enhanced mode coming down the enactment - wherefore this isn’t being offered now, astatine the motorboat of the Watch Ultra, is beyond america - but it volition let up to 60 hours of artillery beingness betwixt charges.

The illustration fixed was for hiking - you could permission the iPhone astatine location and the Watch Ultra would way a hike utilizing ‘pulsed’ GPS each fewer seconds, and the aforesaid with the bosom complaint show - portion it’s a bully header stat to connection this magnitude of artillery life, it’s not thing that we’d urge astir radical usage for thing different than a dilatory meander crossed the mountains, arsenic the results wouldn’t beryllium close enough.

That said, the popularity and functionality of the Apple Watch means that the debased artillery beingness volition stay an annoyance, not a deal-breaker. I've spoken to tons of Apple Watch users and they each find their ain mode astir the issue: whether it's charging erstwhile archetypal sat down astatine work, connected the train, earlier furniture oregon during a shower, determination are ways and means to bushed this.

And the accelerated charging capabilities that came with the Apple Watch 7 bash marque a existent quality - being capable to get astir of the mode charged successful an hr isn't excessively bad, oregon changeless sipping charging volition enactment too.

However, and this is inactive a immense contented for us: the charging cablegram is USB-C, the new, slimmer USB connector... but there's nary charging artifact successful the box. Apple says this is for biology reasons, but precise fewer radical person the compatible plug to let you to complaint the Watch Ultra, truthful you'll request to walk a small much to beryllium capable to easy complaint up.

It's not a immense outlay, but galore radical volition unbox the Watch Ultra and realize, unless they person a caller MacBook oregon person bought different USB-C-enabled gadgets successful the past 2 years, they won't beryllium capable to complaint the Watch.

Overall, the artillery beingness remains the biggest contented with the Watch Ultra successful our eyes - while, yes, it's better, it's inactive a agelong mode from being acceptable successful the look of different watches that measurement artillery beingness successful weeks implicit hours.

  • Battery score: 3/5

Should I bargain the Watch Ultra?

DesignThe upgraded plan is massive, but elegant.4.5/5
DisplayA clear, agleam and legible show successful immoderate condition.5/5
FitnessA bully suite of fittingness options and superb GPS tracking are welcome.4/5
SafetySome superb information features are astatine the forefront of the Watch's crushed for being.4.5/5
BatteryStill acold excessively abbreviated compared to different premium smartwatches.3/5
ValueIf you worth a almighty Apple Watch, this delivers. However, successful today's cost-conscious times, it's intolerable to telephone this worth for money.3.5/5

Buy it if...

Don't bargain it if...

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