Aura Strap 2 review: context — you love to see it

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The Apple Watch with the Aura Strap 2 connected  apical  of an iPhone with the Aura app open. The Aura Strap 2 is an Apple Watch accessory that enables assemblage creation analysis, Photo by Victoria Song / The Verge

Finally, a assemblage creation gadget that won’t archer you to conscionable suffer weight

While astute scales person been astir for ages, assemblage creation investigation is inactive a reasonably caller diagnostic for wearables. Case successful point, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 was the archetypal smartwatch to natively see the feature. Amazon’s Halo Band was the archetypal fittingness tracker with the feature. Both of these launched successful the past 2 years. Meanwhile, Apple has yet to tackle assemblage composition. For Apple Watch owners, you’ll person to crook to accessories similar the $149 Aura Strap 2.

Like astute scales, the Aura Strap 2 determines your assemblage creation via bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA). BIA works by sending a anemic electrical existent done your assemblage to cipher your assemblage abdominous percentage, thin musculus mass, water, and sometimes niche metrics similar bony mass. This peculiar strap measures fat, muscle, water, visceral abdominous (the dangerous benignant of fat), protein, thin mass, and minerals (a proxy for bony mass).

Compared to the company’s archetypal iteration of the device, this 1 is 20 percent slimmer and 5 percent narrower. The measurement process has besides been simplified. Instead of taking 3 steps connected the archetypal Aura Strap, each you person to bash is interaction your thenar to the strap’s electrode and hold 30 seconds. Purportedly, these plan changes alteration Aura to grounds 16 times much data, and Aura Devices claims the second-gen strap delivers astir 95 percent accuracy compared to a DEXA scan — the objective golden modular for determining assemblage composition.

That’s already a important overhaul, but the Aura Strap 2 besides changes however you enactment it on. Instead of clasps, it present opts for a stretchable set that resembles Apple’s Solo Loop band. That tin beryllium a pro oregon con. If you’re utilizing the Apple Watch chiefly for wellness tracking, past you’re astir apt already alert of however important acceptable is. Loose fits marque for inaccurate metrics, truthful you privation the BIA sensor to remainder flush against your skin. That’s harder to bash with a stretchy band. Out of the box, the Aura Strap 2 comes with the medium-sized strap preinstalled and 3 further sizes successful other small, small, and large. The mean strap did not acceptable my tiny vertebrate wrists. Neither did the small. Thankfully, the other tiny did the instrumentality — though I person friends with adjacent smaller wrists than mine. If your wrist doesn’t rather acceptable 1 of the 4 straps, you’re retired of luck due to the fact that there’s nary mode to set the strap.

The Aura Strap 2 connected  a colorful background The Aura Strap 2 set is akin to Apple’s Solo Loop

But portion the other tiny set acceptable my wrist, it was a symptom to agelong implicit my hands. I person larger-than-average hands, and there’s lone truthful overmuch you tin agelong the strap. (I tin usage an iPhone 12 Pro Max single-handed with zero problems, and my fingers tin agelong 9 keys connected a piano.) Thankfully, the institution says it’s harmless to instrumentality into the ablution and pool, meaning you don’t person to instrumentality it disconnected much than erstwhile a day. So portion I usually instrumentality disconnected my Series 7 to ablution — you gotta fto your wrists breathe, folks! — I kept it connected to debar taking the strap off. I besides dreaded putting connected the strap successful the greeting and taking it disconnected astatine night. I’ll admit that this whitethorn beryllium a occupation that’s circumstantial to my body, but it’s thing to beryllium alert of if you person ample hands.

Another strap-related gripe: to alteration strap sizes, you person to unfastened the casing that houses the artillery and electrode. The annoying happening is you can’t simply popular it unfastened with your fingers. The strap comes with a small guitar prime that you usage to wedge it open, but if you’re similar me, you’ll astir apt suffer it wrong seconds. But astatine slightest you tin besides usage a recognition card. This is tedious if you request to effort aggregate bands to find your close size, though it isn’t apt to beryllium a immense contented beyond setup and erstwhile you request to regenerate the artillery itself. Aura says the coin compartment artillery should past astir six months if you instrumentality a azygous speechmaking per day. I can’t accidental whether that’s true, arsenic I haven’t been utilizing the strap for that long. However, aft astir a week of investigating with 2–3 tests per day, I person astir 76 percent left.

Otherwise, the Aura Strap 2 is refreshingly elemental to use. There are wide instructions connected however to instrumentality measurements some successful the iPhone app and connected the ticker itself. To instrumentality a reading, each you person to bash is enactment your thenar against the electrode with the Aura app unfastened connected the watch. Aura does urge that you basal with your arms retired successful beforehand of your thorax — benignant of similar you’re astir to bash a Russian squat creation without the existent squat — but that’s it.

You tin spot wide illustrated instructions for however to instrumentality a measurement.

This is simply a immense measurement up from the Galaxy Watch 4. When I reviewed the BIA diagnostic connected that watch, Samsung gave maine a laundry database of things I had to cheque to get an close reading. That database included making definite I wasn’t menstruating oregon wearing jewelry. It was annoying to usage if you wore the ticker connected your close wrist, arsenic you had to reach astir to entree the buttons. None of these was an contented with the Aura Strap 2. While it did urge taking measurements astatine astir the aforesaid clip each day, I didn’t person to interest astir my period, my jewelry, oregon which wrist I wore the Series 7 on, arsenic Apple lets you customize your watch’s orientation.

My results were besides accordant from speechmaking to reading. They besides astir correspond to results I got connected the Galaxy Watch 4 and the Amazon Halo View. However, dissimilar those devices, the Aura app gave maine overmuch amended discourse for however these metrics related to each other. Every different instrumentality has told maine that I’m overweight oregon obese based connected assemblage abdominous percentage. While assemblage abdominous percent is much adjuvant than BMI, it’s an incomplete picture. For instance, my waist-to-hip ratio — different method of measuring your hazard of bosom illness based connected your abdominal abdominous — is good wrong a mean range. Also, my astute standard mostly puts maine astatine 27–31 percent assemblage fat. Basically, you should ever support successful caput these devices tin assistance you measurement progress, but they whitethorn not beryllium close erstwhile it comes to your circumstantial health.

The Aura app connected  an iPhone showing measurement   results and tips to scope   a goal. The Aura app does a bully occupation of providing discourse to your results and however they subordinate to your goals.

That’s wherefore I was impressed erstwhile the Aura app said that portion my assemblage abdominous percent was a smidge supra mean range, I had an wide “good equilibrium of abdominous and muscle.” Generally, you don’t get overmuch much than consecutive numbers with assemblage creation features. I besides appreciated however the app described each metric and however I should construe it. For example, my visceral abdominous percent was 1 percent. Normally, I’d deliberation that’s an fantabulous thing. However, the app noted that having visceral abdominous beneath the mean scope mightiness bespeak I don’t person capable for my bodily needs and to cheque with my doc if my visceral abdominous was retired of scope for a sustained play of time. It besides explained that the “norm” was based connected the wide colonisation and did not needfully instrumentality into information my idiosyncratic metabolism, manner choices, oregon my idiosyncratic norms.

If you bash person a circumstantial assemblage extremity — whether it’s to suffer value oregon get jacked — the Aura app volition besides contextualize wherever you’re astatine and however to get there. I acceptable my extremity arsenic an “athletic” assemblage with musculus gain. The app, successful turn, told maine I’m astir 80 percent of the mode determination already and recommended I summation my caloric intake by 10–15 percent, adhd much macromolecule to my diet, and bash nary much than 3 workouts per week.

The champion portion is that value is not a large absorption of this app. You bash person to input it initially, but adjacent if you acceptable your extremity to suffer fat, it ne'er recommends that you “lose weight.” Instead, it recommends that you trim your carb and sweets intake for 2 weeks and cross-train.

One downside of the plan is you person to popular unfastened the lawsuit lodging the electrode with a guitar pic to swap straps oregon alteration the battery.

But portion I appreciated the other investigation and context, I didn’t emotion that a batch of it is locked down a paywall. If you privation monthly reports connected fittingness and nutrition, guided workouts, oregon an upcoming diagnostic that lets you chat with a idiosyncratic trainer, you person to wage $9.99 monthly oregon $79.99 annually. I can’t definitively accidental whether the other interest is worthy it, arsenic I tested a pre-launch mentation of the app. The workout room I had entree to was elemental and casual to travel but constricted to 1 workout per assemblage country and accomplishment level (beginner, intermediate, advanced). Likewise, I didn’t get the afloat monthly study acquisition arsenic I’ve lone been investigating for a mates weeks. You’re already spending $150 connected an accessory. Adding a subscription makes concern sense, but it’s yet different happening to pay. And radical who’d beryllium inclined to bargain this instrumentality apt already wage for aggregate fitness-related subscriptions.

Ultimately, I was pleasantly amazed by the Aura Strap 2. It’s not perfect, but past again, fewer accessible assemblage creation gadgets are. What sets this isolated is simply a amended app that offers holistic insights and context. It’s admittedly a niche product, but if you’re an Apple Watch proprietor who’s funny successful changing your assemblage composition? You could bash much, overmuch worse.

Photography by Victoria Song / The Verge

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