Beers with Talos Ep. #47: Privacy, Underwear, and Arias


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Ep. #47 show notes:&

Recorded Feb. 15, 2019

We are joined by special guest Michelle Dennedy, a vice president and the chief privacy officer at Cisco. This is a long episode that is worth every minute — covering everything from the modern privacy landscape, privacy as a fundamental human right, and all the ways you didn’t know underwear can protect you. We were a bit concerned about having a VP on, but after Michelle knocked us around a bit we figured out what was up. However, if this is the last EP you see listed, I think we all know what happened.

The timeline:

The topics

01:15 — Roundtable: Hi Michelle, let’s talk about Nessun dorma.
14:00 — Privacy is a fundamental human right
21:00 — The Privacy Lorax, the Privacy Nihilist, and universal identity
29:30 — Starting with morality and ethics instead of commercialization and legality
37:00 — Putting data on the balance sheet: The privenomics of information
52:00 — Who is Mitch? and the panty rules of passwords
55:00 — Michelle’s projects and book (you can get a free copy!)
1:01:30 — Can security and laws keep pace with privacy needs?
1:10:00 — Give me back my OJ, Senator.
1:13:00 — My dudes, Mitch Pinkerton rides again
1:17:00 — More cover fire: The rest of the underwear rules
1:20:00 — Closing thoughts and parting shots

The links

Marc Martel, "The Mercurotti"
Okamoto Tomotaka, Nessun dorma
David the Hairdresser, Nessun dorma
Aretha Franklin, Nessun dorma
Privacy Engineer’s Manifesto& (also free for Kindle and Nook)
Cisco calls for privacy as a basic human right
Cisco Trust Center


Special Guest: Michelle Dennedy, VP and Chief Privacy Officer at Cisco (@mdennedy)
Featuring:& Craig Williams& (@Security_Craig),& Joel Esler& (@JoelEsler),& Matt Olney& (@kpyke) and& Nigel Houghton& (@EnglishLFC).
Hosted by& Mitch Neff& (@MitchNeff).
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