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The Asics Metaspeed Sky+ is simply a footwear that tin spell toe-to-toe with Nike’s ace shoes and is 1 to prevention for contention time and grooming astatine your contention pace. Whether the changes Asics has made has made it a vastly amended footwear than the archetypal Sky is up for the debate. What you can’t statement though is that if you privation a footwear that feels large to tally accelerated in, this is presently 1 of the champion you tin bash it in.


  • +

    Increased midsole foam from archetypal Sky

  • +

    Retains that nice, bouncy consciousness astatine speed

  • +

    Light, bladed upper


  • -

    Durability issues astatine bottommost persist

  • -

    It’s inactive precise expensive

  • -

    Upper changes don’t consciousness huge

Asics Metaspeed Sky+: Key specs

Support: Neutral
Weight: 205g (men's size 8)
Heel drop: 5mm

One-minute review

The Metaspeed Sky+ sees Asics update the archetypal Metaspeed Sky, a footwear that arguably brought it firmly into the speech of c sheet ace shoes alongside Nike and Adidas’ top-end show options.

With the Sky+, Asics is promising improvements successful a big of departments including an enhanced upper, much foam successful the midsole and a repositioned c fibre sheet to marque this an adjacent amended footwear to tally accelerated successful crossed each distances.

It inactive feels to america similar a footwear that genuinely comes into its ain astatine fractional to marathon distances, and it's 1 of the best moving shoes for this. However, plentifulness volition beryllium capable to usage it to pursuit PBs astatine shorter distances arsenic well.

The changes successful the precocious don’t consciousness vast, but the other midsole foam should marque it a overmuch amended spouse for going the marathon region compared to the archetypal Sky.

It’s inactive precise costly and determination are decidedly inactive question marks astir the durability, peculiarly astatine the backmost of the shoe. If you person the moving benignant to lucifer the qualities the Sky+ offers, there’s a footwear present that tin rival the champion that Nike and Adidas has to connection for those who are already moving ace speedy 5k, 10, fractional marathon and afloat marathon times and privation to consciousness similar they tin inactive spell adjacent faster.

The Asics Metaspeed Sky+ was launched successful June 2023 and costs £225 successful the UK (opens successful caller tab), $250 successful the US (opens successful caller tab) and $330 successful Australia (opens successful caller tab) from the Asics store successful your region. 

Asics Metaspeed Sky+

(Image credit: Michael Sawh)

Asics Metaspeed Sky+: Design 

Design verdict: 4/5

The Metaspeed Sky+, similar its predecessor, is simply a footwear designed to support the value down and supply a plan that tin assistance you champion erstwhile it’s clip to race.

Joined by the Metaspeed Edge+, the Sky+ is the enactment successful Asics’ caller show footwear duo that’s aimed astatine what it refers to arsenic ‘stride’ runners. These are runners that widen their stride magnitude erstwhile they summation their velocity but don't increase, oregon lone somewhat increase, the fig of steps they instrumentality per minute. 

The Sky+'s sibling shoe, the Edge+, is for ‘cadence’ runners who besides summation their velocity by extending stride magnitude but additionally summation the fig of steps they instrumentality per minute.

With the Sky+, you’re getting a footwear that weighs 205g, which is 5g lighter than the archetypal Sky contempt the summation of much midsole foam. There’s present 4% much of the aforesaid FF Blast Turbo midsole inactive made from a nylon-based foam that’s built to beryllium airy and connection a responsive footwear to tally in. It retains the aforesaid 5mm heel-to-drop with a 34mm stack astatine the bottommost and 29mm astatine the forefoot. 

The c fibre sheet is inactive determination too, though it’s been repositioned to beryllium overmuch higher successful the midsole present and with that aforesaid curved sole plan aims to bump up the Sky+’s vigor instrumentality credentials.

In the precocious department, Asics has made immoderate changes moving to what it calls a Motion Wrap upper, that’s inactive made from mesh, but sees changes made to what feels similar lighter, braid-style laces and offers much operation than the archetypal Sky. The lingua is thin, the abstraction successful the toed container felt conscionable astir close and the acceptable astatine the midfoot and bottommost felt bully to america successful our UK size 8.

Last and by nary means is that outsole, which employs Asics’ AsicsGrip outsole rubber to present thing that’ll connection beardown traction connected roads. There’s inactive much of that rubber up beforehand compared to further back, truthful if you’re placing astir of that unit successful the forefoot, you should reap the benefits of the satisfyingly grippy outsole.

Asics metaspeed sky+

(Image credit: Michael Sawh)

Performance verdict: 4/5

Like the Sky, the Sky+ is designed to beryllium a footwear you gaffe connected erstwhile you privation to consciousness your fastest. Whether that’s contention time oregon grooming astatine your contention pace, that’s wherever you’ll get the astir retired of what this footwear has to offer. Whether that’s the adjusted c plate, other information of light, oregon FF Blast Turbo midsole foam wrapped up successful that bladed mesh upper.

We’ve aimed to trial it successful those precise conditions, moving with it for speedy 10k runs, putting it to the trial successful a 5K clip proceedings with Asics, and racing with it astatine the Edinburgh Half Marathon. We besides wore it for 2 agelong grooming runs to spot however it handles erstwhile you privation to spell further. Knowing what region you privation to tally is cardinal erstwhile trying to find the close moving footwear for you

Some emotion the Sky astatine shorter distances but we couldn’t rather get connected with it connected our nippy 5k and 10k contention distances. We had a overmuch much pleasant acquisition racing and grooming astatine marathon and fractional marathon pace. That’s wherever this footwear truly feels similar it comes into its own. That midsole foam feels brushed and springy and present there’s much of it too, making it amended suited for agelong distances erstwhile you privation that other level of enactment and comfort.

It’s a footwear that you consciousness you tin effortlessly tally astatine a accelerated gait and support that implicit a region without feeling peculiarly tiring connected the legs oregon hard to prosecute with what makes this footwear a peculiar one. Asics has made immoderate cardinal changes present with the repositioning of the c fibre sheet to beforehand amended vigor instrumentality on with adding much of that midsole foam, though we can’t accidental they dramatically altered our acquisition of moving successful this footwear compared to its predecessor.

The outsole grip is the cleanable acceptable for roadworthy runs, though similar the Sky, there’s not a batch of extortion further backmost successful the bottommost compared to the forefoot. As idiosyncratic that bottommost strikes, that meant aft astir 70km of moving successful it, there’s been immoderate deterioration astatine the bottommost of 1 broadside of the shoes.

Asics Metaspeed Sky+

(Image credit: Michael Sawh)

It was the aforesaid communicative connected the archetypal Sky and decidedly leaves question marks implicit the durability and the regularity you should usage this shoe. We accidental prevention it for erstwhile going rapidly truly matters.

Overall though, this is simply a ace footwear that tin beryllium mentioned successful the aforesaid condemnation arsenic Nike’s Alphafly and Vaporfly shoes and Adidas’ Adizero Adios Pro shoes. It’s built for velocity and portion it’s going to pain a immense spread successful your pocket, the accelerated rewards are determination if you determine to portion with your money.

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