Apple will now require employees to submit proof of COVID-19 booster shot

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Apple present requires store and firm employees to get a COVID-19 booster shot, the institution announced successful an interior email seen by The Verge.

Once an worker is eligible to get a booster shot, they volition person 4 weeks to comply, otherwise, they volition request to instrumentality predominant tests to participate a retail store, spouse store, oregon Apple bureau starting connected February 15th. Apple volition necessitate unvaccinated employees — oregon those who haven’t yet submitted impervious of vaccination — to supply antagonistic COVID-19 accelerated antigen tests earlier entering the workplace opening connected January 24th, though it’s unclear whether this applies to some firm and retail employees.

“Due to waning efficacy of the superior bid of COVID-19 vaccines and the emergence of highly transmissible variants specified arsenic Omicron, a booster changeable is present portion of staying up to day with your COVID-19 vaccination to support against terrible disease,” Apple states successful the memo.

Last year, Apple asked that unvaccinated firm employees instrumentality regular tests earlier entering the office, with unvaccinated retail workers investigating doubly per week. The institution besides began requiring vaccinated individuals to instrumentality COVID-19 tests erstwhile each week, and aboriginal lowered the frequence of these tests. It appears that Apple’s “infrequent” investigating argumentation nary longer applies to employees who don’t person the booster changeable by Apple’s deadline, however.

Earlier this week, Meta said employees volition request to get a COVID-19 booster shot up of the company’s instrumentality to in-office enactment successful March. While Google hasn’t mandated company-wide booster shots yet, it requires employees to have the archetypal 2 doses of a COVID-19 vaccine, arsenic good arsenic take play molecular tests.

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