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Microsoft’s Azure Blob Storage is simply a afloat work entity retention supplier from a sanction that everyone who computes knows and tin spot with the astir captious of applications. Users volition admit that the pricing is transparent, with discounts disposable with longer word commitment, on with a precocious level of information and galore certifications.


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    Commitment to information and certifications

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    Transparent pricing

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    Many options to take from

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    Annual and multiyear discount available


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    Confusing pricing

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    No included method support

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    Discourages nonstop telephone enactment for incidental submission

Microsoft’s Azure Blob Storage (opens successful caller tab) is simply a afloat work entity retention supplier from a sanction that everyone who computes knows and tin spot with the astir captious of applications. 

The precocious echelon of cloud retention providers (opens successful caller tab) is simply a beauteous exclusive group, and with the Microsoft offering, Azure takes the rod presumption successful 2nd spot down Amazon Web Services. This should hardly travel arsenic a surprise, with the folks successful Redmond investing a staggering $1 cardinal annually for cybersecurity (opens successful caller tab) probe and development. There is besides further committedness to information information and privateness arsenic Microsoft employs successful excess of 3,500 information experts, and states impressively that it has “More certifications than immoderate different unreality provider.”

While Microsoft Azure is simply a afloat work unreality retention provider, wrong this is the Azure Blob Storage, which is for unafraid entity storage.

Azure Blob Storage pricing

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Azure Blob Storage: Plans and pricing 

Microsoft Azure endeavors to beryllium alternatively transparent astir its pricing. However, similar immoderate different providers successful the space, the pricing tin get analyzable fixed the galore options with nuanced features for the little than seasoned purchaser successful the space.

Microsoft indicates that its ‘Block blob storage’ has pricing based connected a fig of variables. These see the monthly measurement of information stored, the level of information redundancy, and the quantity and cognition types performed connected the data, on with information transportation costs.

For an example, information stored with the Hierarchical Namespace protocol (NFS v3.0 protocol), with LRS which is locally redundant retention with synchronous information copied 3 times successful a azygous carnal determination successful the superior region, successful the East US server determination has a outgo of $0.15 per gigabyte of premium storage, which has a debased and accordant latency.

While determination is nary escaped tier, determination is simply a $200 recognition disposable to proceedings the service. There is besides the enactment for a discount with a longer commitment. Azure Storage Reserved Capacity tin store the information astatine a little outgo with a 1 oregon 3 twelvemonth term. 

Azure Blob Storage information  lakes

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Azure Blob Storage: Features 

Microsoft offers galore options for its artifact blob retention which halfway astir balancing the costs, versus the frequence that the information volition beryllium accessed and the anticipated clip of retention. This gets organized astir the tier.

The Hot tier is the astir costly 1 for storage, but the slightest to access. It is designed for information that volition beryllium often modified and accessed.

Then, arsenic you mightiness guess, determination is simply a Cool tier. This is designed for information that is little often accessed oregon overwritten, specifically for a minimum of 30 days. In examination to the Hot tier, the retention outgo is less, but a higher entree cost.

Finally, determination is an Archive tier, which is offline storage, designed for information that is infrequently accessed. The latency request is flexible, which is hours. This tier is designed to beryllium utilized for information that is stored for astatine slightest 180 days.

Azure Blob Storage: Support 

The enactment for Azure Blob Storage depends connected the program chosen. It starts with each plans having entree to enactment for billing, on with subscription absorption support. In general, this is benignant of a given, oregon other arsenic soon arsenic idiosyncratic has a occupation with billing, if they can’t entree immoderate assistance conscionable astir everyone would simply cancel the plan.

However, the astute volition announcement from supra that method enactment is not included with the plan. Rather, astatine an further cost, a enactment program needs to beryllium added on, for an further expense.

Many Azure users volition take the Standard Support Plan, which has a tenable outgo of $100/month. This allows the idiosyncratic to delegate a severity to the contented up to an “A” which is for captious concern impact, a “Fast archetypal response” of nether 1 hour, and issues tin beryllium submitted connected a 24/7 basis.

For larger endeavor customers, the Professional Direct (aka: ProDirect) program is worthy consideration, for the higher outgo of $1,000/month. This has online incidental submission (customer work tin beryllium called connected the phone, but they promote you to usage the online portal truthful the petition is routed correctly), besides with an archetypal effect clip of nether 1 hour. It adds escalation management, enactment for non-Microsoft technologies moving connected the service, advisory services to usher champion practices, and pooled work relationship absorption with “Ask the experts” webinars. 

Also consider:

The Azure Blob Storage is simply a beardown contender for endeavor customers that request a customized made plan, with granular power of the types of retention and the precise level of support. 

We would besides see the IDrive e2 (opens successful caller tab) for an entity retention service, peculiarly for smaller businesses. The advantages of this prime commencement with the escaped information allotment of the 10 GB, and aft that the pricing is considerably simplified astatine $0.004/GB/month, with escaped ingress and egress. It besides offers a precocious uptime with a precocious level of security, with nonstop telephone support, though constricted to weekdays, on with 24/7 chat support.

Azure Blob Storage: Final verdict 

It’s casual to spot wherefore Azure Blob Storage is simply a beardown introduction successful the entity retention arena from the computing juggernaut, Microsoft. Users volition admit the ample scope of plans, with plentifulness of options to take from some connected the retention broadside and the enactment side, the enactment for a multiyear oregon yearly discount, and the galore server locations globally. 

The downsides to beryllium alert of are that determination mightiness conscionable beryllium excessively galore options for a plan, and that method enactment beyond billing requires an adhd connected plan, and adjacent with it nonstop telephone enactment is not encouraged. All successful all, this Azure Blob Storage makes it onto the abbreviated database of providers to consider, particularly for endeavor customers with analyzable retention needs. 

We've listed the champion escaped unreality storage (opens successful caller tab).

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