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Appointlet is simply a large instrumentality for businesses to docket appointments with clients.


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    Free mentation available

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    Intuitive interface

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    Limited escaped version

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    Limited third-party integration

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    Limited customization

Appointlet (opens successful caller tab) was co-founded by 2 entrepreneurs, Rami El Chamaa and Jared Morse. The second serves arsenic the company's CEO, portion the erstwhile serves arsenic a ceremonial advisor. Altogether, little than a twelve employees enactment astatine the company, which is awesome considering its ample idiosyncratic base.

According to the authoritative website, implicit 120,000 organizations globally usage Appointlet, and they've collectively booked implicit 7 cardinal meetings.

The institution is headquartered successful Portland, Oregon.

Appointlet: Plans and pricing

The pricing operation of the app is straightforward. You tin either usage the escaped program oregon wage for the Premium plan. With the escaped plan, you tin publication unlimited meetings and invitation unlimited squad members. You tin besides embed the booking leafage connected your idiosyncratic website with this plan. 

But, the escaped program lacks immoderate invaluable features, specified arsenic accepting payments (opens successful caller tab) and sending automated reminders. Hence, you indispensable wage for the Premium program to unlock the app’s broad diagnostic set, and it costs $10 per period per user. There’s a 20% discount connected the monthly terms if you wage for 12 months successful 1 go.

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Appointlet: Features

Just similar immoderate software, the archetypal measurement to utilizing Appointlet is creating an account. You tin bash that utilizing your email oregon your existing Google oregon Office 365 account. 

After signing up, the app prompts you to prime a unsocial sanction that it’ll usage to make your scheduling leafage URL. The URL takes the signifier of www.App.Link/your-name, and it's wherever you'll nonstop your users to docket appointments. Hence, the perfect sanction to take volition beryllium that of your business.

The app besides prompts you to implicit respective steps, including mounting your availability docket and mounting up a illustration meeting, but you tin skip them. Though, we’ll counsel you to create your unsocial availability schedule astatine this constituent due to the fact that it makes things easier. The value of doing truthful is to support your calendar successful sync and forestall treble bookings.

Creating the docket is simple. You conscionable request to prime the clip that you’ll beryllium disposable each weekday. For example, you tin beryllium disposable for bookings from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM from Monday to Thursday and 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM connected Friday, and nary enactment connected weekends. Clients that sojourn your bookings website tin lone docket appointments successful the selected clip slots.

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After creating and deploying your schedule, Appointlet automatically creates a booking website for your concern attached to the domain. Just stock the URL of the website with your clients, and they tin docket meetings directly. 

One of the drawbacks of utilizing this level is that it doesn’t fto you customize the template of your booking site. Hence, each enterprises utilizing Appointlet thin to person booking websites that look similar, which isn’t perfect for those who similar differentiating themselves. The lone happening you tin alteration is the logo, name, and invited message.

But, you tin basal retired by embedding the Appointlet booking leafage connected your idiosyncratic concern website (opens successful caller tab). This way, you don’t person to nonstop customers to different domain sanction to docket meetings. 

Many businesses necessitate customers to wage a interest earlier booking immoderate service, e.g., backstage clinics. If your concern falls into that category, you tin receive payments from customers straight connected your booking site. Appointlet has nonstop integration with Stripe, a outgo gateway, to facilitate payments.

Once a lawsuit books a meeting, you tin send automated reminders done email oregon SMS to guarantee they don’t miss it. But, this diagnostic is lone disposable to Premium users. 

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Appointlet: Interface and use

If user-friendliness was the lone criteria of our review, we’ll springiness Appointlet a 100% score. We recovered the app precise elemental to use, acknowledgment to its minimal, uncluttered interface. It’s besides multi-lingual (supports 9 large languages), making it suitable for a planetary idiosyncratic base. 

You tin entree Appointlet done the web-based interface oregon download the mobile app connected iOS oregon Android.

Appointlet: Support

Appointlet offers live chat (opens successful caller tab) enactment during concern hours Monday done Friday. According to idiosyncratic reviews, effect times tin beryllium anyplace from a mates of minutes to a mates of hours, depending connected workload.

There’s besides an authoritative FAQ leafage and video tutorials to assistance users navigate the platform.

Appointlet: The competition

Appointlet’s main competitors see Setmore (opens successful caller tab), SimplyBook (opens successful caller tab), and Square Appointments (opens successful caller tab). The app’s main vantage implicit these rivals is its user-friendly interface.  

Appointlet: Final verdict

The app has a large diagnostic set. Its astir indispensable features are unlimited bookings and the quality to person payments from clients. However, the inability to customize your booking website’s template is simply a important disadvantage. 

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