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AT&T hasn't tracked down each customers eligible for a portion of its 2019 colony with the US Federal Trade Commission. It agreed to wage $60 million to resoluteness claims it failed to notify customers their information speeds were being intentionally reduced. It inactive has millions of dollars near to distribute. 

Current subscribers were fixed a recognition connected their accounts and galore erstwhile subscribers were mailed refund checks. Now AT&T is moving to disburse the remaining $7 cardinal to erstwhile customers it didn't person interaction accusation for.

According to a 2014 FTC lawsuit, astatine slightest 3.5 cardinal users with unlimited plans had their information speeds slowed by AT&T erstwhile they deed a monthly limit, a signifier known arsenic "throttling." 

Some web speeds declined 80% to 90%, the FTC said, with users reporting that video streaming, web browsing and adjacent GPS navigation "became hard oregon astir intolerable to use."

"AT&T didn't adequately disclose to customers that it would dilatory down their internet," the FTC said successful a statement.

In a connection to CNET, an AT&T spokesperson said the institution disputes the agency's allegations but elected to settee "rather than proceed with drawn-out litigation."

In 2021, AT&T began offering customers with Unlimited Elite plans unlimited high-speed information without the punishment of slower speeds if they went implicit their monthly limit.

Who is eligible for wealth from AT&T?

According to the FTC, payments are disposable to consumers who conscionable each these requirements:

  • You are a erstwhile AT&T lawsuit with an unlimited information program astatine immoderate constituent betwixt Oct. 1, 2011, and June 30, 2015.
  • You experienced information throttling.
  • You didn't person a recognition oregon cheque from AT&T relating to the settlement.

Current AT&T customers should person received a recognition connected their relationship and aren't eligible for this offer. Former customers who already received a cheque from AT&T are likewise ineligible.

How overmuch could I get from the settlement?

An FTC spokesperson said the magnitude idiosyncratic customers person volition beryllium connected however galore radical record a valid claim.  

In the archetypal circular of compensation, existent and erstwhile AT&T customers received betwixt $10 and $23, depending connected what authorities they lived in.

How bash I assertion wealth from AT&T?

The FTC has launched an online assertion form for eligible erstwhile customers.

You tin besides petition a assertion signifier oregon inquire questions by calling 877-654-1982 oregon emailing [email protected]

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